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By Martin Cisneros

My Truest Father, in heaven, the Creator of all life,

As I seek you daily make known to me the paths of life which you have ordained for me and what is most pleasing to you. I don't want to take as a liberty things that would cause your heart to sigh over the works of your hands and my insensitivity to the life that you have given for the redemption of all of the works of your hands. Teach me what is my food for each day and remove from me any hardness of heart towards the suffering in the world. Give me power to change what You have ordained for me to change. Strengthen me in my choice of right foods; foods that bring true health and healing to my body, nourishment to my brain and that don't bring an unjust balance to your creation. I only want to do what nurtures life and love around me. I do not want to be a part of the cruelty that I see around me everyday. I know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and that the knowledge of God is to depart from evil. I only want these hands of mine to bring healing from this day forward. Jesus died to end all of the senseless bloodshed and I know that though it began with Him, that it's now up to me to finish the work that He began to do and speak through the cry of His blood in the behalf of a prodigal creation. While my prayer is getting a little long, Father, the core of it is love and the humble desire to be free of all of the weights that bring pain to the creation around me and to see Your love overflow all as You take Your place as the All in All over One reunited, indivisible, redeemed creation. I eat all that I eat in honor of the redemptive work of Your Son, Who is the Lord over a New Creation.

In Jesus precious Name and Sanctifying Spirit, I pray,



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