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Purim > 8. Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation

By Martin Cisneros

In the midst of this Purim, pay close attention to this list of Scriptures because I bring up a number of Scriptures I've never brought up before SPECIFICALLY ON THIS Hosea 2:18 Covenant. Read 'em all very carefully TOGETHER: 1Corinthians 15:25-26; Romans 8:21; Hosea 2:18; Genesis 12:3; Jeremiah 31:27-28; Esther 9:27; Zechariah 2:4-5; Zechariah 9:7; Isaiah 10:27; Luke 11:17; Luke 12:6; Luke 12:24; Luke 13:15; Luke 13:18-19; Luke 14:5-6; Luke 15:4-6; Isaiah 40:11; Isaiah 43:18-21; Isaiah 54:9-10; Isaiah 63:14; Joel 2:22-23; Ezekiel 34:10; Jonah 3:7-10; Joel 1:20; Isaiah 30:23-26; Isaiah 49:8-10; Mark 4:30-32; Revelation 5:13.

First time I've ever read Esther 9:27 & Luke 11:17 with the Scriptures that pair us with animals as making up God's Kingdom: Jeremiah 31:27-28; Zechariah 2:4-5; Ezekiel 38:19-20 (cf. Jeremiah 33:9); Hosea 2:18; Isaiah 11:6-9; Isaiah 54:9-10; Jonah 3:7-10, et. al. For our Purim gifts to one another in the Kingdom and to the Poor we sowed into The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee and with that came this revelation as well as greater clarity about taking the various Sabbath passages from Luke's Gospel that involve animals at face value, since we're entering into the Sabbath rest of the proclamation of the Gospel, both in terms of the particular provisions that have been coming to light with the past several decades from Christ our High Priest, and with coming into the era of God's prophetic calendar of the 12th month that involves Purim or the abolishment of death that St. Paul prophesied in 1Corinthians 15, 2Timothy 1, and elsewhere!

We can't eat animals 'cause we're in the Kingdom, they're in the Kingdom, and Luke 11:17 says that a Kingdom divided against itself must fall.

Since Purim is about the prophetic fulfillment of all that wasn't yet handled in every other season of God's prophetic calendar from Passover to Hanukkah, we'll most definitely include something related to the Hosea 2:18 Covenant with all of our Purim festivities every year of our ministry! Though the poop may reach to the horse's bridles, I'm certain all of these animals at the various sanctuaries won't mind being spoiled with extra fruit and veggies, particularly fruit!

Esther 9:27 is the basis regarding those joined to God's Biblical people and Jeremiah 31:27-28, Zechariah 2:4-5, and too many other passages to list here -- all of these passages indicate these animals having their place in the Kingdom of God alongside us. As the 1st born, we human beings have a double portion of the inheritance of God, but that doesn't leave out the others that Romans 8:21 says must enter into the liberties of the children of God. Can't say yet with full satisfaction that animals don't have that same double portion coming to them 'cause of all of the Scriptures that say that for your shame you shall have double, and animals have had it a little worse than human women have had it in any society throughout history that you can think of!

I don't have a single Scripture for this YET, but I've been musing for months about a Covenantally-based ""evolution"" that God may have in mind for animals because the promises are so exceedingly vast for the animals in Scripture & most animals we ever encounter are sooo embryonic in their intelligence and capabilities that those of you who got a good laugh at Cat Nuns/Nurses in what was probably series 2 of Doctor Who may wake up someday to quite the surprise that you'll find reminiscent with your cats of something from Doctor Who or Red Dwarf!

Can't say that with certainty, nor point to a particular Scripture, but just how much worship the promises of God are meant to stir up in Revelation 5:13 and throughout the Psalms on the part of absolutely everything that has breath -- although it's not dependent upon mental intelligence, there are dolphins and other sea creatures that seem almost as high functioning as human beings and I can't see such a disproportionate level of intelligence being kept to humans and dolphin species, yet everyone else in the animal kingdom staying between 60 and 100 on I.Q. Something clearly got interrupted there, particularly of their growth through our Covenantal Blessings that we speak over them!

We do know the blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow with it, and that that blessing brings increase to every area of life when it's kept active with one's faith, thanksgiving, etc., and these animals are our responsibility that was delegated to us in Eden and then again via the Hosea 2:18 Covenant in redemption!

 If you ever get a chance to hear any messages from, or read books by, any of the Word of Faith teachers like Kenneth Copeland or Charles Capps or Kenneth E. Hagin's old audio messages, make sure you pay special attention to the principles and illustrations being shared all the while seeking Holy Spirit about how this is translatable to the Hosea 2:18 Covenant -- regardless of who makes a horrendous speciesist rant on any of those messages or says something absolutely despicable where the Hosea 2:18 Covenant would be concerned. You simply cast that imagination down, refuse to be offended, or even preach the Hosea 2:18 Covenant at the tape or CD and then get back to listening to the rest of the message specifically looking for the keys of the Kingdom that unlock these exceedingly great and precious promises whereby these animals are participants in the divine nature through our faith and patience that causes them to enter into the liberties of the children of God.

The promises of God where the Hosea 2:18 Covenant are concerned would be walked out the exact same way as any of the other promises of God's Word, only in this case we're the one doing the lion's share of the believing God in the behalf of these animals based upon Holy Writ.

It's like walking out the promises of God's Word in the behalf of your children, though with the animals -- apart from some major miracles -- you'd never stop exercising all of your faith in their behalf on any kind of "age of accountability" issues where now they've gotta embrace the yoke of Christ or have their season in the far country that'll lead them to the hog pen and then back to God. With these animals, we're simply always responsible with our faith for each one to keep rebuking death from them and to keep speaking God's blessings, provision, and protection over them, while all the time claiming God's wisdom about how to restore the earth, as it says in Isaiah 49:8-10. A lot of people are believing God for worldwide ministry and yet Isaiah 49:11-12 are in the context of your being someone who is restoring the earth and you can't have those streets to take the Gospel to that Isaiah 49:11-12 promises without seeing to this other matter of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant with your faith where verses 8-10 would be concerned and every other promise of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant throughout Scripture! Verse 13 says He has mercy on His afflicted AND comforts His people, but the singing of the heavens and joyfulness of the earth have to be top priority with making sure we're walking in the Gospel to every Creature that Mark 16:15 talks about, pointing us back to this and other passages that say you better not forget about these little guys or be a Kingdom divided against itself in how you treat THEM!!

Isaiah 49:15 says though people may forget the animals that were born in their midsts -- read in the context from the 8th verse -- yet God says He will not forget about these animals (Cf. Isaiah 63:14). Isaiah 49:16 says these animals are inscribed on His Hands, which tells us the reason for the nails through His wrists. It was His Covenantal preparation for holding the animals to Himself in Isaiah 40:11. He gathers, carries, and leads them and already took the "bite" from the animals in His wrists that normally awaits a person grabbing for an animal that doesn't have familiarity with the kindnesses of this particular Person. Their destroyers and those who laid them waste SHALL GO AWAY FROM THEM, according to the 17th verse. Verse 18 of Isaiah 49 must be read together with Jeremiah 31:27-28 about God's plan to build and plant rather than to tear down, and also there's an application in this passage in Isaiah 49 to people, particularly Gentiles, being brought to God's Biblical Jews, and as they wouldn't be expected to clothe themselves with the Gentiles in a way that involved skinning 'em alive, the same can be said for these animals that are supposed to have green pastures and still waters in Isaiah 49:8-10 that this isn't an about face on this whole Covenantal mercy that He's been talking about. It's talking about people and animals having His Isaiah 54 mercies that weren't spoken to Noah and to the animals 'cept in the sense of no more global floods.

Isaiah 49 never stops talking about this Hosea 2:18 Covenant that it's brought up, but includes the animals in with God's mercies to the most pagan of Gentiles. "Who has begotten these for me?" in verses 18-21. Verse 26 says "I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh and they SHALL BE drunk with their own blood AS WITH SWEET WINE -- ALL FLESH SHALL KNOW THAT I, THE LORD, AM YOUR SAVIOUR AND YOUR REDEEMER!!!"


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