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Recently Saved? > The Most Important Considerations pt 1

By Martin Cisneros

The most important considerations when getting one's life on track with God are good Bible teachers, according to Romans 10 and Ephesians chapters 3 and 4, having a couple of good translations of the Bible such as a good center column reference NKJV and Concordant Literal, a good Church, and developing an effective prayer-life based on the promises and principles of the Bible.  There's no overestimating the place of a good Church, submission to Scriptural leadership, and transitioning into a dynamic and effective lifestyle of thanksgiving.

Forgiveness and a worry-free lifestyle will develop out of gaining an increasingly fruitful knowledge of God's principles and promises in the Bible and as one increases in their dependence upon cultivating, developing, and maintaining a pure conscience.  Your love for God and for others will grow out of your thanksgiving lifestyle and your progressive development in serving God and others.

As you give your tithe you need to expect ideas, concepts, and insights to come for how to get the most out of your time, how to grow increasingly close with God, and how to help others more than ever as you're growing in the knowledge of how to prosper more than you've ever prospered.  You'll have hunches that'll grow in your conscience, the more fruitful you are with Scripture, thanksgiving, and giving, and you'll just know with increasing clarity, over time, what bold steps you're to take that'll increase your wealth, health, peace of mind, and service to God, humanity, and the Creation around you.

Don't depend on the Church for the sum total of your worship time and your exploration and application of Scripture.  Study and worship on your own. That's how your spiritual strength will really develop, though Church is given to you to know what other Bible teachers have spent lifetimes discovering, applying, failing and succeeding in.  There's no reason to re-invent the wheel if you can learn in a few months what's taken others decades to know and to apply by listening to their teachings and experiences with God's truths!

After you've worked your way through Romans 10:9-10 and Colossians 2:6-7 into salvation either on your own or through the prayers you've prayed with other Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists, then get a Bible and spend large amounts of your time in Isaiah, 2Corinthians, and Ephesians. Those are good places in the Bible to receive the Holy Spirit's commentary on what Jesus did at the Cross and what that means to you, your situations, and your relationships.  Always keep Lord Jesus as the center of all of Scripture and resist attempts by well-meaning Pastors and Evangelists to make the nation of Israel the center of Bible prophecy, regardless of how old they are, how long they've been in the ministry, and regardless of how many academic and religious degrees they might have after their name.  Bible prophecy is first and foremost about Lord Jesus (Luke 24:27; John 5:39)!

Each Church is different and as long as Lord Jesus and the Holy Bible are central to their weekly worship-life, that's primarily what matters.  Some Churches are mostly about certain types of teaching, others are largely focused on Evangelism and Missionary work, some are more focused on worship and experiences with the Holy Spirit through their worship, and it's genuinely okay if you don't fit in with certain types of Churches.  It's genuinely okay if you're the square peg that's not fitting into their round hole.  Doesn't mean there's necessarily something wrong with you.  Your calling from God may not overlap their's or you're needing a long season in another Church before you could go back there, or you might never fit-in in certain places.

Several places in St. Paul's writings he talks about Christians everywhere fitting together as a physical body and not every member belonging to every part of the Body of Christ.  If he were ministering among us today, he might use the illustration of a jigsaw puzzle and not every piece in the picture fitting with every other piece of the picture, but when they're where they belong they fit perfectly and have no rivals, or competition, in being the best “them” where they're specifically at.  You don't belong everywhere.  You belong somewhere.  You'll thrive where you belong and sometimes nowhere else!  Even when it comes to different Denominations, you're often simply seeing different limbs or organs or appendages of the Body of Christ.  They're not wrong for existing.  Each cell of the Body of Christ has a particular tissue of the Body that they go with!  So avoid Denominational arguments that inevitably make a large segment of the Body of Christ nauseas with the chemical imbalances they create within the Body by arguing over one another, who has the right application of this or that, etc. 

You don't have to avoid Denominations.  Perhaps that's where one or more of those reading this will wind up belonging.  Just don't slip into the Denominational-spirit that people slip into whether or not they're a part of a Denomination with trying to vilify other Denominations or non-denominations or inter-denominations or whatever!  People who argue against the existence of Denominations at all are the real people to be wary of, additionally, because they're trying to decide what members don't belong in the Body! Always avoid that spirit and people who have that spirit 'til they repent of it!  People who argue that there are too many denominations have set themselves up as experts on how many organs the Body of Christ needs to have, and if I were you, I wouldn't jump into that bit of nonsense 'cause it inevitably produces cancerous attitudes and people in the Body out of those who have every vile thing to say about the various Christian denominations or nondenominations or whatever else calls itself “Christian.”

I pray for each person embracing the Lordship of Jesus and seeking their heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, for where they belong that the eyes of their understanding will be empowered to see, that Christ is animated in them as their wisdom, and that as they're making decisions about their generosity into the work of the Gospel that they'll find the place God has for them where their gifts will thrive and their prosperity will be easiest for them to pin down and fully make their own!


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