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January 13, 1999 @ 12:29 PM

Gotta be really careful in what I say so that I don't fall into the trap on the other side of the ditch in the wrong prophecy that some will slip into about that year. You can be just as big of a wrong prophet in saying that absolutely nothing will happen as you can be about saying it's the year Christ returns or whatever. Some people will say that absolutely nothing will happen and it might sincerely be the year of an assassination, a meteor strike, an invasion of some country, or the year that some major disease is honestly cured. In that case, or in those cases, the people that said that absolutely nothing will happen would wind up being in the same predicament as the Nostrodamus interpreters that predicted our actual need for ...

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January 5, 1999 @ 2:18 PM

Charles Finney, during the Second Great Awakening, said that when God said for all men everywhere to repent, through Paul, in Acts 17, then He said it because all men could repent. Faith towards God declared before all of the world around you through your obedience to God through your obedience to the Holy Bible is not only a thing mandated by heaven, but is something that you can actually do. You can actually do this, even if it's a spontaneous miracle that God does on the inside of you, giving you the ability to repent and have faith. I'm convinced that the first act of regeneration that Christ performs for the individual is giving them the ability to repent and feel the godly sorrow that causes them to turn away from their former...

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January 4, 1999 @ 1:58 PM

1Thessalonians chapter 4 says that those of us who believe that Christ died and rose again should not wallow around in the worldly sorrow regarding the loss of our loved ones that have died in Christ. There is a day that's approaching very soon when Christ will MANIFEST and will bring about the restoration of our loved ones from physical death to physical life and that we who are present at that time will be caught up to meet the Lord and our loved ones and we'll always be with the Lord, and by implication we'll always be with our loved ones. The Bible says that because we have this hope, we don't need to sorrow as others who haven't received this hope as we have.

We should teach all men everywhere to repent and ...

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January 4, 1999 @ 1:55 PM

The Bible says to repent from living your own life separate from those things that you know by now that God clearly wants you to do. The Bible says that you are not your own, but you were bought at the price of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ from all of your former ways and transgressions against the commandments of God.

Your two choices are judgment and judgment. God has appointed a day when you will face Him and give an account of your life, of what you've done with His precious gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. You can face God the right way or you can face God the wrong way, but you will face God and you will have to own up to all of the things that you've done for or against God and for or against your fellow man.

The ...

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January 3, 1999 @ 1:43 PM

 A lot of people emphasize the absolute grievious nature of sin to the point of totally abandoning the knowledge of the depth of God's love. Were God not more kind, loving, wise, and parental than many people imagine Him to be, then many of the ghoulish images that we all had to endure with this past Halloween might have wound up being the truest nature of reality. But thank God that we have a higher reality than the folk tales of "Night of the Living Dead" scenarios! We have Jesus Christ for our reality, amen?

He's the Saviour of the world and the curse and destruction of all sin. He commands us all to repent and believe the higher reality of His Kingdom ruling over all. St. Paul assures us that God has set a day ...

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January 2, 1999 @ 1:15 PM

My God shall supply all of your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

There is a movement in the Church of Jesus Christ that seems to regard this promise of the Scriptures as being only financial. Or, many times, if they don't regard it as being only a financial promise, they seem to convey the idea to some people that this promise of God is primarily talking about finances. While it's true that if God takes care of the little sparrows that He'll unquestionably work with you in your life to bring you to the place of provision for your life that'll best conform your life with His will, there are so many other things that this promise of the Scriptures is talking about! I want to briefly ...

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January 1, 1999 @ 12:42 PM

There's a Spirit-filled way of sharing the Word and then there's a way for everybody else to do it. I recommend the Spirit-filled way 'cause it's more fun.

For everybody else, there's:

1. God's plan in the Creation
2. What went wrong
3. God's solution in Christ
4. The call to repent and embrace His Lordship per Acts 17, Acts 20, Romans 10, 2Corinthians 5, etc.

For others:

1. What God did wrong
2. Why He did it wrong
3. How He's making it right
4. Why He'll never ever do it again

A much easier way than either the Arminian or Predeterminist ways above is to emphasize the need of mankind and how it tries to disguise itself or to distract from the main issue. Emphasize God's only ...

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