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Purim > 2. Why does this ministry emphasize Purim since we're not under the law in Christ?

By Martin Cisneros

Purim was never under the Mosaic Law. Whereas the Feasts of the LORD that are in the Mosaic Law teach about Christ Jesus, Purim is specifically about the overcoming of believers and doesn't need to be cleverly re-engineered to actually teach that! Because the Gentiles are told to rejoice with God's people in Romans 15:7-12, Purim is easily a Biblical version of St. Patrick's Day; it's easily a Biblical version of Valentine's Day because of the PROBABLE marriage that began, real marriage, between Esther and her king as a result of the circumstances that make up the story of Purim; it's easily a Biblical version of Easter because it's a Biblical remembrance of great fertility of the Biblical faith; it's easily a Biblical version of Halloween because of the costumes that are often traditionally worn for Purim that are meant to convey God working in the unseen to bring about His purposes, and it's a type of Halloween in the sense of the banishment of Haman, Haman's 10 sons, and all who likewise hated Israel in their midst.

It's a feast of the nations because the 1st verse says that the context for this story was 127 provinces of the Persian Empire that stretched from India to Ethiopia and Esther 9:27-28 say that it's for all who have joined them in a Biblical faith. It's clearly got the merging of Jew and Gentile that Ephesians talked about because of Esther 8:17 where the type of conversion to the God of the Bible [that was available BACK THEN] was in full revival. So, it's a remembrance of revival, the faithfulness of God even when He's not visible in His deeds for His people, and though it's considered a minor festival among Jews, Biblically since at least the time of Isaiah to the present day there's been a tendency among Jews to do what we tend to call today "majoring on the minors, and minoring on the majors!"

It's not a festival of the Bible whose message or requirements have become antiquated by the coming of Christ Jesus, such as with lambs no longer needing to be slaughtered at Passover, bulls and goats no longer needing to be sacrificed at the Day of Atonement, it's after the Mosaic Law, not forbidden by either the Mosaic Law or one line in the New Testament, and there are hints of it's themes in the New Testament with very careful readings of it. Whereas a few of the things above can be said about Hanukkah, we don't have very much Biblical text regarding it. Since the first month, Biblically, for the Jews is the month on which Passover begins and Purim is the very last month of the Jewish calendar that was Biblically given by God, then as Jewish days are from sunset to sunset, evening to morning, rather than the way they're thought of in the Western world, then Purim, since it does have a massive revival theme, would unquestionably be the Biblical time of the latter rain, [prophetically,] regardless of whatever the Rabbis have had to say about it, or well meaning Christian pastors who've taught on the festivals, because it doesn't get any further latter than the last month of the year that was prescribed by God in the Bible for their calendar!

The confusion on this matter likely comes from Jewish calendars beginning Septemberish, though God said what He said about the month that Passover would be in. Former rain would be during the fall feasts, because it's the evening of the year, i.e. the 6pm of the year, while the latter rain would have to be around the Spring, even if Purim is almost never in the Spring according to a solar calendar. It's still the end of the year, religiously, prophetically, and shows a vibrant, international faith that's not dependent upon worshipping on a particular mountain, because they had their spiritual Jerusalem. It's probably safe to say that all of the Feasts of the LORD given by Moses are "former rain," while Hanukkah and Purim are latter rain, though Hanukkah's difficult to get into without extrabiblical, Rabbinical materials, and I've found over the years that Christians that get into the leaven of the Pharisees tend to come to us with really strange doctrines that don't establish the heart with God's grace, so I'm leery of messing with anything Rabbinically-related. People don't tread softly enough on re-interpreting the Bible with that stuff! But when it comes to Purim, yes, there are many fun traditions that are fun to participate in, but the Book of Esther is 10 chapters that you can use to seek Him about absolutely all of it with!! The individual Mosaic Feasts that people spend the vast majority of their time on, in terms of Biblical feasts, don't have anywhere near the BIBLICAL MATERIAL devoted to them! Passover perhaps comes the closest, but that's about it, without relying on the very folks Christ Jesus said DID NOT HAVE IT TOGETHER for the rest of it! Why do we do that with relying on so much extrabiblical material on multiple subjects and leave a subject largely ignored that the Bible will give us 10 chapters on??

Additionally, God had been dealing with the leadership of this ministry since the 1980s about Purim, in particular, in our own personal lives, so coming into this 2nd decade of the 21st Century we finally purposed to only emphasize what our heavenly Father was emphasizing. While that's the goal of all Spirit-filled Christians, ordinarily, there's a tendency that when a particular Biblical feast of the LORD starts to come up, then we stuff our plates further than He asked us to, whether in the name of trying to be balanced, or wanting to take in more with our eyes than He's calling on us to do at the time, or just our own thinking creating confusion about wanting to tie this with that and this with that 'til we don't even know what we're talking about any more!  We finally decided if God's saying "Purim," then when He's saying THAT, He's not meaning Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, et. al.!!  Doesn't mean the other things we could find Vegan ways of exploring, in our own personal practice, aren't valid, beautiful, originally given of God, etc.  If God wants to emphasize His most evangelistic feast in the whole Bible, besides Passover, perhaps, then who are we to emphasize the other things He's emphasized in the past when we've got something clear in our heart?

This move of God impacted 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia! And we're mouthy about Egypt and Babylon, or even Rome, or even Jerusalem, majoring on the minors!! This may have been the biggest conversion of the nations that Israel ever experienced prior to the New Covenant, and it's filled with many gems for New Covenant living!  THE KNOWN WORLD, [ALMOST IN IT'S ENTIRETY,] BUCKLED UNDER THE WEIGHT OF GOD'S FAVOR TO HIS OWN and we're counting omers, basically, with where we spend the majority of our time when trying to bring new out of the old!  That's the first time in the Bible that lots were cast for the clothing God had given, figuratively speaking! (Esther 3:7; 9:24)  How is this not New Testament doctrine, for those who know their New Testament?  Both times had repercussions for many nations!  Lots were cast regarding what belonged to Christ Jesus, and as with the first time a public spectacle was made of principalities and powers that were triumphed over -- though in His case, He did take the spoils that Isaiah 53 says He divides with us! Holy Spirit undoubtedly put His stamp of approval on Purim in His composition of the 22nd Psalm, since the casting of lots would finally have a very rich meaning for Jews, centuries later, that when it was done against the righteous, it meant the downfall of the wicked!  It can't be by accident that Purim is weeks prior to Passover, so that the story of the casting of lots would be fresh in the minds of the Jewish people, when Christ Jesus took the known world as His as a result! I'm certain someone somewhere has all of these pastries available not only Vegan, but also with Stevia instead of sugar, perhaps even gluten-free for those of you who can't go through gluten-rich foods!

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