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By Martin Cisneros

Because Jesus is the Anointed and the Son of God, I say before the Lord:  No weapon formed against  my wife will ever prosper.  Jesus Christ as her High Priest has covered her with His Redemptive Blood and He's given His protective angels custody of her.  Christ has redeemed her from the curse.  He's anointed her head and restored her soul.  Goodness and mercy follow and overtake my wife all of the days of her life.  God satisfies her with long life and the Word of Christ dwells in her richly in all wisdom.  Her eyes are open and her mind is alert.  My wife is strengthened and enlivened by the Holy Spirit at work within her. 

The Lord disciplines my wife because He loves her and the love of God is shed abroad in her heart by the Holy Spirit.  My wife hears the voice of Jesus Christ, her Good Shepherd, and the voice of a stranger she will not hear.  My wife's every need is met - spirit, soul, body, financially, and socially - together with her husband's needs being met.  God has granted wisdom richly to my wife and she doesn't have a care in the world.  My wife is complete in Christ and faithful all of the days of her life to the Word of God, to prayer, and to her husband.  My wife is free of confusion and deception all of the days of her life because she shuns strife and envy. 

The love of God is perfected in my wife's heart.  She has known and believed all of the love of God and of her husband.  My wife is free of all of the limitations of her youth and her youth is renewed as an eagle's.  My wife is healed and no longer conformed to this world and the spirit of this age, but she is transformed totally by the renewing of her mind by the Word of Christ and she experiences the perfect will of God all of the days of her life.  She chooses the path of wisdom and meekness.  She obeys Christ and submits to her husband, all of the days of her life.  She walks in the Blessing of God in fullness with her husband today and every day.  Based solely on the merits of Jesus Christ, my wife's a Proverbs 31 wife and her husband is a Psalm 15 and a Psalm 112 man!

Morning and evening I bless my wife according to all that we laid hold of together over the Bread and Cup of Christ.  In the Name of Jesus, my wife is blessed all of the days of her life with the ability to listen to and understand me with a prophetically discerning heart, just the same as I listen to and understand her with a prophetically discerning heart.  My faith and my life are lived through her eyes, even as her faith and her life are lived through my eyes.  She has my complete agreement all of the days of both of our lives regarding the healing and wholeness of everyone that she lays hands on according to New Testament principle and the genuine leading of the Holy Spirit. 

My wife is shielded from evil all of the days of her life through the Blood of Christ that Christ and I have applied to her life.  I believe that her mind is completely renewed with the Word of Christ and that her every thought is a captive to the obedience of Christ.  My wife has prophetic discernment regarding her shopping, her cooking, and her submission to Christ and to me as her husband, just as I am submitted to Christ in all things.  My wife receives from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit very quickly all of the days of her life, because Jesus is the Anointed and the Son of God.  Her emotional needs are met every moment of her life, just as mine are.  My wife walks in safety and angelic protection together with me, all of the days of our lives. 

My wife and I are both satisfied with a very long and very fruitful life, based solely on the merits of Jesus Christ.  My wife and I are blessed and shielded from every evil all of the days of our lives through the mediation work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  My wife and I have absolutely all, and the totality of all grace; every favor from heaven and from earth so that we are always equipped for every good work.  Storms of life from this day forward stay completely out of our lives.  All hostility that would ever try to enter into our lives is neutralized by the Blood and Peace of Christ.  My wife and I walk in complete understanding in the Word of God in all things and we not only abide in the Word of God, but we teach the Word of God with accuracy, with clarity, and with dynamic power that meets every need in every life around us at all times. 

My wife and I have victory all of the days of our lives through the Blessing of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.  We walk in blessings even when no one else does, and through us all of the families of the earth are blessed.  In the Name of Jesus, Death is even totally slammed under our feet and rendered helpless and powerless all of the days of our lives in this world.  Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives and everything that's under His feet is under ours and we rejoice in the God of our salvation.  His wisdom dictates every single second of our lives and the love of God is manifested through our marriage without limit and without measure in Jesus' Name!  Together, we have genuine Biblical liberty based solely on the merits of Jesus, the Anointed Son of God.  Amen!!


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