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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we seek Your face based upon 1Timothy 2:6 that Lord Jesus is the ransom for all men, according to 1Timothy 4:10 that He's the Saviour of all men, and according to 1John 2:1-2 that He's not only our cleansing, but the cleansing of the whole entire world. We thank You that as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive, according to 1Corinthians 15:22, and that according to Ephesians 1:8-10 that You're gathering together all beings together into one in Christ Jesus of those in the heavens where the war with Satan has been, and in earth where all of the pettiness and carnality has been. We thank You that the whole world is being brought into Covenantal Remembrance according to Psalm 22 and all You said in the Psalms, Isaiah, and all of the other prophets about all men returning to the Lord. We thank You for receiving them gladly as they come to themselves and go to You.

Father, in Jesus's Name, increase Your signs and wonders in the behalf of all men everywhere, save our world from pollution, global warming and global cooling, from wars, from diseases, from earthquakes, from pain, misery, and hunger of every kind. Take away every fear that's not the fear of the Lord. Take away every so-called wisdom that's not the wisdom of the Lord. Meet every single need on the planet and get Your Gospel in all of it's riches and all of it's wisdom and fullness into every single heart everywhere. Cast forth laborers into their lives, renew their minds, and fill us all with Your Spirit so that the whole world worships You, Father God. Fix our economies and deliver our world from famine. Raise up strong Judges and Deliverers that are both anointed with Your Spirit and that are wealthier than this world has ever seen anyone wealthy, including financially. Plead with every heart and wipe away our transgressions against each other.


Remove filth from the air-waves that there would never again be a single act or word of blasphemy or filth that would fill our televisions, our movies, our music, our internet, our satellites, our cable modems, our advertising, our minds, our bodies, nor those of our children and children's children and children's children's children. Capture our every thought and bring us totally into obedience to Christ Jesus! Heal our land, save our souls, protect and deliver us from evil. Take away every devourer that's plundered every man, woman, child, and animal. Raise this world up out of it's critical condition and save us from dying. Extend our lives infinitely. Repair every broken relationship and teach each of us that there's zero virtue in having a broken relationship, especially if You established it and intended for it to go on forever. Open our eyes so that we're all speaking the same language, the language of faith, of Your Word, of Your Spirit, and of Your angels.

Strengthen our hearts for the tasks that remain ahead where our elderly are concerned, where our unborn are concerned, where those yet to be born are concerned, and cause all sorrow and sighing to flee from us. Repair every breach and restore every path to dwell in. Save our cities. Heal our families. Repair the messes created by our divorces. Restore our marriages. Heal our Churches and bring every false religion down, as you said in Zephaniah 2:11 that You would. Destroy the idols in our land. Revive Your work in the midst of the years. Cause every preacher of the Gospel to suddenly understand from Your Word what they should have understood – each and every single thing they should have understood – from day number 1. Shake our Universities with revival of Your Word and Outpouring of Your Holy Spirit and with their return to purity in the Name of Jesus.

Take control, take charge, take command of every single radio station, television station, website, telephone, satellite station, cable television outlet, magazine, book, publishing house, newspaper, library, religious center, storage facility, and research project. We thank You, merciful God, that in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, Your Word, Your Anointing, the Blood of Lord Jesus, and every Ambassador of Christ reigns supreme in this world for a thousand years. We receive an increase in the overall wisdom of the entire world, an overall increase in the total health, longevity, and prosperity of the entire world, and the greatest elevation in the standard of living that there's ever been, and that's even above, beyond, and in excess of anything that anyone could have ever asked, thought, or imagined. We thank You for saving, healing, restoring, prospering, teaching, giving Your wisdom, rebuking, and repairing every breach and broken bone in Jesus's Name! Amen!!


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