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By Martin Cisneros

The F.A.Q.s are more fast paced with simply highlighting some of the "frequently asked questions" that I've received over the years, from different aspects of how to apply this teaching to explaining why the usage of animal slurs is "profane." Why is the term for a female dog, or another word for a "donkey" considered using profanity in society? I answer that and many other questions of conscience here.


25. Martin, how did you come to this place of having this much love for animals? I can't see myself ever getting there!


My love was actually for God and His Word and He brought this to me when I wasn't looking for it. My attitude about animals, originally, was the same as many people have when it comes to human children to where if they weren't "mine" then what happened to them wasn't my problem. God made it my problem and then showed me what He'd done and intended for animals all along through Christ to come to share in our newness of life, peace, protection, and progressive sanctification. Keep asking the Holy Spirit to show you the heart of God regarding animals.


Keep asking and you'll keep receiving!


26. Martin, do you see yourself shepherding animals a million years from now?


I really hope not. Because my heart is actually the same as anyone else's who's been raised to live a predominantly "city" lifestyle. My heart has never been to live on a farm, in a zoo, in a circus, or as a Veterinarian. My only hope is to bring deliverance, peace, reconciliation, healing, wisdom, and growth back to the fragmented relationship between humans and animals. But, as anyone else at that time, I'll do whatever our Heavenly Father wants me to do.


27. Martin, so would you say that eating an animal is a sin?


Well, though perhaps "permissible" it still misses the mark of universal love; it transgresses the Hosea 2:18 covenant; it's a practice that's definitely a "lying vanity" that asserts that people can't get their needs met without animal exploitation; according to Isaiah 66:1-5, it's not flowing from a heart that trembles at God's Word; people who do it are shedding innocent blood and the book of Proverbs is firm on that issue; it's a "weight" that'll so easily beset you, according to Hebrews 12 and there you're, emphatically, told to set aside anything that'll spiritually weigh you down so you can run a better race; it's clearly become a generational iniquity that people are so bred into the practice of that they can't see themselves living without the remains of another living being between their teeth.


I could go on and on, but ultimately you have to decide whether or not you think this constitutes sin!


28. So, Martin, are you saying that eating an animal is something we'll be judged for?


The animals are betrothed to us and to God "in righteousness and justice"; "in loving-kindness and mercy", according to Hosea chapter 2. God "executes righteousness" for all of the oppressed according to Psalm 103. I won't go beyond what the Scriptures say on this issue. You'll have to make up your own mind as to how to take these two passages and the other verses I've cited in this study.


29. What about people who are allergic to soy?


I've heard about people being alleged to be allergic to soy ever since I became a vegan. However, I have not yet seen one study to support that, neither have I heard a name applied to this alleged allergy. I've not been shown a list of symptoms or the consequences of prolonged usage of soy, regardless of allergy symptoms.


Even if there's a legitimate soy allergy out there, soy is not the only source of vegetable protein. Wheat has gluten, which is a type of protein. There are other beans with rich sources of protein. Vegetables, in general, have trace amounts of many things, including protein. There are hundreds of vegetables. This objection has no baring on the Hosea 2:18 covenant and the outpouring of God's Spirit on the animal kingdom as the objects of His mercy and fidelity.


Plus, the things that God originally created to be eaten are sanctified to a person by the Word of God and prayer!


30. But why would God put the animals here if not for us to eat?


That's the rambling of a baby. Little babies believe that everything that they see NEEDS to go into their mouth! God did not put the mountains here for us to eat, nor the volcanoes for us to eat, and the moon isn't made out of cheese for us to eat!


Animals have as legitimate of a right to live for their own sakes and for the sake of their Creator as any of the rest of us. For an animal to die of old age and be buried is not the wasting of a resource, but the simple passage of a created being from one form of existence to another form of existence, just like any of the rest of us!


And believe it or not: In the beginning, God's first attempt at remedying the situation of His lonely man was not to create a woman but to create the animals! Genesis chapter 2 says that it's not good for man to be alone. God's solution? God immediately creates the animals in the next verse. Adam saw how the animals related to each other and wanted something more for himself out of life, so God created woman.


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