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Animals > A prayer for receiving reconciliation with the animal nations and kingdoms

By: Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ,

I thank You for revealing to me the Hosea chapter 2 and Jeremiah chapter 31 covenant that's sown the animals into my covenant with you. Based on the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ and the promises of Your Word regarding this covenant and our redemption from the curse, I take authority over the enmity that's existed between me and the animals and I nullify it with the power of the Spirit of Sanctification that's gradually over powering all of creation with the transformation of righteousness released for all life everywhere through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I claim the mediation ministry of Jesus Christ between me and the animals in the behalf of the Hosea chapter 2 covenant. I say from my position of being seated with Christ in heavenly places that the Blood of Jesus Christ has reconciled me with all animals every where. While in this world I may have tribulations from the hands of sinfully wicked men, I'm of good cheer because Jesus has overcome the world and because in all of His warnings to live a sober life in His teachings, there was not one mention of animals being able to stay at enmity with me during my life time. I say it over and over and over again in joyful thanksgiving and anticipation of what the Spirit of Reconciliation is doing:

The Blood of Jesus Christ has reconciled me with all animals everywhere. The Blood of Jesus Christ has overcome the enmity that's existed between me and any animal any where that because of the curse would seek my harm. I speak love, forgiveness, and healing to all of the creation and I believe that from this day forward (and I mark the day on my calendar in my spiritual life) I consider myself at peace with all animals and I believe that through Christ they are all obligated to live at peace with me. Just as in Biblical history the angels of the Lord close the lion's mouth in my behalf and they close the mouth of every other animal that would breathe a hostile breath against me. Love, peace, and reconciliation flows between me and the animals based on my seating with Christ in heavenly places and my stand on the Hosea chapter 2 covenant that God has shown me. With gratefullness I remember Jesus Christ in all things to the glory of God the Father.


Faith note: Go from having prayed this thanking the Lord because His will is coming to pass for all of creation. Say it every day, as often as you think of it, for at least the next 3 or 4 months (til you really renew the spirit of your mind) --say: "The Blood of Jesus Christ has reconciled me with all animals. Enmity is rebuked between me and the animals that I come into contact with. I speak 'peace' and 'reconciliation' because that is my heritage in Christ Jesus." And every time you see an animal, rejoice verbally (even if it's under your breath) that the Blood of Jesus Christ has reconciled you with this animal. Name the animal by name if you know it's name, during your prayer, worship, and rejoicing times before the Lord and claim afresh with your faith the atoning work of Christ between you and this animal. You'll be startled in almost no time at the power of the Word of God believed and acted on and by the faithfulness of the mediation ministry of Jesus Christ that's available to mediate under the New Covenant anywhere that mediation is needed and/or desired!


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