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Prayers > Prayer for ambulence drivers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients, surgeons, et. al.

By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Lord Jesus, I pray over every prison, hospital, clinic, ambulence, emergency room, rooms where X-rays are conducted, rooms where surgeries are conducted, for medications, bandages, pharmacies, psychiatric institutions, those that service them, perform their work in and through them, and those who are being treated with them. I pray for Your blessing to be upon them for as long as it takes to disciple the nations with Your Written Word away from needing them. I pray for Your provision, blessing, and strengthening of every tool that's used for helping those that are handicapped until they encounter Your Written Word and Holy Spirit in such a way to where they no longer need those aids ever again forever.

Oh God, help these doctors, surgeons, ambulence drivers, nurses, nurse's aides, pharmacists, psychiatrists, and those who are dispensing medications of various kinds, whether for pain or to suppress some other symptom to realize how much they're appreciated, valued, and needed until we're able to get everyone working their faith proficiently in Your Written Word until they're beyond the point of ever having to need those things because they have their soundness of mind through Your Written Word, the strength and health of their bodies and characters in You.

Lord Jesus, You're our healer, but people haven't become skillful enough in the Word of righteousness to universally be much help for themselves and others where Your provisions of health and righteousness are concerned. So many times we wind up needing these doctors and every other health care worker and penal institution that You've ordained among men as second best to at least keep society from falling apart into an unrighteous anarchy that's destitute of common decency, protection of the masses, and care for the aging, hurting, those injured, and those with various diseases where in some cases they were genetic.

For those that have rotating shifts, give them complete strengthening and refreshing in Your Holy Spirit. Show them how to get in Your Word and how to receive from Your Word – even on their kind of schedules – what You'd have them to take away from Your Word into their daily lives for the health of their own minds, bodies, relationships, morals, principles, characters, resources, and everything else they need to live healthy lives that meet the urgent needs of people. Lord, You have a way for these people to have all that they need to do their jobs and to not kill themselves on their jobs with obscene schedules, while still having all of their own personal needs of health, fitness, peace, and integrity in the community met.

Show everyone how to do ten times as much with half the required hours and with a tenth of the strain that they've been putting into their jobs so far. Lord God, You know how to do this, and we're asking You for the secret; for the mysteries to be revealed on how to have enough time for everyone that needs their time, how to maintain their own excellence, and how to maintain their own sanity and their families that You've ordained for them to have.

Cleanse our prisons with the Blood of Jesus and restore a sense of urgency for righteousness, peace, sanctification, purity, holiness, integrity, and a good name among those that are in prison. Save those that are facing surgery. Cause the tissues of their bodies to heal at an accelerated rate and lead the doctors on precisely what to do and what precisely not to do. Wake up these health care workers, prison guards, attorneys, law enforcement officers, emergency vehicle drivers, emergency room nurses, and the teachers among them 'cause many of them are too dead on their feet from their diets and shifts and aren't paying enough attention to the people that they work with and for, what the latest means and methods are for doing a good job infinitely better, and many are burning out on their jobs, including many of the ones that You, Yourself, have called to these fields to be Your representatives in helping people.

If they don't belong there, because You have a different calling for them, then yank them out of there and send them on their way where they should go before circumstances and the economy and various other factors take them out with unparalleled and unmerciful force 'cause their hearts aren't in their jobs.

Lord, teach these pharmacists, and those who dispense medications, and handle medical supplies how to do a better job, how to not become chemical dependent themselves, and lead a revolution in health care where it's not profit driven, but is compassion based and nonprofit. Create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within each person that's involved in the health care field, in the prison industries, in law enforcement, and get abusers of those systems completely out of those systems if they won't repent on their own. Bring their wickedness to light and restore the integrity of all of those fields by any means You see fit.

Protect people, heal them, and restore righteousness to our land. Remove pagan practices that are claiming to be health care from our communities. Heal and strengthen our bodies and our minds and restore integrity to every area of life, every area of medicine, and remove every medication from the shelves, from the hospitals, and from the clinics that have far more harmful side effects and addictive qualities than healthful benefits. Advance every field of medicine and prisoner reform by more than a thousand years and put born again, Spirit-filled Christians that are walking closely with Your Written Word and Your angels into each of those fields, most particularly into the leadership of each of these hospitals, clinics, psychiatric wards, medical journals, medical research, pharmacies, and prison leadership.

Thank You, Father, for saving our countries, our lives, our bodies, our doctors, our nurses, our emergency room personnel, and those who are driving ambulences and are first responders at any disaster. Protect and heal our land from further disasters and thank You for leading our health care and prison fields into green pastures and still waters. Thank You, Father, for taking charge of all of it, in the Name of Jesus, and I believe with absolutely all of my heart that the devil is cast out of every single bit of it! Amen!!


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