December 7, 2012 @ 9:50 AM

My apologies for the Christians who dismiss global warming while ice on the planet is melting as fast as ice in the drink you had earlier!

I believe Bible indicated global warming would occur at point when Christ's Atonement was reclaiming world at accelerated pace. Isa 30:23-26

Obvious concerns are whether animals living in cold environments do so by dominant or recessive genes. I believe by the latter.

That being the case, if I'm right, then we may have to potentially redefine & minimally expand our current list of extreme-ophobe life forms

I would be inclined to expand global warming to 1Corinthians 15:23-25 & wonder about redemption of PreAdamic "man" being in the works.

In some Church settings there's been teachings about civilizations existing b4 the present Creation that were judged UTTERLY for sin.

We don't know full extent of what's "buried" beneath the permafrost that's clearly no longer permafrost as Ephesians 1:8-10 is accelerating.

I recently came to conclusion after seeing Ken Burns "The Dust Bowl" documentary that our worst of the worst deserts are ancient Dust Bowls.

I can't "prove it" to anyone's satisfaction, but we saw WHAT WORKED in reclaiming the US from our own agricultural Armageddon w/FDR policies

I think my initial evidence for the court on the matter is Ken Burns "Dust Bowl" documentary, 'cause 'til I saw THAT, I had NO IDEA HOW BAD.

I'd heard about the Dust Bowl a time or two over the yrs, being referred to, but had no idea this whole continent was nearly TOTALLY LOST.

Don't know if anyone else noticed the plague of rabbits that hit with it, in terms of the sexual revolution of the 20s that happened.

Like the plagues of Egypt in the Exodus being against the gods of Egypt, America had chosen sex as it's god for 1st time in national history

Bible prescribed letting the land rest every few years, we'd defied that, for the most part, 'til the Dust Bowl hit.

Dirt, rabbits, etc. were obvious judgments at that time, but not all catastrophies in the beginning stages are ultimately about destruction.

I contend global warming is both sides of equation on Jeremiah 31:27-28 hitting AT ONCE. Of course untold havoc w/weather, but end is PEACE

Yes, Christians are EASILY short-sighted morons too much of the time, but it's no less true they're training for reigning EVEN IF BUMKINS...

I'm not "there" yet on being on Environmentalist, but want 2b 1 if I can work through how 2b 1 without embracing anxieties MANY folks have!

I didn't get SUPERNATURALLY delivered of Premillennialism in 2006 just to go jump into Environmental doomsday scenarios or anybody's anxiety

There's got to be a way of being Environmentally sensitive/conscious/proactive from the #ChristianPostmillennialist Biblical perspective!

I don't do ANYTHING w/out BIBLICAL revelation on it I SEE IN SCRIPTURE, still waiting on increased revelation from Scriptures I've read ALOT

Plus side on that is when it HITS, I'll bring hundreds of millions of Christians WITH ME into a Biblical Environmentalism @ a big #newlevel!

Global warming is REAL, but I see it as part of the spiritual transformation of the planet unfolding. BUT we SHOULD be MUCH less destructive

Last time global warming on this scale happened, scientists have indicated, was when Christianity was permeating culture for 1st time EVER.

They dont cite that contributing factor, but when you look @ WHEN they indicate it did this BEFORE, if you know your Church history, then...

Last 150yrs Holy Spirit's been allowed back into the Church w/signs/wonders/miracles & is no longer locked out, so...same timeframe AGAIN...

And yes, there ARE Scriptures all over the Bible, Malachi/Isaiah/elsewhere that say He'd heat things up MORE than Mt. Sinai after Exodus.

Everything spiritual ALWAYS spills over into the natural realm. Global warming is proof Malachi's Day that would burn as an oven IS HERE!!