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by Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we claim Your wisdom, protection, safety, intervention, strengthening, empowering, & angelic assistance for every Firefighter everywhere in the world today that's trying to save people, personal property, community resources & treasures. Give them supernatural awareness of their surroundings. Get them home safely. Help them recover speedily!

Thank You, Father, for protecting & delivering every Firefighter, sending angels to refresh them, as You did for Elijah & Christ, & for the ministry of the Holy Spirit leading them into all truth about the fires that they're fighting, according to the Gospel of John. Thank You for healing them, getting them out of debt, & refreshing their every relationship with the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank You for Your goodness & mercy following our Firefighters all the days of their lives, according to Ps. 23, for Your angels having protective watch over them, according to Ps. 91, & for satisfying their mouths with good things so their youth is renewed as the eagle's, according to Ps. 103. Thank You for giving them wisdom for the best usage of their tools & getting 'em home safely!

Thank You, Father, for waking up every Firefighter refreshed & ready for a new day, all soreness washed away by the spirit, water, & blood, & new strength given to each of them, according to Ephesians 3, Philippians 4, & Colossians 1. Thank You, Father, for victory for every Firefighter over every fire that they're putting out today, tonight, & everyday, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, for protecting, delivering, & refreshing, each Firefighter today, for prospering the work of their hands, & for keeping what they're doing always enough to overcome every fire that they encounter, in Jesus' Name. Thank You for safely bringing every one of 'em home after their shift & for giving them angelic assistance all day today & everyday, in Jesus' Name.

Thank You, Father, for a fresh outpouring of Your Holy Spirit upon all families, for giving them wisdom & understanding for romancing their spouses & for the raising of their children & pets. Thank You, Father, for the Blood of Jesus covering & protecting each household from evil, for keeping them safe as they travel, & giving them wisdom regarding every purchase, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, in Jesus' Name, for keeping the fire trucks running smoothly, for protecting all Firefighters everywhere from breakdowns in equipment, for alerting them to anything ahead of time, if they honestly need to replace something before their next call, & for getting them home safely after helping them with a job well done in saving people, property, & the environment!

Thank You, Father, for keeping Firefighters safe from harm & for bringing laborers across their path with the next level of instruction & edification in the Gospel that they're needing in their busy lives while they're making this world just a little bit safer for each of us. Thank You, Father, for Your prophetic gifts operating in their lives so that they save more lives, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, for helping Firefighters through periods of depression, exhaustion, despair, anxiety, fear, loneliness, being overwhelmed, feeling under appreciated, feeling under paid, feeling stressed, etc. Ground them in the Isaiah 54 Covenant of Peace, in Jesus' Name. Give them peace about their marriage situation, situation with kids, & anything else they're going through!

Thank You, Father, for fulfilling Your promise to each of these Firefighters in Isaiah 43:2 that when they pass through the fire, they'll not be burned; when they pass through the floods, they shall not be overwhelmed by the waters they encounter, because You are with them. Thank You, Father, for goodness & mercy following them all the days of their lives, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, for clarity of understanding, fullness of wisdom, impenetrable sanctification & light through us Christ-ward, & for keeping us safe from harm, serving You all our days according to Luke 1:68-75 & Luke 21:18. Thank You, Father, for delivering us, making us one, & revealing Your glory through us, according to John 17 & Colossians 1, so that Creation returns to it's Isaiah 11:6-9 & Romans 8:21 rest.

Thank You, Father, for protection and deliverance from evil for every firefighter, for bringing all of the Scriptures to their remembrance in all wisdom, for teaching them to profit and leading them in the way that they must go, and for giving them Your assurance of Your favor regarding the decisions that they must make that are in the best interests of saving lives, property, and our environment with what they do everyday to make this world a little safer, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, for protecting, delivering, & refreshing each Firefighter, for keeping strife out of their lives, & for keeping them well equipped by Your grace, Scriptures, & the Blood of Jesus with everything that they need to complete their job. Thank You, Father, for angelic assistance keeping them safe & enabling them to function at a higher level of effectiveness all of their days, in Jesus' Name!

Thank You, Father, for rescuing every Firefighter from every snare of the Devil & for preserving them blameless at the revelation of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel. Thank You, Father, for redeeming the time in their lives & restoring to them the years that the Devourer has devoured from their studies of the Scriptures by leading them into all truth through the Holy Spirit, reminding them of all You've ever told them, & showing them things to come, in Jesus' Name! Amen!


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