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Holy Spirit > A prayer for yielding to His Holy Spirit for the first time as a believer

By Martin Cisneros

While each Christian [potentially] has His Spirit abiding in them if they're obeying Him (Acts 5:32; Romans 8:14), there is "more" after you've embraced the Lordship of Jesus.  Acts 1:8 says:

"But you shall be obtaining power at the coming of the holy spirit upon you..."

And Lord Jesus said in Luke 11:13:

If you, then, being inherently wicked, are aware how to give good gifts to your children, how much rather will the Father Who is out of heaven, be giving holy spirit to those requesting Him!

You can have a growing dimension of supernatural power in your life for living a successful Christian life, for understanding all things in the Bible and what you're to do with your life, and for dealing with things, people, and situations you haven't known how to deal with.  Obtaining the power of His Holy Spirit is how you answer the quip of some unbelievers who don't embrace the Lordship of Jesus because they say they don't want to be hypocrites. (Amazing how they don't mind being hypocrites on other things and in other ways, right?)  They are deeply misinformed that this new life in Jesus is in any way lived through natural human ability.  It's not.  It's through the Bible and His supernatural power.  Acts 2:39 says about this gift of His Holy Spirit's power:

39 For to you is the promise and to your children, and to all those afar, whosoever the Lord our God should be calling to Him."

Mark 16:15-20 indicates some of the things to expect His Holy Spirit to do through you, and it includes supernatural communication, supernatural protection, and supernatural provision of whatever is genuinely needed to make Lord Jesus look good and to make His teachings and claims about Himself stand out from all of the rest.

One of the fruits of having His Holy Spirit active in your life is speaking in other tongues.  All of that is partially explained by  1Corinthians chapters 12 - 14.  It's a healthy part of a Christian's life to be able to speak with other tongues as a way of making one's mind stronger for entertaining the thoughts of God and as a way of strengthening one's character and personality for more fully developing in the ability to obey God.  The Gospel of John chapters 14 through 17 will explain to you exactly who His Holy Spirit is.

If you've already embraced the Lordship of Jesus, either previous to coming to this website or through one or more of the tracts at this website on the tracts page, then pray this prayer with me, right now, to go the rest of the way:

Heavenly Father, I want to know and obey You more completely.  I want Your gift of the Holy Spirit to have predominence in my life.  Lord Jesus, fill me to overflowing with Your Holy Spirit.  I surrender my tongue to You to speak through me God's understanding, God's provisions, and God's praises and thanksgiving.  I yield my entire being to experience the release of Your Holy Spirit to flow through me each and every day.  I thank, praise, and bless You, heavenly Father, for Words to speak daily, whether I understand them or not.  And I'll live my life more fully for You from this day forward, in the Name of Jesus! Amen.

Now just begin to thank and praise God with your whole heart, and as you do, speak anything that occurs to you that's neither in English nor in any language you've ever spoken before.  If nothing appears to be there that's occuring to you to say, then don't worry about it, and just keep thanking and praising God in English, because there's zero doubts and zero questions about it, that if you've prayed this prayer with me, then you are being baptized with His Holy Spirit.  It'll come to you, the more you thank and praise God, even if at first it sounds like gibberish to your own mind, before it starts flowing more strongly through you as you pray and praise it out in other tongues.  Just keep blessing and thanking the Lord for the newness of life that you now have through Christ Jesus and the power of His Holy Spirit that's active, operative, energizing, and effective in each area of your life from now on, in the Name of Jesus!


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