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By: Martin Cisneros

The appropriate response when He's finally starting to answer a prayer is thankfulness, not incredulity.

If He's said that He's making all things new, then why are you shocked when He's initiating a new phase of His projects along those lines?

Be careful with praying prayers where a genuine Answer would cause you to be in shock and stand-offish.

As Oral Roberts has said numerous times, miracles are either coming towards you or walking past you 'cause you couldn't bring yourself to receiving them.

What if, for once in your life, things are the way they are in your life because you're about to see the God of Wonders at work?

In what area are you saying "no" to God? When it comes to God, turn every "no" into a "yes." You'll be glad that you did, even when small beginnings are involved.

Don't turn down any of His gifts, okay? In a world of fickle emotions, countless pesticides, and innumerable additives and preservatives in the food supply, make your decisions based on what will bring more of the Presence of God in your life in those areas where neither a "yes" or a "no" are allowing you to have peace.

Whether jobs, neighborhoods to live in, or relationships - ask yourself all of the time and make decisions accordingly: Is this bringing me closer to the Lord or pushing me further away?

If you're the most anointed person in your circle, or ever occasionally think that you might be - it's time for a new circle!

Never marry for love, money, and reputation. Marry for love, wisdom, and anointing. Money and reputation can fluctuate, but where the Spirit of the Lord is, there's a genuinely growing liberty where you know that at life's end, as in Job's case: love, wisdom, anointing, reputation, and money will all be a part of the deal.

Money and reputation may fluctuate with someone who has the genuine wisdom and anointing of the Lord. I'm not saying that they can't, but you'd better choose the narrow way that leads to abundant life in every decision and with every relationship.

There's no such thing as coasting in neutral with your spiritual life. You're progressing or regressing in the things of God. Period.

So many of your decisions are made based on your feelings, and so many of your feelings come from the circle of friends and other company that you keep. I can tell you from experience that close relationships with absolute novices in the things of God never work out, if you're quite a few years past the novice stage. Pride flares and they're soon gone while they're claiming all of the way out of the door that you were too difficult to live with, even if you just sat there and affirmed your love for them with every tantrum. You can mentor a novice, but not in an intimate setting - ever.

Mentors are people that you've gotta be free to be able to hate during a difficult transition in your character and spiritual life. A good mentor will eventually provoke your wrath, if they're worth their weight in gold. You know they're right, all the time you're really wishing that they wouldn't go there right now because you really don't feel like you can deal with that in a satisfactory manner in the foreseeable future.

If your attitude is that "I don't care. I love her/him, regardless of what you're saying." And you're deciding to pursue a relationship with someone quite a few lightyears beyond you spiritually, let them call the timing of the marriage if it ever goes in that direction. They're not being heartless if they prolong the engagement or never seem to get around to either proposing or accepting a proposal. They're just after something that'll genuinely last a life time, while they're working with you to get you free of things and to get your mind renewed to the Word. Don't weary them into saying, "okay, in 3 weeks, let's get this show on the road" if they don't genuinely have peace about it. You'll regret it later, trust me. Let them groom you for it, if they genuinely feel that's needed 'cause husband/wife is as much an office you're filling as anything else.

The book of Proverbs says that the company of the wise makes one wise. You ought to seek a relationship with someone so many lightyears ahead of you spiritually that you can't see yourself ever being their equal in that department. But if you're their inferior in that department, no amount of pretension is going to cover things up for you. It's only going to betray your insecurity and your lack of trust that they want to see you surpass them eventually. Every genuinely spiritual person wants to not only help you spiritually, but to have a hand in having helped you reach the top. Don't rob them of that through pretension and deceit about your own level. They'll just think every step of the way that if you're their equal or even surpass them, "then why don't you genuinely act like it consistently?"

The book of Proverbs says that humility preceeds honor. If you're not being honored, check your dip stick because you might be three quarts low on humility! Tell the extraordinary people in your life in spiritual things, that I'm very obviously not there yet, but through the Holy Spirit's tutelege and your help I can [and I will] get there. You'll probably get the hug that your pride had never previously allowed you to anticipate!

The reason that I'm talking about this is because with many prayers that you'll pray over the course of your life, while you're waiting on an answer, the Lord's prescribing a course for growth for your life to get you to that point.

With every single prayer that you pray, you've got your agenda while He's got His own unchanging agenda of making all things new. While you're thinking "car payment, God, pleeezzz," He's thinking "Behold, I make all things new." While you're thinking "spouse, God, pleeezzz," He's thinking "Behold, I make all things new." The language barrier is often a simple matter of not being willing to work with Him to get Him what He wants out of your life. Hence, there's such a thing as the "Word of Faith movement" in the Body of Christ, that many are suspicious of. But while you're wanting peace, marriage, the bills paid, etc., He's wanting to make your deepest thoughts conform to His will by replacing your words with His over your whole life time. Any area where you're in resistance to that, He's in resistance to you! End of discussion about whatever you're calling heresy or whatever.

His constant agenda is "Behold, I make all things new." That's His yoke that's easy, His burden that's light. But His ways of strapping you in may make you scream like a demon at first!


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