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Purim > 12. Contemporary Themes

by Martin Cisneros

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray for those who are taking full advantage of the universal availability of costumes and various paraphernalia at Halloween time to do a bit of creative hoarding of clothes, makeup, and other handy items for their Purim celebrations in February/March of the New Year that they'll be guided by Your Spirit and Your wisdom in the choices of handy materials that'll not only keep that long but that'll also specifically be conformable to themes from the book of Esther and to other deliverance from death and deliverance from economic enemy themes in the Bible.  I pray Christians who would wish to go all out in celebrating Purim would make it a celebration of life and revealed new identity through Christ rather than to go as overboard as many Jews do with celebrating the death of Haman and his 10 sons, since You take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but delight in their repentance leading to new life through Christ Jesus. We refrain from wrong spirits of seeing the death of personal, sentient enemies and rather celebrate it as a celebration of the many who were on the broad road to destruction for whom the Blood of Jesus was shed that were converted at this season of Purim to the Biblical faith that existed at the time.  We reach for and celebrate with our faith our full deliverance from every economic and physical calamity that Purim is a celebration of deliverance from. I pray that we'll avoid being drunk with wine, and that we'll all be drunk on the Holy Spirit.  Where there are festivities for Purim involving food at Purim, Father, I'm asking You to convince by Your Spirit every participant that at this Feast of all Feasts that it needs to be kept 100% Vegan, 100% gluten free, and only sweetened with Stevia and Agave nectar, in Jesus' Name, so that this is a celebration of the removal of the decree of Death from all life everywhere and so that people's bodies aren't lead into trials but are delivered from Evil.  Amen.

The book of Esther closes with saying this is a two day feast in every city.  The Jews keep it to one of the days based on where they live in the world, whether the 14th of Adar for unwalled cities or the 15th of Adar for cities that were walled in the time of Joshua's entrance into the Promised Land, but Biblically it's a two day major holiday celebrating the thwarting of a decree of death against all of the Biblically-oriented people of God alive at the time who lived anywhere from India to Ethiopia, across the 127 provinces of the Iranian Empire of the day.  It's as much a celebration of deliverance from economic, religious, and murderous enemies as a celebration of the throwing out of a wicked government in Iran's vast territories in the ancient world and the replacement of wickedness from office with the God-fearing who had fasted 3 days and 3 nights without food and water for favor, deliverance, and the repeal OF THE EQUIVALENT OF an unjust Constitutional amendment, and the removal of the Wicked from office.

Every theme of Purim in the immediate context of the book of Esther and in terms of how it fits with Biblical doctrine is a contemporary theme, a contemporary cause for alarm, and a contemporary righteous hope for our day, today.  While many limit it's scope to Jewish Nationalistic themes, the themes are more universal than the 127 Provinces that made up the Iranian Empire of the day and it's a tremendous time of celebration of our Biblical faith against those who would seek to oppose the place of Christ Jesus in our national life today, irrespective of where we call home in the world.  It's a celebration of a tremendous political victory on the part of a righteous woman.  It's a celebration of courage as well as a celebration of a national revival of our Biblical faith.  It's historically been a time of tremendous costume parties and costume parades, and it's beauty for all time is that it's not subject to the same level of dismissal from among Christians that the other Biblical feasts are subject to among us, because of those among us who are phobic of Moses and his party doctrines where the other Feasts of the Lord are concerned.  It's not an excuse to mix law with grace because it's not associated with the 5 books of Moses like Creationism and Passover are.

Purim celebrates the place of individuals in the Kingdom of Christ that any of us can be God's Prescription for the greatest of national evils and times of societal calamity.  Purim is a celebration that God will always provide reboots for nations that have taken a dark path if His people will take the Isaiah 58 path that they already know to take.  It points out to us that the people of God in a single city seeking God's face, turning from their wicked days – again the people of God IN ONE CITY – can turn a whole nation around.  Purim also points us in the direction of celebrating that one wife raised up by God, doing what she needs to do, can set free a whole generation of the people of God.  Every man should celebrate Purim that's wanting God to give them a wife like Esther!  Every woman should celebrate Purim that doesn't want to be forgotten, wants her nation delivered, and wants a whole nation coming to God.  Every king and every queen that wants to set the record straight on who they are should celebrate Purim.  These are themes that'll be relevant for the Body of Christ for the foreseeable!!


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