June 23, 2012 @ 2:38 PM

Saw in the physical realm, today, the ministry offices we'll have for Fountain of Gardens Ministries. PERRRRRRRRRFECT LOCATION!!  Unless there's an unforeseen pleasant surprise, my personal estimation would be between 5,000 and 6,000sq ft or in that range.  19 regular parking places & 1 wheelchair access parking spot. We'll need between quarter - third of those when starting, half at most LATER.  Big ol' marquee, great flag pole to put a Texas flag on. It's currently got a torn up American flag on it. Got my prayer project for summer!  LUV the location! We're between 2 grocery stores, walking distance to Subway sandwich place, post office across street, Walgreens nearby.  We're within 3 blocks, maybe, of a Compass Bank & a Wells Fargo if we ever moved our ministry's bank accounts, AT&T is a neighbor there.  Never was incredibly big on area, as far as how out of the way it's been where I live & used to live, but love that area w/all my heart NOW!  Besides always getting our snail mail out on time regardless of weather conditions, govt building means heightened security area by default! 

Saw possibility of a location immediately behind us that we might put a bid in for, as yrs progress, if parking inched towards problematic.  Remote possibility of next door neighbor office building that looked like long-term potential for increased parking if we included bookstore.  Bus stop about a block away to bare in mind if any employee's wheels were ever in the shop & they were reluctant about getting a rental.  Walking distance of Trader Joe's, Tom Thumb, Walgreens, Post Office, Subway sandwich, bank, Texaco, bus stop, AT&T, hair salon, other things.  Type of location where any for profit business might be iffy on prospects, but for nonprofit, yippie!! Dentist or Lawyers might have a lease.  There was a sign about 1 of those 2 suits that make up the building being for lease, 1 that's 3012sq ft. I'd want THE WHOLE BUILDING!!  Makes customization of marquee Id want a lot easier if theres not an additional tennant to consider w/possible lease access to marquee space.