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Prayers > Prayer for unwed mothers, orphans, one's spouse, neighbors, clothes, houses, automobiles, and one's cleaning.

By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Lord Jesus, I lift before You in prayer unwed mothers, orphans, the spouses that people have that have come to this website, their neighbors, their clothes, their houses, their automobiles, and their cleaning. Father, teach them how to be good stewards of their clothes, houses, automobiles, and everything else that they do have. Teach them effective strategies for keeping what they have nice, and give them innovative and cost effective ways of taking what they do have to the next level, while not becoming preoccupied by what they have or by what they don't have.

Draw them further into Your Word and further into the realization that You give them all things richly to enjoy, but not to love, because their love is supposed to be invested in You, Your Written Word, their Church, their families, their neighbors, and their enemies. Show them that they can always have better than what they have, but that they can be delivered of coveteousness and can keep Your Word first place and final priority in every area of their lives, realizing that it'll provide them richly with all things for their enjoyment as they become the actual materialized expression of You increasingly more and more in the earth.

Father, for these unwed mothers that you have husbands for, bring them their husbands speedily, in the Name of Jesus, and help them to not settle for less than what You have for them. Father, You're their husband according to Isaiah 54 and according to other Scriptures, You're the Father of the fatherless. Thank You for stepping in and meeting every need as a good husband and as a good father 'til You've brought to them the provisions and the husband You'd have for them, and 'til You've brought spiritual fathers into the lives of each of these orphans that'll enable them to be more than they could have ever been, in the Name of Jesus. Father, people are in a mess when it comes to their neighbors.

People have become increasingly isolated from their neighborhoods and don't even know the names of those that live around them. Some of that is over an awkwardness over what they have, what their schedules are like, and their lack of motivation and in some cases their lack of knowing how to clean their stuff up so they feel less awkward with having people come by. People don't know who to trust any more, and they need to know that they can trust You and they can trust Your Holy Spirit about who they let into their lives and into their homes.

Marriages have been a mess all over the world, and I thank You that as Your Written Word is gaining more and more control of our lives, we're being transformed and these marriages are becoming as the days of heaven on earth. Thank You, Father, for casting the fear out of these people, for giving them Your Word in newer and fresher ways that impact them even more deeply than the means there have been in the past for getting Your Word into every available heart. Show people how to treat their spouses, as if they were Christ Jesus Himself, or Your Church in all of her beauty and tenderness.

Remove profane lips from us and fill all of us anew with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for spouses for those who've had no spouses and for revealing Your green pastures and still waters for every neighborhood, for meeting community needs through the lives of individual believers that aren't ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Give us all a renewed boldness about Your Word, both Your Written Word, and with regards to those things that You've spoken into each of our lives of the relationships and resources You've wanted each of us to have.

Father, people all over the world have been needing better homes and better automobiles and better clothing that doesn't contribute to the decline of their health, of their morals, of their ability to serve You with all of their heart, of their dignity, and of their standing in the community since many that they'd share Your Word with judge and prejudge by outward appearances and readily dismiss those that You would send into their lives with the Gospel of their cleansing by the Blood of Jesus that'll lead them to immortality and everything else.  Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount to not even worry about these things because You knew we had need of these things.  So we refuse to worry about any of them, since Your Gospel teaches us that worry is a choice and it's idolatry, but we do consistently EXPECT a continual elevation in our standard of living and in the standard of living for everyone in our neighborhoods and on our planet.  We'll not forget to be thankful and we'll not forget the unwed mothers, orphans, those that are poorly clothed, and those that are in worse need than many of us have ever known, but we'll point them all to the Gospel that has brought us all of our wealth, in the Name of Jesus!

Restore intimacy to homes, to marriages, to Churches, and an increased sense of safety to unwed mothers, to orphans, to neighborhoods, to Churches. I thank You for Your ministering spirits that have gone forth to minister, not to but, for the heirs of salvation. Thank You for opening each of our eyes on how to best minister to the unwed mothers of our Churches, of our communities, and the orphans that we run across perhaps a hundred times in a typical year and never realize it. Show us how to be better fathers and mothers of our communities and in our Churches in the Name of Jesus.  Amen!!


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