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Animals > Romans 14 is totally irrelevant to Animal Rights

by Martin Cisneros

Some of my recent articles have been in the form of archiving series of comments I've made on Twitter on various topics. The following is likewise a series of "tweets" that were posted to Twitter:

Romans 14 is sometimes brought up by those unaware the chapter is dealing w/1st Century Koshur concerns RATHER THAN the Hosea 2:18 Covenant.

Since the Hosea 2:18 Covenant is the Work of God for our generation, those who bring up Romans 14 against Veganism are violating that chapt.

Theyre destroying the work of God in the name of food rather than standing w/Christ Jesus against Animal Exploitation as Word's fulfilled...

There are things in St. Paul's writings that have no more to do with the price of tea in China than matters from Gospels on Hosea 2:18.

Example is St. Paul's usage of the muzzling the ox that treads out the grain.Easy to demonstrate his usage is refuted by other O.T. passages

Zechariah 8 is 1 such passage that brings up the wages of man AND beast. St. Paul took liberties w/O.T. that are same liberties others take.

If you try to make all his comments on O.T. authoritative RATHER THAN accepting his point he's making, then his ministry's easily refuted...

All preachers bring forth BOTH revelational truths & liberties they've taken with truth while trying to make a point, including Lord Jesus.

City on a Hill is an example from Jesus that I've recently had many reasons to smirk at & take as irony since America's FINALLY become THAT!

Wasn't a badge of Covenantal Honour for America to be a City on a Hill in any Old Testament sense. Yet we've AT LAST become EXACTLY THAT!

We've become a nation of involuntary murderers. Again, check your Concordance references on City on a Hill for 1st usage in Scripture.

Lord Jesus, like all preachers, was clearly in the midst of soaring rhetoric while making entirely different, entirely valid points.

Those are two issues that demonstrate the folly of trying to proof-text one's way around the Bible RATHER THAN knowing what it says.

The Bible UNIVERSALLY CONDEMNS all who are not 100% Vegan in our day, demanding their repentance or the forfeiture of their lives, PERIOD...

There are several "then and now" passages that I establish that on that clearly define a change in dispensation regarding Veganism for today

In other words, the Bible does the same thing regarding Animal Rights that it did regarding Gentiles being able to be saved/sanctified.

I've counted at least two dozen passages that are like Jeremiah 31:27-28 that say on the Animal Rights issue "ATTENTION!!....ABOUT-FACE!!!"

In saying what I've said about the place of St Paul being minimal on the Animal Rights issue, I'm not taking away from his grace message.

I'm simply affirming that the issue of Animal Rights didn't come up very often in the 1st generation of Christianity that St. Paul addressed

As people who believe in a literal, singular Apocalyptic AntiChrist sparcely look to Paul's writings, Animal Rights is ALSO sparce in Paul.

It does no injury to Paul nor to any New Testament author to simply say that the Animal Rights topic wasnt extensively written about by them

To understand the topic of Animal Rights as in FULL agreement w/New Testament but rooted in Old Testament prophets doesn't undo evangelism.

It's simply to acknowledge passages traditionally used from the New Testament against Veganism are completely irrelevant, not addressing it.

It's to humbly acknowledge what the New Testament is: a compendium of writings grafting Gentiles into God's salvation through Christ Jesus.

Doesn't mean the full force of the Bible's message regarding Creation's salvation/sanctification has been exhausted, fully elaborated by NT.

Romans 14 deals w/previous eras of harmony between Jews & Gentiles in the Gospel during eras Holy Spirit was silent about REST OF CREATION.

Veganism is as unquestionably a move of God's Spirit in the behalf of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant as anything He's doing for Great Commission. 


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