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Book of Revelation > Why Will There Be A New Earth?

By Martin Cisneros

2Peter 3 likens the Lake of Fire to Noah's Flood in saying that the present world order is going to go up in smoke. Not sure what kind of smoke: camels, marlborough, herbal, illegal herbal, or what kind of smoke. But basically, the sufferings that have come into the world -- or the higher degree of suffering that has come into the world -- through the earth we've had since Noah's Flood introduced so much more corruption. After that destruction by fire the Bible says in Isaiah that people's lifespans will be back up to the level of trees where they'll live for centuries again. In other words, the chemical processes of the earth, of the kind of crops that the earth will produce, and everything else will be brought into proper balance.

The first metal mentioned in the Bible is gold. The last metal mentioned in the Bible is gold. Out of the fires we've got a gold city being built or "descending from heaven." Things will be as God intended prior to Noah's Flood from that point forward, until Christ abdicates in 1Corinthians 15:24,28. And then after God is all in all, then we'll be back in the Garden of Eden type of situation without the possibility of anyone messing up.

It's a part of gradual restoration through the laws of sowing and reaping that God has exercised since before the beginning of time. It's progressive. Isaiah makes it clear that after the earth is baptized in fire in Revelation 20 and in 2Peter 3 in every way that it has not yet thus far been baptized in fire, then we'll be in a preflood world. And then when Christ needs no longer reign because of every enemy having been subdued and reconciled, then we'll be in the Garden again fully clothed in God's glory with Father God walking with each of us in the cool of the day.

As far as why God hasn't already done this, or why God didn't do it all at once when Christ Jesus was raised from the dead: We chose the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden and God won't fully annul that covenant with death and Hell until 1Corinthians 15:28, although it's power was limited at the Cross and will be limited again in the Book of Revelation coming into literal fulfillment. Romans 8 speaks of Christ having cast us all into futility after His resurrection by not having already brought us all of the way through because He wants us to develop the spiritual mind with the life and peace of the Scriptures and of Holy Spirit.

The futility we were cast into was a hope filled one rather than a sin filled one. You can't confuse the two castings into futility with one another. One was when sin entered into the world. The other one was when righteousness entered into the world and came upon all men. So, that's the short answer, that He'd violate not only His covenant and Christ's decision after His resurrection, but the Covenant we made eons ago to progress through the eons in this way. Any time food or the implication of food comes up in Scripture, then you're dealing with covenantal issues. And Christ's decision was based upon people not having understood the loaves. But I'll sincerely lose everyone if I go any further on this.

As far as who the "we" are that chose the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden: The same "we" that were in the Garden of Eden in Adam in the same way that Levi was in Abraham when Abraham received the light of Luke 15 and of being heir of all things when Abraham was with Melchezedec. As Levi was present in Abraham as Abraham was with Shem in inheriting the blessing that Shem had been steward of all of this time since after Noah's Ark, we likewise were in Adam and Eve in the Garden according to Romans 5, 1Corinthians 15, and Colossians 1, although John 1 and Colossians 1 pulls a fast one in saying that we were all in Christ before we were ever in Adam:-) But Adam messed up rather than Christ, so from Adam onwards the chain of innocent humanity was broken.

Romans 5 says that sin entered into the world and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for all have sinned. That passage in Romans 5 isn't talking about sins pertaining to these lives we've lived prior to coming to Christ. [Good people in this life still croak, even if they live sinless lives, which is entirely possible though greatly improbable without Christ Jesus. It does happen sometimes, though.] Romans 5 is indicting us as having been in the Garden in the way that the Scriptures say that Levi likewise received the light on the tenth when Abraham was offering it to Shem and being called possessor of heaven and earth.


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