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By Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I'm praying together with the people who have come to this website over those who are in the Department of Education, those who are school administrators, those who are on school boards, those who are Principals and Vice Principals, those who are Professors and teachers, those who are students, and those who are their tutors. I'm asking You for a revival of integrity in school room curriculums, a restoration to ethical teaching that's skillful and memorable for a student's whole life, for teachers to be impacted greatly by such good teaching when they're in the middle of their continuing education courses, and for students to find a just balance on genuine wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and the fear of the Lord in schools and when they're away from their schools.

I'm asking You for schools to be more highly funded than they've ever been before in order to meet today's demands of clean air, increased safety standards on buildings, and to meet the technological challenges of today and tomorrow. Remove these tendencies to teach to a particular test in order to protect a school's funding, while leaving school children as the most uneducated generation the Western world has seen. Teach these educators and students how to read, how to read with comprehension, and enable them to retain what they read and to be able to apply it in their lives, or show them how they can leap frog from that lovely bit of intermediate knowledge to those areas You'd want them skillful and knowledgeable about, in the Name of Jesus.

Stop the promotion of iniquity in our schools, remove the iniquity of the land of schools in one day, as You said in Zechariah that You would. Restore the Bible as the textbook that governs all of society's morality, and let righteousness govern our land once more, in the Name of Jesus. Anoint these educators and students with fresh oil for Your own Name's sake, as when You spoke of the restoration of Jerusalem in Ezekiel 16 as not being for their own sake, but for Your own Name's sake, because Your Name had been profaned among the nations because of Jerusalem. Father, we have the exact same situation where all of these schools, educators, libraries, and students are concerned. Pour out the Spirit of grace and supplication upon them and because of the Blood of Your Covenant deliver the prisoners from the pit where there is no water.

Resurrect our nations out of Hell and reign in the affairs of men with mercy, righteousness, favour, wisdom, and prosperity. Prepare each of these educators and students to see Your face, in the Name of Jesus! Clean our hands as a nation and our hearts of the shedding of innocent blood. Remove perverse lips far from this nation. Strengthen our people.  Be the Voice behind them telling them the way that they should go. Give us the thousand year reign of the Gospel in every single nation, in every single educational system, and heal our homes with what the children learn in school that they're able to take home and immediately improve their homes and families with. Destroy the poverty that our world is in.

Father, protect these educators and students from evil and wicked men who have no faith. I plead the Blood of Jesus and the Covenants that it ratifies upon each educator, each student, each school facility, each locker, each locker room, each gym, each science room, each auditorium, each band hall, each computer room, each art room, each metal and wood shop, each automobile curriculum, and each cafeteria. Give our schools vegan lunch programs and remove this plague of sugar and processed foods from our land. Heal our bodies of obesity, cleanse our nation of diabetes and hypertension, cancer, and strokes. Put Christ into the heart of every student and educator and show them Christ Jesus in one another so that there would be respect once again for both elders and for each other, so that they wouldn't engage in premarital sexual relations or in violence, pride, theft, and evil speaking.

Clean out the music that educators and students are listening to before and after school. Give them things that are conducive to their learning, their longevity, their peace, their wisdom, their healing, their protection, and their love for one another with God's love. Protect these teachers and students from evil, lustful spirits that would endeavor to get them into sexual relations with one another and destroy their homes, their families, their communities, and their bodies. Purify what our educators and students are learning 7fold and increase their learning and ability to apply what they learn over a hundred thousand fold. Save our societies from Hollywood, television, and recording studios and websites of various kinds that are promoting roots of bitterness and are multiplying iniquities and absolutely every form of perversion in the land. Stop them, Father, in the Name of Jesus!!

Cleanse our land, our educators, our students, our entertainment values, and give us a better nation tomorrow through the values and wisdom that's imparted by Your Spirit into our kids today, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You, Father, for healing their bodies and saving their souls, their minds, and their lives. Give each of them righteous desires that exceedingly overpower any temptations to vice, debauchery, lewdness, and every other form of licentiousness. Give us Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, and every other form of New Covenant ministry out of each and every single one of these schools. Restore heroism to the masses.

Remove the occult from our land and put away the evil from our midst as Your Spirit through Your grace comes upon each and every single life in the whole multiverse mightily. Remove those who would prey on students from the Department of Education, from school boards, from the design of curriculum, from the classrooms, and from having any form of influence upon the students of our land. Pour out Your Spirit, mightily, upon each and every single educator and student. Father, in Jesus's Name, have Your dream generation on the earth that You anticipated throughout Your Word would come. Let it be this one, in the Name of Jesus! Amen!!


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