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Holy Spirit > Be being filled (driven!) by the Holy Spirit

By: Martin Cisneros

Those of you who don’t have the fullest measure of the Holy Spirit actively engaged in your life, actively engaging your conscience and consciousness, and actively propelling your life in the purposes of Jesus Christ – get into the New Testament and study Acts, 1Corinthians, and Ephesians on the baptism with the Holy Spirit as expressed through the life of the reformulated person who’s embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ through the vehicle of speaking with other tongues. If you don’t speak with other tongues and press through to the interpretation, the vision and visions, and the supernatural transportation to where ever God has for you to go, like Philip in the book of Acts – then you’re far short of being able to live the life of obedience to the Father that the Son made provision for you to be able to walk in, on the level that He intended.

You won’t go to Hell or experience the chastisements of the eon for not embracing the fullness of the Holy Spirit after you’ve embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ, but your life will always be a mediocre struggle with sin or an acceptance of all that the Lord despises. The purposes of the Holy Spirit being released into your life in fullness are supernatural interpretation and knowledge, vision and visions, and supernatural transportation to where ever God has for you to go. When you stand before Jesus Christ in the judgment, it won’t matter why you weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit with the release of your supernatural prayer, prophecy, manifestation, and transportation languages. All that will matter is that you didn’t complete all of the will of God for your life. What others do, or don’t do with it, including your mentors, has nothing to do with your facing the Lord – "one on one" when that time comes for your life review.

Every single Christian, as the Holy Spirit opens it up to them, should be empowered to be in multiple places at the same time sharing the testimony of Jesus Christ, healing the sick, and casting out the devil. You don’t have to be conscious of it, but over the course of your life time, you should have at least a couple of testimonies where people eventually tell you – or where you’re aware of having been elsewhere, whether anybody else tells you about all that you said and did or not. Believers in persecuted lands need mentors and quite a few of you don’t have access to the money to be able to go. That’s not an excuse or a reason. Pray in the Spirit – and quit debating what praying in the Spirit means – pray in the Spirit until you are everywhere you ought to be and saying everything that you ought to be saying. Love with your whole heart and keep the curse, death, and the devil crushed under your feet. There is no longer any reason for lack than there is sufficient reason for adultery, fornication, or death. Keep the Word of the Lord ever before you and do precisely what He says for you to say and do.

Get in the Spirit through the Holy Spirit and don’t come back, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!! Save the sick, raise the dead, cast out the devil, and meet urgent needs. Those of you that are baptized with the Holy Spirit aren’t doing enough with what you have. Fast and worship in other tongues – until you’re precisely where Father wants you every single step of the Way. Fast and give thanks in other tongues until such a river of healing and love is generated that those who have seen you have seen Jesus; until those who receive you receive Jesus, and those who receive the Jesus that you’re sharing are receiving the One Who Sent Jesus. Get to know the Holy Spirit afresh in the Word. Stay in the Word until you get fresh revelations and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Accept the promise of Ephesians 5 that the Holy Spirit will drive you to where you need to get to, whether you’ve got a car or not, or whether or not you’ve got the keys to where you’re needing to get into or not. Jesus IS THE DOOR. Accept no more limitations on your ability to fulfill all of the will of God. Pray that you interpret and believe you receive when you pray according to Mark 11:24 and 1Corinthians 14.

The Holy Spirit has been sent to serve you, to prepare you, to strengthen you, and to take you everywhere you’re supposed to go – whether you’ve got wheels and/or wings or not! Death, disease, fear, lack, offense, poverty, sickness, and torment shouldn’t have any power over anyone who has embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ and taken to themselves the whole Holy Spirit and has learned to actually be the Body of the Anointed One and of His Anointing. Every burden is to be removed, and every yoke is to be destroyed through your surrendered life to Jesus Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit. Be like Smith Wigglesworth to where if the Holy Spirit doesn’t move you, then you move the Holy Spirit! It’s time to not only set aside every distracting influence that causes offenses, burdens, cares, stumbling, and death, but it’s time to take your full destiny seriously as a liberator of all of Creation through Jesus Christ. It’s time to stop thinking "Some Day" and to start thinking "This Day Is This Scripture Fulfilled In Your Ears!!!"

No more excuses for your lack of compassion, active involvement, and active participation in all of the fullness of the divine nature. It’s time for results and no more excuses. If others won’t go with you, that you even [genuinely] believe that it’s the absolute perfect will of God for them to go with you, then leave them in their pit of Hell and go on! Leave ‘em to the devil that they’re listening more to in their lives than to the heavenly upward calling of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, and go and cast the devil out where the Lord shows you that there’s genuine hunger for holiness, manifestation of the Sons of God, and deliverance of all of Creation.

1Peter 4:10-11 says that if you open your mouth, you’re only to open your mouth with the very Word of the Lord. This agrees precisely with John chapter 8 where Jesus said that: He only spoke the Word of the Father, and that’s why He was free, now if you’d continue in the Words of Jesus in the way that He’s continuing in the Words of the Father, then you’d know the same truth that keeps Jesus free and you’d be free indeed as well. Get on your knees with that New Testament and stay there with the Holy Spirit until when you get up, the only one that’s arisen in that body of yours is the Blessed Holy Spirit. When people hear you speak, they should tremble; when people read your words, they should tremble – not because you said them, but because they’re reading the very Word of the Lord, and on some level they know that!

When you embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ, this was what you signed up for. If you thought you did so simply to escape Hell, then you’re the very one that He’ll cast into Hell and think nothing of doing so because you don’t do the will of His Father in heaven! Get into the Word and refuse to be robbed of your destiny. Get with the Holy Spirit and make the arrangements that you need to make so that it’s no longer you that speaketh, but the Spirit of your Father that speaks through you. Accept nothing else and nothing less this year and beyond!!!!!


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