June 17, 2012 @ 5:37 PM

I'm in the midst of watching for the 2nd time a 9 message series by Keith Moore on a clean conscience called "Clear To Hear." To me, it's been pointing out the weaknesses in a lot of Evangelistic presentations that have predominantly a Gentile audience and that instead of emphasizing the Mosaic Law that Gentiles were never charged with, that matters of conscience are what they're judged by, according to Romans 2, and our Gospel tracts could become clearer if instead of focusing on a violated law of God, we were to move towards talking about the violated law of the conscience. Most Christians don't know that that's their radio receiver for the Voice of God and if they have a weak conscience, namely a conscience that they easily violate, then hearing God with clarity and accuracy isn't going to be a regular aspect of their lives. We need to emphasize this more, even with our Gospel tracts, that the Blood of Jesus is the only provision of God and the only thing in existence that's able to purge the conscience from dead works in order to be able to serve the living God.  These thoughts have been growing as I've moved into the 2nd watching of this DVD series, as far as what a Gospel tract should look like:

Humanity fell from God through the violation of their conscience. Humanity's attempts at addressing the issue without the Blood of Christ and the Gospel is destined to end in dismal failure.  The Blood of Jesus and the Gospel are for all of humanity to personally, consciously receive by faith. Upon receiving the cleansing work of Jesus, as one's Saviour and Lord, one must proceed into obeying one's conscience and the Bible more and more to have a fruitful, dynamic life that's filled with the Presence and Power of God.  Then lead them through a Romans 10:9-10 prayer, instructions about Colossians 2:6-7 on how to walk in Him through the lense of one's conscience that's been sanctified by the Blood of Jesus by the application of His Blood to it, and what one is to do with one's mind and body via the Gospel, according to Colossians 3:12-17 and 1John 1:7 to continue to enjoy all of the fullness of the divine nature expressed through one's life & progressively more and more through one's own personal ecosystem.