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By Martin Cisneros

The F.A.Q.s are more fast paced with simply highlighting some of the "frequently asked questions" that I've received over the years, from different aspects of how to apply this teaching to explaining why the usage of animal slurs is "profane." Why is the term for a female dog, or another word for a "donkey" considered using profanity in society? I answer that and many other questions of conscience here.

31. But, didn't Jesus say that it's not what goes into a man's mouth that defiles him, but what comes out of it that defiles him?


Emphatically yes!


And before you could eat an animal, you had to have probably said AND/OR "taken heed to"(i.e. "listened to") something devaluing their life, so that even if you didn't personally "cast the first stone" at the life of the animals in question, you at the very least "held the coats" of those who murdered them; with your money you cast your vote against the animals!


That's serving mammon rather than God 'cause service to God is through diligent attention to His covenants/judgments of promise. That's what St. Paul would have called serving your belly as if it were God. That's observing what the King James Bible calls "lying vanities". That's failing to "put a knife to your throat around deceitful meats", again according to the King James Bible. That's being entangled in "weights" and perhaps even "roots of bitterness" as the King James Bible would describe it.


The Living Jesus also said:  Blessed are the merciful; Blessed are those who mourn; Blessed are the peacemakers!...


32. Prove that animals have souls and exhibit at least a proto-spirituality!


Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says that animals go through what people go through. You can find animals groaning with an awareness of God and groaning a groan that seeks His delivering power in Joel chapter 1 and Romans chapter 8. Joel 2:22 and Romans 8 clearly demonstrate that God hears them and grants their petitions. The book of Jonah shows animals fasting for deliverance from coming judgment. The references are there to be found in Scripture with a Concordance for all honest seekers after the Truth!


33. Why would God have allowed such cruelty towards animals over the last several thousand years, if indeed it can be called cruelty?


Mankind has generally been held responsible, for a limited time, for what happens on this planet. If man has left some area in the hands of death without seeking the intervention of God in that area, then it's been left to both death and to future generations to redress the issues in question, of whatever sort they've been. The lack of a mediator between God and man was the exact same situation between God and animals. And then when Jesus Christ came in the fullness of time, few men over the centuries have known enough of Scripture and of the heart of God to hold Jesus's feet to the fire, so to speak, where the Hosea 2:18 covenant is concerned.


God said that His people face destruction in their areas of their lack of knowledge, or because when God would speak, the people would reject knowledge. People have had a lack of knowledge of the heart of God towards animals or they've rejected that knowledge because of the hardness of their hearts and the lusts of their flesh for animal flesh. Man's cruelty for several generations, in the Western World, where the human slavery issue is concerned is proof positive that something can be allowed for a season to become more and more of a wicked situation until righteous hearts are pricked by God's love, wisdom, and unfolding plans for the ages. One of the purposes in letting it happen is to expose man's wickedness in that area so that God can address that next level of human depravity in their hearts as He deals with His children as the eons of time pass.


34. But what about insects, parasites, and fish? Is there ever a legitimate reason to kill them? Is that ever permissible?


The Apostle John said in 1John that the commandments of God are not burdensome. Most of the legitimate reasons for killing are going to be in self-defense. The Apostle John said that the commandments of God are not burdensome and that whatever is born of the belief that Jesus is the Anointed of God is a world overcomer, viz., whatever is born of God overcometh the world.


There are natural repellants that can be obtained, relatively inexpensively.


There's not a situation that could possibly come up between us and the animals that there's not a ready made provision available through the High Priestly Ministry of Jesus Christ to miraculously and compassionately deal with the situation. We just have to SEEK the wisdom of God in Christ until we find it; until the Holy Spirit is manifested AGAIN in our hearts for the deliverance of creation.


The answer to this, as my readers are hopefully already perceiving, is identical to how I answered the "pet food" issue. You can meditate in the Hosea 2:18 covenant and worship God in spirit and in truth with such a diligence and such a spiritual violence of internal spiritual combustion with your givings of thanks before God in Christ until you KNOW everything that needs to be known to address your situation.


In summary: Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and do as you see best in this situation, if you're dealing with an immediate and pressing emergency. But, don't settle for having to always be cruel and harsh towards the creation that we are knitted together with. Meditate and give thanks; lose yourself in the God of the Hosea 2:18 covenant until great compassion, wisdom, power, and provision is manifested the next time you encounter an animal, or what society would call an embarrassing situation with insects, parasites, etc.


35. What do you say to the argument that this is a threat to cultural diversity and the heritage of many peoples to oppose what you call cruelty towards animals?


Human slavery, the oppression of women, and the severest exploitations of human children were once thought to be separate and distinct from moral issues because they were alleged to be a matter of cultural heritage. But those have been proven to be wrong to people of sound moral reasoning faculties and to those with divinely inspired minds and hearts.


To call animal exploitation a cruelty that must be abolished isn't an anti-Semitic remark. It's not an anti-Spaniard or an anti-African American stance. Animal abuse and criminal exploitation is part of the old order that Christ is returning in great power to abolish through His High Priestly mediatory functions at the right hand of God. Animal exploitation is but another evil that will soon pass away!


36. Martin, do you believe that these are the days that Jesus talked about that would be as the days of Noah?


I do, and animals are presently being gathered into the covenant of safety before all of the proverbial hell breaks loose! And I do expect signs and wonders in the heavens to signify this covenant with animals, just as God told Noah that he could expect in memorial of the great deliverance that they experienced in their day. However, I'm personally not expecting the signs of God's covenant with both man and animal to wait for manifestation til after the fullness of the judgments are poured out.


I believe this Hosea 2:18 covenant to be but a continuation of those things that Jesus began to do, to teach, and to manifest when He was on the earth the first time.


I expect very extraordinary healings where animals are concerned to give witness to God's compassion for animals, and to witness to Jesus "identifying" with animals as their Redeemer as He intercedes for them in unprecidented measures!


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