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Hosea 2:18 Covenant > 5. Hosea 2:18: Part 4

By Martin Cisneros

I spent about 10 years under Kenneth Copeland's ministry way before I ever heard of Universal Reconcilation. There are a lot of things that were incredibly gray areas about the Word of Faith message for me until I saw God's inescapable, never failing, love in it's fullness. There's too much that I struggled with for years that came into perfect clarity once I saw what I now see about God's love, justice, provision, patience, and intent. Things are working smoothly for me now and they never did before. Prayers are being answered and a lot of stuff's been falling into place.

Animal rights was always total nonsense to me as long as I had a God that gave up on the weak, failing, self-absorbed, and unwise for whatever reason. As long as the whole thing was about my wise and timely decisions before it was too late, then I had to say that somewhere these animals didn't make the best possible decisions and that that's why they are exploited like they are. But, once it became about a "finished work of the cross for the whole creation and about a God that'll never give up, so you might as well!" then animal rights finally dawned on me as being totally consistent and essential with this paradigm. I'm sensitive about this subject, yes, because it's what healed my heart and removed all of the offenses I had against people, animals, and God for years. As long as God was only as reliable as I was I had a morbid fantasy that I was probably going to be in the lake of fire no matter what, burning in a Christless eternity because I didn't have the strength to do right for very long. I needed a lot more hope than that. I found it and I love God for the first time in my life, truly, deeply, intimately, and with my whole being. All of the questions are gone for me, except for how to love Him more! I can honestly say that my love and my holiness is where God always hoped and wanted it to be for the first time in my life, but I couldn't get there on my own, and neither could I get there with the belief that there was anything I could do that would ever separate me (or my loved ones and enemies) from Christ's love. I'm where I'd been believing to get for almost 13 years ever since I first saw my first Kenneth Copeland broadcast and learned about the power of standing in the established Covenant in the Blood of Christ before His High Priestly Ministry.

The peace, the love, the faith, the wisdom, the boldness, and the presence of God on my life are finally what I always dreamed that they could be. I'm not trying anymore. I've entered into His rest with my whole being and everything makes sense to me. To me, that was the gift of what I've been sharing with you about how inescapable and never failing the love of God is for all of creation. To me, it's all or none!

If anybody anywhere for whatever reason is going to face eternity without God or some kinda sick obliteration, then I'm going with them. My Savior already paid the price for them and I could do no less than He did. Jesus paid an infinite price to give us an infinite hope, and not because so-called original sin was so infinite. My God's not into double jeapardy to where He paid it all but someone else is going to have to too. Every sin and disobedience shall receive a just recompense of reward, but not an eternal one because the eternal one was already paid by Jesus. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is the life of the age through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In the original Greek text of Romans the Greek word "Charisma," which means anointing, is the word in the original in Romans 6:23 where the K.J.V. uses the word "gift". It does this in place of the word "anointing" to reflect 17th century theology. People have used Romans 6:23 as something to beat people over the head with for years, but it's still in context with Romans chapter 5 that those who've paid the penalty of death for their sinful ways will have the anointing of life reanimate their dead relationships with God and burn out of them all that has hurt and hindered and blinded them in the past.

The wages of sin is death but the anointing of God is the life of the age through Jesus the Anointed our Lord.

That anointing is promised to the many who found the broad road to destruction who are the same many being made righteous in Romans 5. The whole creation must enter into the liberty of the children of God. That's the same identical statement in Romans chapters 8 through 11. Hebrews 6 says that the anointings of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer in this age are a foretaste of the anointings of the age to come. The anointings we have today are for reconciliation and healing, no matter what their manifestation is, whether it's something like a teaching "gift" or like a miracle operation in a Benny Hinn or Oral Roberts meeting. If the Anointings we have today are foretastes of the anointings to come in the next age as Hebrews 6 says, then if eternal punishment is true, then the Crusaders of the 11th century that were killing and raping in the Holy Land were walking more in the will of God than any of us ever have or ever will! But, if the anointings are indeed about setting the captives free, then who are going to be the captives of a future age if not those who are still bound in sin and estranged from God after judgment overtakes them?

If there's life on other planets, then are we just going to be compounding eternal death and destruction by filling up additonal hells for the inhabitants of those worlds who didn't make wise and timely decisions like we did (?) before it was forever too late? Then how does the righteous reign of Christ and the saints differ from that of a tyrant? If there is no life on other planets, then what further bondages would be destroyed and what lives made whole with God in the future age on this world, when we're told that our present anointings are a foretaste of the responsibilities of the age to come when we'll rule over 2, 5, and 10 cities each, if not a whole lot more?

After having spent about 10 years in the Word of Faith message and then almost 3 years now, studying "if these things be so" where Universalism is concerned, and having come to the conclusion that God would never give up on a single soul until they made a turn around and allowed His Spirit to work life into them and to remove the blindness from them that's kept them in bondage and hardness of heart.

Also, after having come to the conclusion that animals were individuals too and not property to be exploited for sensual useage, then came the issue of dealing with reconciliating growing animal rights sentiments with everything I've been taught for 13 years and with the Bible itself that's been the basis. In the course of these things and doing a lot of independent study without the aide of others and without much encouragement along the way, I've come to the conclusion that not only is my interpretation of Hosea 2:18 accurate and very promising for animals everywhere, but that also that that is a promise that is to be contended for by the faithful elect firstborn of the Covenant.

I want to briefly deal with how to make Hosea 2:18 a reality. Because if my interpretation of Hosea 2:18 is correct, as well as my examination of it in context, then for those who would see the completion of the regeneration of all things, this can present a problem of "how" to inherit the promise. First of all, I have to say that I am indebted to the teaching ministry of Kenneth Copeland to this very day in having yielded to God to be used to birth within me faith in the integrity of the written word, a healthy scepticism of traditional theology until I knew for myself that that's what the Bible was actually teaching, and for having given me a solid foundation and a practical working knowledge of the High Priestly ministry of Jesus and how to use my faith in that established Covenant as a matter of choice and not as a matter of a fleeting hope and cry about the distant future. Especially in teaching me about financial prosperity and about tapping into God's provisions in Christ of bodily healing, the foundation was laid for what I am about to share with you.

The promise of God at work in a man is a wonderous sight to behold, don't you agree? It begins to reshape his character into the very character of the very One Who gave the promise! A call to the promises of God, like I am giving is a call to regeneration and transformation. All of these things are a by-product of the grace of God through faith. Faith within us is a by-product of the High Priestly Ministry of Jesus interceding in our behalf for the Power of the Holy Spirit to work within us, quickening His promises within our dead circumstances and within our mortal bodies.

There is a call within scripture, from cover to cover, to diligence and to immitating the faith of those who through faith and endurance inherit the promises(Read Hebrews 6 really carefully as well as Proverbs chapters 3 and 4).

God's made all of the promises that it'll ever take to make you a success in every area of your being and in every area of your life. The body of Jesus has been broken for yours and the blood of Jesus has been shed for you to have a new life through the promises of His Spirit and through the workings of His High Priestly Ministry in the behalf of God and creation.

He has prepared a new and living way for us through the flesh, that is, through His flesh(Hebrews 10) as we partake of it by faith and cling to Him as our blessed High Priest. The blessing of Abraham is ours in Christ, blessing must begin it's outworking through our lives for all of the families of the earth to be blessed. Our redemption is theirs, as we live, so shall they live also. Redemption is a completed reality in the sense that the Word has been given and the ratifying blood of the Covenant has been shed, and Jesus is doing His part in interceding for the success of His word in your heart as you take it in your mouth and let it become your very innermost self; as your very cry of union with him. Reading from the 32nd verse of Hebrews 10, we find:

32 And call to your remembrance the former days, in which, having been enlightened, ye did endure much conflict of sufferings,

33 partly both with reproaches and tribulations being made spectacles, and partly having become partners of those so living,

34 for also with my bonds ye sympathised, and the robbery of your goods with joy ye did receive, knowing that ye have in yourselves a better substance in the heavens, and an enduring one.

35 Ye may not cast away, then, your boldness, which hath great recompense of reward,

36 for of patience ye have need, that the will of God having done, ye may receive the promise,

I love Young's Literal translation, don't you? "Ye may not cast away, then, your boldness, which hath great recompense of reward." This is a commandment. This is the chastening of the Lord, that regardless of what you see or feel in yourself, your immediate circumstances, or the world around you, you must hang on to the hope of the gospel that is set before you as a new and living way!

In Ephesians chapter 2, verses 4 through 13 and verse 18, we find:

4 and God, being rich in kindness, because of His great love with which He loved us,

5 even being dead in the trespasses, did make us to live together with the Christ, (by grace ye are having been saved,)

6 and did raise us up together, and did seat us together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,

7 that He might show, in the ages that are coming, the exceeding riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus,

8 for by grace ye are having been saved, through faith, and this not of you--of God the gift,

9 not of works, that no one may boast;

10 for of Him we are workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to good works, which God did before prepare, that in them we may walk.

11 Wherefore, remember, that ye were once the nations in the flesh, who are called Uncircumcision by that called Circumcision in the flesh made by hands,

12 that ye were at that time apart from Christ, having been alienated from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of the promise, having no hope, and without God, in the world;

13 and now, in Christ Jesus, ye being once afar off became nigh in the blood of the Christ,

18 because through him we have the access--we both--in one Spirit unto the Father.

In the declaration of the New Covenant and in our spirits, as a result of embracing the Lordship of Jesus and allowing His Holy Spirit to begin to work in us by faith, we have been raised up to sit together with Him at the right hand of God, no longer fallen, no longer unrighteous, and in the keeping of His word and allowing it to abide within us, we are no longer strangers to the covenants of promise. We have hope and we have God in the world! Through the Son of His Love we have access in one Spirit unto the Father. The Kingdom of God, in a seed that is growing in the earth that'll reach full maturity at the coming of the Lord, is within us. Within that manifestation of the Kingdom of God that is within us(Luke 17:21) we have access to everything we'll ever hope for and ever need to fulfill the assignments that we have been given by our Master.

The Kingdom of God within us is no less real than the Kingdom age that is about to unfold for the whole world. We have a better and enduring substance in the heavenly places, according to Hebrews 10, that this scripture in Ephesians says that we are now native to! Nothing can ever separate you from the Love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord because the Love of God and the Holy Spirit of the living God, Himself, is within you if you've embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ! Christ Jesus is interceding for us, according to Romans chapter 8 for us to comprehend all of the demensions of the Love of God mentioned in Ephesians chapter 3 so that glad tidings of good things will not only begin to meet our present needs, but will begin to spill over into the animal kingdoms and nations, in holding forth the word of regeneration before a wicked and perverse creation.

Look up! Look at the rest of the creation around you and at the fields that are white with harvest in the heavenlies! The Lord of the harvest needs laborers to go into His field and bring that harvest in so that every need of man, animal, and angel will be abundantly met and being brought into the grace of the blood of His Son, God's house will be filled!

1Corinthians 1:30 says: and of Him ye--ye are in Christ Jesus, who became to us from God wisdom, righteousness also, and sanctification, and redemption,

Wisdom is the principle thing.

Righteousness is the free gift of God, but it is rooted in wisdom. The wisdom that Jesus is made unto us is in His living example to us of how to meditate, practice, and stand for and in the Word of God's grace. The life of Jesus is being poured out for us.

It began with His words on earth during His ministry and His death has caused God's grace to abound towards us in faith. As the resurrection and the life He is abounding towards us through the intercessions of His High Priestly Ministry, His wisdom is ours if we will listen to His Holy Spirit's manifestations through the word. His righteousness is ours if we come to God on the basis of His intercessions in both His death and newness of life. His separateness to God(i.e. His sanctification) is ours as we pull aside from our daily routines and are daily with Him. His resurrection life is ours as we partake in thankfullness of His broken body and blood in the communion bread and wine. There is no part of redemption that's not available for enjoyment right now as we draw close to Him.

As we continually partake of the bread and wine of His covenant, there is no mystery that He will withhold from us, no power of the age to come that will be foreign to us, and no area of the creation that will be alien to us. His wisdom will issue forth from His Spirit within our hearts and the essence of His presence will be ours to share with ourselves and our world. We are the seed of Abraham in Christ Jesus, heirs of the world, heirs of the heathen, repairers of the breach between God and all of creation!

His blood guaranteed it and His voice becoming one with our voice will manifest it in it's time. As we lay hold of His wisdom and allow Him to be our righteousness and loose our reputation within His testimony and our lives progress in sanctification, redemption from temperal woes is ours; healing is ours, abundant wealth(even financial) is ours. The life of faith in communion with the Spirit of promise is truly ours in Christ as we behold His cross and His word ever more clearly in the written word of God and allow His Spirit to captivate us in the realization of the image of purpose of it. As we begin to imagine and lay hold of with our faith things that angels long to look into, then we will be vessels fit for every good work, able to minister to man, animal, and angel.

The Holy Bread of the covenant is both in token of and a revealer of our oneness with the new creation and it will manifest it within us as we behold His glory through the eyes of His written word. The Holy Wine of the Covenant is both in token of and a revealer of our oneness with God and will manifest Him in our midsts as we embrace our Union in His Lordship and in His finished work with each other and all of creation.

The written Word as the foundation for our lives cannot be overemphasized. He has given us a Covenant and a charge to go minister the word of His grace towards all of creation, to set free the oppressed and to heal the broken hearted whereever they're found, whether they're man or animal. We must allow Christ to make us whole by being humble and broken hearted before Him. The supremacy of His Word must manifest in it's very Lordship over our lives, and the only way to show that words have gained the ascendancy over our lives is by speaking them; looking at ourselves through the finished work of redemption rather than from the perspectives that our minds grew up with, if those are in contradiction to His precious promises.

He has given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that through His grace and peace we may be partakers of the divine nature. This is His Word to us through His servant Peter who wrote so very long ago in his second epistle:

1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:

2 Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

5 And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;

6 And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;

7 And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

8 For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

9 But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins.

10 Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall:

11 For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"All things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue" includes the Hosea 2:16-23 Covenant. We have been purged from our old sins. It says that the worshippers once purged should have no more consciousness of sin in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 2. His grace and peace are multiplied towards us the more we yield our lives to the authority of His promises. Jesus is Lord, but so are those promises!

Don't ever let them ever get away from your daily life because they are the express Word of Jesus to You as His Spirit quickens them to your heart.

Don't live the faith life like you were trying to quit it, like people do with cigarettes in smoking like crazy for a few days and them skipping a few days, or even weeks without them, all in the name of trying to quit their addiction. Don't ever be ashamed of the Lordship of Jesus and of His precious promise in Hosea 2:18. Jesus, in essence, called His promises Lord of our lives in the gospel of John, throughout the entire gospel account where He magnified the place of His words in our lives even beyond His own presence, and He assures us today as He did back then that only the clingers to His words are worthy of His presence(John chapters 14 through 17) and the doers of His words are greatly blessed indeed(James 1:18-27)!

The words of His redemptive act, such as Hosea chapters 1 through 3, the words that admonish us to continue in His words and instruct us in how to do that, like Proverbs chapters 3 and 4, and Galatians chapter 3 studied alongside Deuteronomy 28 ought to be our constant companions and the source of our manifestations of wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption where the animal kingdom(s) are concerned.

Acts 20:32 says that the Word is able to give you an inheritance while Colossians 1:12 says to give God thanks who has made us able to partake of the inheritance of the saints in the light. The regeneration of your innerman that began with your embracing of the Lordship of Jesus(which just simply means that you finally let the Holy Spirit in your life according to 1Corinthians 12:1-7) and your acceptance of the Words of this covenant are what make you a world overcomer according to the entirety of the epistle of 1John. It takes true humility to read, speak, pray, meditate and fantasize about the promises of God being fulfilled in your life and in the lives of those around you, whether they are human or animal. First of all, it's a separation from so many, if not all, nonessential parts of life. It takes time to see yourself in Christ Jesus seated at the right hand of God in accordance with the book of Ephesians, it takes time to see the whole of what came into the earth through Adam's Union with Satan being overturned and made void in your life and the lives of those around you, by the work of Christ. It takes time to sing psalms, hyms, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord through the borders of those precious promises(Colossians 3:12-17). It takes time spent every day in the book of Hebrews and in Romans chapter 6 visualizing your sins as having been nailed to that cross and your newness of life having come out of that tomb on the third day and being poured into your life a few weeks later with the coming of the Holy Spirit in New Covenant ministry. It takes humility to lay aside all of the weights that so easily slow you down and press into the word until you see the abolishment of death among the other great landmarks of God's promises to us.

But, it's time well spent and your reward will be in wisdom, edible fruits of your righteousness in Christ for yourself and those around you, including animals. The reward will manifest in sanctification that manifests all of what life was meant to be in redemption. It's worth it all to personally discover Christ as the healer and reconciler of all of creation!

In manifesting the Kingdom of God realities in the earth, in accordance with the will, purpose, and timing of God and as you see with greater and greater clarity the Hosea 2:18 Covenant, you really need to spend time in your Bible learning about that Covenant. It pays to have several translations on hand to be able to look something like this up in, whether it's always the translations that you agree with on every point of doctrine or not. You need to have a look at how every scholar that's ever translated or paraphrased the book of Hosea treats this passage. You need Concordances and Lexicons that are compatible with the translations that you are using. Many of these resources are available in public libraries when financial resources are tight.

As you study this with me, you'll probably find a lot of teachers that try to make a millenial reign of Christ passage out of this Hosea 2:18 passage because they never spent any serious time studying this particular Covenant and were trying to draw a lot of futuristic hope out of other verses in this chapter, while ignoring that this Covenant was the context, whether deliberately or ignorantly. But, God has left the overthrow of physical oppression to the anointings that He's intrusted to us to use as His Holy Spirit teaches us how to cooperate with His ministry through our lives. Ultimate redemption of all of creation is obviously something that'll be accomplished when the Lord comes, but practical expressions of mercy and abolishing human tyrany over animals is something we can all work towards today. God's establishing this Hosea 2:18 Covenant between us and the animals, and THEN He's betrothing us, together, to Himself to the next age. But this Covenant is something that is to find it's beginnings of expression now in this time.

Animals are innocent of wilful rebellion against God, but they share in our graces and judgments from God throughout Scripture, and God specifically speaks by the mouths of His prophets both concerning them and to them. There is nothing in any of the prophesies that indicates a postponing of divine grace on their lives as there's indication in Revelation chapters 19 and 20 regarding Satan, the Beast, and the False prophet. The comfort of the animal kingdoms is a part of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Isaiah 63:14. The firstborn of man enters into the manifestation of the Kingdom of God together as I endeavored to indicate in previous articles. With that said and with wholeheartedly encouraging you to restudy this whole presentation, I want to get into "how" to access this promise in the "now".

As a born-again believer, you have residing within your spirit the faith of God. You have the life and nature of God. Faith is a fruit of the reborn human spirit (Galatians 5:22). Your faith has the potential to produce greater results that Jesus produced in His earthly ministry according to John 14:12 because of the unfolding plan of God, and because of this being one of the set times of the favor of the Lord and because you have Jesus as your High Priest in heaven, watching over and ready to perform the Words of this Covenant as you stand for them in this generation.

Faith must be in your unseen heart before it can be applied to the things you can see. It is cultivated through fellowship with the Father. Your relationship with Him and your compassion from Him are the most important aspects of your faith walk. You cannot see God, but He will reveal Himself to you through His Word, by the Holy Spirit.

Faith that moves mountains of animal exploitation and casts them into the sea of forgotten history is simply trusting God to keep His Word. You cannot trust God without knowing Him. Fellowship is quality time spent alone with God getting to know Him. Your fellowship with Him will develop a dynamic trust. It will enhance your faith because you are giving Him the opportunity to reveal Himself to you in greater demensions than He already has revealed in His Sovereign grace and judgment. Only as you will know Him better will the faith that can change things in the visible, physical realm be manifested.

You promote the development of your faith through meditation and confession of the Word of God. Faith is an action on whatever is the highest form of reality within your heart. When you believe that you receive, according to Mark 11:24, you will act like it. God told Joshua, "This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success" (Joshua 1:8). Meditation reveals to your innermost invisible heart how to act on the Word. Confession is part of meditation. When you are speaking the Word to yourself, you are meditating the Word. You cannot say one thing and think something else. What you meditate regulates what you believe. Meditation and confession will cause you to be able to believe God's Word enough to act on it in faith. When you are meditating on the Covenants of God through confessing the Covenants of God that are relevant to your generation, such as the Hosea 2:16-23 Covenant, you are not trying to force God to do anything. First of all, you are building a capacity to better understand what God is saying to you in His written Word. As that happens, you are building a capacity for humility before God as you make God's Word the final authority in your eyes over situations that you see are addressed in His written Covenants in the Bible. And as you know, God says that He exalts the humble, right? God's written word speaks to all of the situations and storms of life.

There is nothing that is not open to the eyes of that Word according to Hebrews 4:12-16. And there's not anything within that Covenant that you are meditating on that won't become totally visible to your heart if you'll hang on to the Word of God that speaks to that situation.

What I mean by different Covenants that are within the written Word of God that are relevant to our generation is that the Covenant of Circumcision is not relevant to our generation because of the finished work of Christ. But, the Covenants of the new birth, physical healing, the renewal of the mind, discipleship and financial prosperity to accomplish the plans and pursuits of God are relevant to our generation until the resurrection, right? In the same way, as God is giving light concerning any of the Covenants of His Word like the Hosea 2:16-23 Covenant, then He's raising the bar; He's raising the level of accountability to new areas of the promised land within His Word, that He'd never chosen to reveal before, or that other generations dropped the baton short of.

The same way that you walk out by faith the Covenant of health in the New Covenant, is the same way you walk out this Hosea 2:16-23 Covenant. First of all, you read aloud the passage over and over again, and read like minded passages of scripture through the help of the teachings of this book and with the aide of a good Bible concordance over and over again. You need to familiarize yourself with the whole book of Hosea and know as thoroughly, as both possible and practical, the whole book. You need to do this again and again and again over the coming months as often as possible, preferably every single day because of the desperation of the hour for animals.

Write down Hosea 2:16-23 as often as possible as well. Read it, sing it if you're a singer, speak it outloud as you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Think about it while you're in the shower and about what you feel while you are doing that that God would be speaking to you at the time about it. Obey what you get in your heart as you read this passage hundreds and thousands of times because the Holy Spirit will be elevating you into the Wisdom of God, which is the principle thing. Use proverbs chapters 3 and 4 as your main guide in how to account the provision of God for animals as a blessing in your life and for guidance on how to make it your wisdom. Bathe yourself in the Love of God for all of creation. And for that, nothing can beat spending quality time at websites like ours that will be continuing to major on it and give the practical teachings on it as well as greater insights into it.

If you come from a background of being a hunter, it took you a while to get used to spilling blood, in all probability, and as you're seeking to humble yourself more and more under the mighty hand of God, this Scripture of Hosea 2:18 being in your mouth over and over again is going to be a large part of what breaks the hardness from your heart where these animals are concerned. Remember from the Apostle John's writings that the commandments of God are not grievious and that anything pertaining to walking in greater and greater demensions of God's love in this earth is for your benefit and the benefit of countless animals and people in the earth. It will have an untold influence on countless spirits in the next age as we continue our ministry there.

Listen to great tapes on faith and confession by those who've been teaching on it "forever" like Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and people like Kenneth Hagin and Charles Capps and try to lovingly overlook any speciesist remarks as you gain the tofu of their teachings and spit out the meat! We're after results in abolishing the trafficking in flesh industries and those that love to peddle their bodily fluids.

Stay in the love of God with everyone and continue in the things you've learned here and refuse to get into senseless debates over it. Do not subject yourselves to situations where your conscience is going to be in pain because of commercials where they're advertising perfectly good sandwiches that they had to put a piece of dead animal on and ruin for both the animals involved and for ourselves. If you're in a job where you're constantly around animal carcasses all day, like with working in a grocery store or retail outlet, then stand on these scriptures recognizing that it's a part of this covenant for you to not have to be in situations that would produce grief in you or where you'd have to be of questionable loyalties.

Here's where the prosperity of the believer Covenant would overlap this Covenant and you can believe God for another job to become available and for God to make it clear to you in His timing. You have a Biblical Covenant right to not be in impossible situations and you can use this Hosea 2:18 promise in your prayers for animals in invoking the same temporal blessings for them that are promised to you, on their level and as would be appropriate for them, and this Hosea 2:18 Covenant can be used in praying over your finances and job situations. As always, with any Bible teaching on faith and the provisions of God, let the Word of God mature within you His answers rather than trying to be rash in your actions or words to others. For those with practical good experience in Christian Word of Faith practices, use the same diligence in applying your faith to Hosea chapters 1 through 3 as you would regarding taking a hold of the physical healing that's yours in the atonement with 1Peter 2:24. Let your heart always be steadfast serving the Lord in this covenant, enriching your own spiritual lives with it and amending your daily routine as greater and greater spiritual light dawns on your heart as you focus on God's Covenant tender mercies to the animals too.

As you continue in the Word regarding this, there will come a point in time of such high expectation and love for God and animals and knowing that the Holy Spirit is ready to use you in this to bring true goodnews to every creature that you're going to feel like you're going to pop if you can't start yelling God's grace at these animals and commanding restoration and rebuke of the adversaries of the animals in the human family and in the spirit realm.

You're going to come to a place in seeing that the same demons that have been trying to destroy your life are the exact same ones trying to destroy their lives. When you know in your heart that nothing short of God's graceful Spirit being poured upon the animals and God's Spirit being poured out on humans regarding animals is an acceptible alternative. When nothing else can be tolerated by the love that's growing in your heart, that's when you're ready to exercise your faith before the Lord in bringing animal liberation to light in the spirit realm so it can manifest in the earth. That's when Mark 11:23 and the believing part of Mark 11:24 when you exercise Mark 11:23 will become it's most valuable in the hands of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus your High Priest where these animals are concerned. At that point, the anointing will start flowing as you cry aloud and spare not, and swift changes will become a reality in the earth where these animals are concerned.

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