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By: Martin Cisneros

I want to talk for a couple of minutes to vegans who've sometimes felt alone in their fight for animals; as if God didn't even care sometimes. Don't let your agony over what these animals have been going through become something that robs you of your sense of wonder over how beautiful that they are. Let that sense of wonder over how beautiful that they are give you some sort of sense of how much more infinite the beauty was that had to have created each of them. There is Someone Who knows each one of these animals - these precious lives - by their own individual names. Water never rises above it's source. If you've grown aware of even a fraction of these animals as being individuals in their own right, from Whom do you think that you grew such an awareness? Your compassion for these animals is as big of a miracle as the preciousness of each of these animal's lives. You're already deeply in touch with the supernatural realm of God when you actually care in a world that doesn't care.

Perhaps you've been concerned for the well-being of animals for a while and you've never understood Christ to be the Living God Who weeps with you over all of the animal cruelty - during the long and painful process that He's been the silent Partner of every animal liberator on the planet. You can build your faith on Christ, the Living One, Who is as concerned about each of these animals as you are. He knows what it's like to be sacrificed and for His cries to go unheard.

He's asking you today if you'll trust Him with all of your heart, that as He's working diligently to free the world of their unbelief towards Him, He's also as intimately involved with each animal as He is with each of us. He knows the feeling of being butchered and He overcame that in Himself in the behalf of every animal everywhere.

Do you remember the lines that Superman spoke over his own child at the close of the new "Superman Returns" movie? They're Christ's Words to you! If you've never seen the movie, then that's not important right now. What is important is that the same sacrificial Blood of Jesus Christ that is destined to wipe away all of the animal cruelty from the earth and every tear from every eye, is the exact same self sacrificial Saviour that has already taken away absolutely all of your sins!

If you'll trust in Jesus today, He'll lead you into green pastures and still waters, and He'll give you new strength to cope with the long and fearful journey that we're all on towards the mutual symbiotic wholeness of every destroyed life everywhere. Give yourself totally over to Jesus Christ today so that together you - that is, you and He - can reclaim countless broken lives together, for the rest of your life and during the ages to come! Pray this with me right now:

"Jesus Christ, if you genuinely care about these animals - if You do - then I don't care about what others have said about You. I embrace Your Lordship today and trust in You to equip me to do something in the behalf of these animals that'll really count for their deliverance and recovery from all of these evils. Martin says that You've taken away all of my sins and I believe that. But we're not going to leave things at that. You're going to show me how to destroy each of these works of the devil that have thrived for centuries in bringing torment and destruction against these little animals. Every detail of what You teach me from here on out has to empower me to fix all of these broken lives that get ignored by most other Christians. Satisfy me with Your peace, strength, and wisdom for my own heart's sake and for the sake of all of these animals that otherwise don't have a prayer unless You are the Saviour of the world. Amen!"


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