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Purim > 4. Purim teaches us about the abolishment of Death

By Martin Cisneros

God made me a promise on January 17, 2012 about my eyes being fully opened within 3wks [to certain matters] & I'm sitting here stunned at what happened a little while ago. I'm writing this on February 6, 2012. Was listening to a CD from a few yrs ago by Jerry Savelle from the 2005 Great Lakes Prosperity Overflow Convention that the Copelands hosted where Jerry taught on "the Hand of the Lord." Was feeling as though we were supposed to invoke the Hand of the Lord upon all of Creation, on Purim, in the behalf of the Universal Restoration, when suddenly all 10 chapters of Esther revealed the Universal Restoration to me all at once!

The abolishment of death is a fulfillment of Purim! What's had a bigger plot against the people & particularly the people of God? What would bring the fear of the Lord upon all 8 billion people on the planet FASTER than repealing DEATH??! Death has said, without the commission of God, that every man will have their appointed time to die, but in fulfillment of Purim the gallows that were appointed for every man to try to separate them from the head of every man will be used on Death, himself! It was THE decree of Death in Esther. Purim is about the abolishment of Death; his being cast into the Lake of Fire!

It's the last feast on the Jewish calendar that God appointed. None of the other feasts teach the Universal Restoration WITH ABSOLUTE CLARITY 'cause they weren't LAST in the year, as Elhanan Winchester, and others over the centuries, might understand this as the last revelation of Holy Writ. If the Omega of the Book of Revelation gathers all things together in one, in Ephesians 1:8-10, as surely as He was the Alpha that fulfilled Passover, then what's the End on the Jewish religious calendar? THE ABOLISHMENT OF THE DEATH DECREE! Creation one with it's Head who HAS abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel!


Vashti is the Old Covenant that was put away, according to Jeremiah 31, Esther is the New Covenant, the two meals are the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, also religiosity (the strength of man's heroism) verses Covenant (the strength of Christ's heroism). The letters that were sent out after the divorce of Vashti that households should get it together and keep it together are the Words of Malachi on marriage that bridged the inter-testamental period from the Old Testament 'til the coming of John the Baptist. The Old Covenant wasn't sufficient for the abolishment of Death. The New Covenant is the announcement of the real spiritual plot against the people & of the identity of the Bride's people.

The king leaving the room after Esther said what she said is the ascension of Christ Jesus, the king returning & grabbing Haman for falling on Esther's lap is Christ Jesus, through His people, abolishing death at Purim, as witnessed by Him in John 5.

John 5's resurrection is really the resurrection at the end of time of the New Testament after hundreds of yrs of religious nonsense, and the resurrection of condemnation is the putting away of the Old Covenant and the idolatry from the midst of the people. The resurrection of condemnation is the destroying of every false system, such as Islam. Has nothing to do with what it says at the end of Esther about people converting to a Biblical faith because of the fear that was upon them with the abolishment of Death, in the sense of being any kind of limitation to that. 

In saying this, I'm not saying there weren't fulfillments of John 5 at 70AD, in Matthew 27, and elsewhere in Church history! I'm saying the fulfillment of fulfillments is at Purim, it's Covenantal rather than being limited to individuals in the way that we've thought sometimes in the past, ignoring passages like Galatians 4, Romans 5, & elsewhere with our oversimplifications & ministry of condemnation slip-ups; it's a heavens and earth passing away, new heavens, new earth being Created type of situation, as with what happened in 70AD, according to Isaiah 65 & Revelation 21.  Heavens and earth passages aren't limited contexts to the physical creation, but are speaking of Covenantal Orders between God & Creation. 

Judaism having passed as the means to accessing God is described as a passing away of the heavens and earth; Genesis 1:1 is the beginning of Judaism, as much as whatever physical reality it also represents of the distant past.  Life & condemnation in Romans 5 & elsewhere are never limited to God's relationship to the individual, otherwise the incarnation and virgin birth are prophetic gibberish that are debatable & negotiable in our teachings and understandings if we ignore what Scripture says about humanity as an organism, about Christianity as an organism, & other organisms in Scripture that are made up of the many!

Purim isn't limited to a defeat of Anti-Christ, or any 10 government world system that he's alleged by some to head, but it is the defeat of the decree of Death: Death, himself, or itself, depending on one's perspective.  The people had no lack in the book of Esther 'cept that Death wouldn't be carried out, and they did overcome in that type and shadow of the ultimate decree that's stood against humanity as a whole.  Mordecai receiving the signet ring from the king that Esther has spoken up for is easily the restoration of the nation of Israel to God that St. Paul so longed for in Romans, so that it would be chief among the nations, in fulfillment of every Isaiah prophecy that some Christians insist are nontransferable to the Body but must remain uniquely Israel's promise for the last days! 

In this Purim analogy, we don't need to squabble those points because the analogy holds with the promotion of Mordecai to the spot that Haman had, since Haman and his 10 sons are as easily the 11 tribes of Israel that have been estranged from Christ, their New Testament Joseph, and in Christ is the salvation of all of Israel in Scripture!  They were put to death the last 2,000yrs, [Covenantally,] but are brought back to God, in the person of Mordecai, when Death is being abolished, to be among God's leaders of His New Creation!  As Mordecai saved all of Israel from India to Ethiopia, which certainly would have included those Jews in Jerusalem, Christ Jesus will most certainly do the same and Covenantally beyond all expectation!  In the last verse of Esther, Mordecai the Jew (or prophetically the Jews at the abolishment of death) were well received by the multitude of their brethren, seeking the good of their people and speaking prosperity, or peace, to all!


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