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Purim > 3. New Testament Parallels with the Book of Esther

By Martin Cisneros

Acts 28:13-15: thus shall it be done for the man whom the KING delights to honour! Sound familiar? Acts is a Purim document! Only movie I've seen handle this passage correctly, Acts 28:15, is the Peter & Paul movie that Anthony Hopkins is in as St. Paul. It's an important scene because it is a counterpart to Esther 8:15-17. This is not to add agreement to the old wives fable that St. Paul was specifically in the employ of the Roman government, but there's a silhouette of the same spiritual victory happening.

Acts closes with Paul in the royal city having the run of the place for 2 "whole" yrs! Yes, there wasn't such a limitation in Esther, but the hint of Purim flavors to Acts is undeniable, once you start noticing 'em! Further proof Acts is a Purim document is the passage that had annoyed me forever: Acts 1:26. Had I known Acts was a Purim document, meant for Purim festivities with delirious rejoicing at all that God was accomplishing in their day in defeating the plots of every New Testament Haman and establishing the early presence of the Gospel in Rome, the New Testament Shushan, I could have avoided years of being annoyed at the strict historical aspect of the passage, which likely did occur during the transition period to fully walking in the New Covenant; man had his plans, but God chose who He would to take the Gospel to the New Testament Shushan, i.e. Rome.  4X a certain Hebrew name of God is an acrostic in Esther, 1X another Hebrew name of God is an acrostic in Esther; 4 crucifixion passages in New Testament mention lots, 1 passage mentions lots in an entirely different situation.  I realize the numbers, so far, are the only thing that make that interesting.

Makes me wonder if there's a layer to the whole New Testament on which all 260 chapters could be considered a Purim document. Center part of the New Testament does include a whole lot of conversions of Gentiles. Are the Jewish religious leaders in Luke's writings & John's writings the New Testament Haman? Putting on Christ Jesus could be analogous to Purim costumes! Some would say "but Jews often wear costumes of their enemies instead!" New Testament does say to stop wearing the old man, so some to the present day HAVE BEEN! Family passages & gifts for the poor are included in the New Testament. Some people NONNEGOTIABLY BELIEVE the New Testament IN SOME QUAINT WAY emphasizes 2 one thousand yr days!  Rome and Jerusalem got destroyed, but none of the people of God took the plunder! ‎127 provinces in Esther, no less than the same ground has been covered by the Gospel, more than once! Rome & Jerusalem can BOTH be said to have plotted against the King, though both were destroyed within a very short time of each other! Their plot was told to the King by the Scriptures & He spoke their doom, SEEMINGLY, in Matthew 24 & elsewhere. Fear of our New Testament Mordecai, in terms of both the Gospel & Christ, filled the whole Kingdom for generations, as it will in our day. Lake of Fire is obviously the reversal of the decree against the Christians, as Haman's decree in Esther was legally changed! Mordecai wrote quote a few epistles about that in his day, Apostles did the same in the New Testament into the earthly kingdom of their day. Obviously the breaking of bread in the Gospels, then in Acts; the proverbial 2 meals before Rome & Jerusalem were destroyed; destruction of 14 hills, basically, in their day ended the famine for quite a while. Starting to wander out of Esther/NT parallels, so quitting for now. However, this is by no means "exhaustive" since there appear to be parallels in the book of Revelation & elsewhere so that this article may eventually be expanded or have a part 2.


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