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Recently Saved? > The Most Important Considerations pt 2

By Martin Cisneros

The most important considerations when getting one's life on track with God are purity of: speech, integrity, New Testament sexual standards, and Biblical financial standards.  You must cultivate a balanced view of sowing and reaping for destiny, legacy, and posterity reasons, but have a committed focus in the grace of our Lord Jesus on your lips for your day to day prosperity.  Your integrity must be with a sense of heroism in your noncompromising lifestyle.  Focus on the punishment of Lord Jesus, His Blood, His resurrection, and His High Priestly ministry at God's right Hand as the basis of all of your beliefs and the foundation of all of your pursuits in the Scriptures and in the world.  Your love must be built upon a growing receiving of His love to you and to others, regardless of their species.

Scriptural holiness in your imagination and in your dealings with others must grow out of your time with God in prayer and in the Scriptures. Some will emphasize spending time daily in the Scriptures and for many that very well may be within their reach, but minimally your goal should be to spend a thousand hours in the Scriptures every 12 months, whether that's 2 – 3 hours per day or whether that's one day a week that you're in the Scriptures all day and half of the night catching up.  Your goal with all Scripture is to understand how the redemptive work of Jesus at the Cross applies every passage of the Bible to your life and to your understanding of His saving work for the whole world.  It's between you and God whether you spend your thousand hours a year goal reading the whole Bible or reading less than a dozen books of the Bible in a year or two years until you feel you've gotten all you could get  out of it for the time being before moving on to other areas of the Bible.  You're not a failure if only six or eight books of the Bible are your meditation time with God your first century with Him.  As long as you still feel like God is talking to you about the place of His message in your life through a few books of the Bible, then clearly you're where He wants you in your time seeking Him! Who is anybody to tell you otherwise?!

If any area of teaching that is supposed to be Biblical teaching robs you of your peace and creates an unwarranted fear for your loved ones and/or for the future, you are either not hearing the truth on the particular topic or you are not yet understanding something fully, or you're not catching a particular preacher at their best for whatever reason, as far as their ability to communicate.  No area of Biblical teaching will contradict the character and mercy of Lord Jesus.  If you bump into any, you are hearing bad teaching based on a wrong translation of a particular passage or passages of the Bible.  I wish I could tell you that if you had every translation of the Bible that you would avoid being a victim of bad teaching, but even with every English translation of the Bible there are areas of destiny for the world that you'll have to really dig deeply into the Word until you can reconcile all of it with the redemptive pictures of Jesus in Isaiah and elsewhere in the Bible when you've heard contradictory teaching.  Stay leery of versions of the Bible that are paraphrases or that don't specify that they are “literal translations.”  Always double check everything with the Concordant Literal or Young's Literal, or even a Rotherham's Emphasized Bible.  Each of these three translations are available online to read for free.  Those are safe translations to double check things with, until you get more and more skillful with using lexicons that give you what something says in the original language and various ways of taking that in English, as well as comparisons with other passages of the Bible where the same language comes up in the original languages of the Bible.

Avoid getting into the criticisms of Churches that other Christians get into.  The book of Romans says that if they are Christ's servants that you are not in a position to judge what they are called to do.  Those are His judgments to make and the only responsibility any of us has, particularly in our earlier years in Christ, is to pray for them and make sure we're carefully on the straight and narrow that God's been directly speaking to us, individually, about.  According to the books of Acts and Romans in the Bible, you won't be judged according to the dictates of their conscience and they won't be judged by the dictates of your conscience, but they have their own revelation to walk out to their judgment day, just as you have your own to walk out to your judgment day.  The stronger you grow in Christ, the more you'll look back on the criticisms of other believers and ministers that you saw and you'll be so glad you didn't participate in those criticisms, whether from eventually walking your own mile or two in their shoes, or from growing to know their heart, over time, or from discovering how much of the nonsense said about them was slander, half truth, and the criticisms of the jealous or of those who didn't understand certain areas of Biblical teachings.  Maybe they'll prove to be as wrong as an eleven dollar bill even with greater perspective on your part over time, but you'll always appreciate having a clear conscience that you weren't a rock thrower!

My prayers are for your strengthening in the joy and hope that is ours through the Cross of Christ, that you'll lead a blameless life in your conscience, and that your pursuit of God will multiply in Covenantal-fruitfulness so that you'll superabound in contentment, wisdom, and in everything else, in the Name of Jesus!


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