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By Martin Cisneros

The F.A.Q.s are more fast paced with simply highlighting some of the "frequently asked questions" that I've received over the years, from different aspects of how to apply this teaching to explaining why the usage of animal slurs is "profane." Why is the term for a female dog, or another word for a "donkey" considered using profanity in society? I answer that and many other questions of conscience here.


19. Can't I love God, God's Word, and all of the creation of God (including the animals) and not be growing in the direction of strict veganism?


For those who are offended by my language/crudity in this answer, my humblest apologies, but I'm going after brevity of answers on this FAQ page! To say that one is loving God and loving all of the creation of God around them while still being an animal eater is in the exact same category as a man who says that God has given him such a heart for ministry to women and such revelations of His wisdom and heart regarding them as His daughters, while at the same time spending the bulk of his actual focus in his thoughts about women in thinking about _______(parts) and ______(parts)!


The issue to anyone with a clean heart should be obvious that we're all sexual beings, but a person who's primary thoughts, judgments, and attitudes about women is primarily sexual is someone who has not received a revelation of them as God's daughters! And compounding this illustration is that 99.99% of women/men will get up after a good "lay", but once an animal has been eaten, it's dignity has been stripped from it for the balance of the age and no amount of sincerity that stops short of opposing cannibalizing animals can keep animals from having died in vain.


20. What about the feeding of pets?


The answer to this is the same as someone standing by faith for healing and being silly enough to toss their medicines before sufficient faith and knowledge are developed in the written Word of God regarding the part of the atoning work of Christ that relates to their bodies. It takes time with God to know what God would want for the diet of your pets. Feed them what you've always been feeding them, or what they're accustomed to until the wisdom of God has developed in you from this Hosea 2:18 amendment on the New Covenant and between the written Word of God and your being led by the Holy Spirit.


The plan of God is ordained to unfold before you for the diet and exercise lifestyle of your dearly loved animals that are in your life that you directly effect by your actions.


That may all be very well regarding protecting what God's doing in the animals, but I'm the one paying for animal cruelty if I pay for animal derived foods for my pets. Isn't this sorta like killing Peter to feed Paul? How is my continuing to support the animal exploitation industry for the sake of my pets consistent corresponding actions to my faith in God's Word for animal liberation?


First of all, a stand of faith on the covenants of God, [which are the wisdom of God ordained for our lives through the Blood and Mediation ministry of Christ] comprise a situation that is without partiality and without hypocrisy before God according to James chapter 3:17 and 1John 1:7. By taking a stand of faith on the Hosea 2:18 covenant, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you've been translated out of the authority of darkness and translated into the kingdom of God's dear Son where the animals are concerned.


[Again, each covenant of Scripture meets a different set of needs, addresses different identity issues, and requires different levels of sanctification as well as diverse areas and methods of obedience to God.]


Are you standing up for God's provision for the animals or merely for compassionate based politics? Are you doing this for the sake of being seen by men or by your father in heaven? Are you contending for the sanctification of animals from exploitation based the pressure that's on you or based on their Blood bought covenant rights in Christ? Because one's built on the sand and one's built on the Rock.


This is another area where we have to work out our own sanctification with fear and trembling before the Word of God's grace. Sounds like both you and the animals in your life need deliverance from the bondage to futility and corruption and entrance into the glorious liberties of the Sons of God. Renew your mind to what God's said in His word regarding His will for these animals to be in safety, health, and peace with man and one another, worship God for His bountiful gifts towards all life every where and fast the fast of a believer and not the fast of a doubting superstitious pagan til you hear the answer for your particular situation/circumstances from the gracious judgment seat of Christ!


Stop asking for a legalistic Torah, or a Pharisaic tradition, and look to the Living Vine Who's graciously offered animals shelter under His branches!


21. What about Paul's statements about those who are spiritual not being suitably judged by others?


Spirituality with God is only in direct proportion as one's walking in covenant with God. Without the covenants, you're just mystical, philosophical, or occultic! You can be spiritual when it comes to the salvation of the human-being from their sins covenant and understand that the only righteousness you can claim to possess in any sphere of life is the imputed righteousness of Christ and be living in carnality and death where the other covenants of promise in the Word are concerned, such as the physical healing covenant, the protection of God covenants, the prosperity covenants, etc.


You're only walking in Biblically, God-ordained spirituality to the degree that you're walking in the covenants of promise. The areas of life where you're not is the area where you're without God and without hope in the world(i.e. condemned already) --again, in that specific area of life, whether it be the covenant of peace, the covenant of Christ our wisdom, or any other covenant of Scripture and Christ's Blood and Holy Spirit.


The Hosea 2:18 covenant is a valid covenant that's a New Testament ordained of God covenant that all of us are obliged to pray God opens our eyes to so we can SEE and obey; listen and obey.


22. What about Paul's comments about not letting anyone judge you regarding food?


We're back to definitions of what God originally called food. Also, there's a difference between calorie judgments for the sake of appearances and covenant judgments based on what's conducive to the greater flow of the Holy Spirit. The flow of the Holy Spirit, again, isn't in proportion to what's popular, but rather based on what's Scriptural.


23. Shouldn't all of the Scriptures that you're referring to only be taken allegorically for God's dealings with humans?


When the literal sense of Scripture makes sense and is consistent with God's continually unfolding purposes and provisions of limitless mercy and grace, then why shouldn't we take a text of Scripture literally? According to Origen, a Scripture shouldn't be taken literally in those cases where the plain reading of it seems to declare something contradictory to God or unworthy of God, or inconsistent with His limitless wisdom and mercy.


There are far too many entire chapters and long strings of verses devoted to the supposed allegorizing of humans as animals for even the most casual and unbiased observer to not wonder about God's purposes where animals are concerned. Look at Isaiah 11, Isaiah 40, Ezekiel 34, Psalm 23, John 10, etc. Many, if not all of these texts, are probably understood by some Bible teacher somewhere and/or a commentary sitting on an old dusty shelf somewhere as only having reference to Israel or the Church.


The call of the animals in these latter days to enter into the deliverance promised to the creation is to the modern Church what God's purpose in gathering the Gentiles to Himself in Christ was to the early 100% Jewish Christian Church. It's a stumbling block, for sure, but an area of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that Christians are just going to have to accept and even sanctify themselves to not only receiving but towards being a vibrant part of it!


Why may not our Lord do what He wills with what is His? Are not the cattle on a thousand hills His? Why may not our Lord's heart be bigger than we've ever dared to realize? Are His dealings with the early Jewish Christian Church in Acts chapter 15 to teach us nothing about allowing for God to have purposes of mercy greater, beyond, and outside of His intimate dealings with us? Are we not to look to the same prophets of the Bible that opened their eyes to God's call to the Gentiles to open our eyes to God's call to the animals?


24. If this is true, then how could so many Christians have possibly been wrong about this?


Christians have seldom had a unity of doctrine in matters beyond what are deemed to be "Christian essentials", such as the perfection of the Son of God and the sufficiency of His Blood and Conquest of Death to bring new life to all of humanity. Beyond the first two or three verses of 1 Corinthians 15 there have always been differences of doctrine, based on the circumstances that influenced ideas about how to apply the concept of the Christian atonement to all areas of life and being, both publicly and privately.


When you think about how little unity that there's been among Christians on anything that would approximate "in depth" doctrine, it's only a testimony to the Presence, Power, Faithfulness, and Eternal Purpose of Christ that there's even such a thing as any kind of Christian-presence any where at all. Christians for centuries have differed on how to pray, how to fast, how to give [and it's outcome], how to baptize, what constitute "Christian evidences", etc., etc.


The fact that Christians have differed on this point as on a million other points of faith and practice says nothing regarding Christian sanctification or the validity of this teaching and conviction of the Hosea 2:18 covenant that I'm bringing forth by the Power of the Holy Spirit.


That there have been Christians all throughout Christian history that have seen more of God's purpose and grace towards animals than their contemporaries are easy to document.


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