August 24, 2012 @ 12:15 PM

On Benny Hinn's program yesterday & today he's had a guest that's talked about judgment that America's been under via economic calamity and terrorism from Isaiah 9:9-10. They cite 2 of 3 politicians in these broadcasts that built their inspirational speeches specifically around the words in Isaiah 9:9-10 that got Israel judged and the various aspects of that prophetic utterance were timely for specific details of calamities upon America.

I went back and read that and previous chapter has the verse about not calling a conspiracy what the people are calling a conspiracy, and the chapter after that says that God will remove the thorns and briers IN ONE DAY. So, if they happen to be right about a time of judgment, it's not only how the terrorists, both economic and Islamic, are allowed to do their little arrogant deal, but the Scripture says that that returns upon the Assyrian's head.

The Assyrians are whom they claim on these couple of broadcasts of Benny Hinn's program are the precursors to Islamic terrorists 'cause they used the same methods in Old Testament times. So rather than something to be all sober as a judge about, if your heart's right with God, take to your people God's promise from Isaiah 10:17 that God will remove the iniquity of the land in one day (Cf. Zechariah 3:9). If they're right in what they're sharing on that program, as there's circumstantial evidence pointing to regarding the events of Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar in 2001 and in 2008, then the rest of the Scripture must be fulfilled as well that all of these evils get wiped out in 1 day!!

The Isaiah 11:2-9 "full knowledge" of the Lord, [through our Covenantal interactions with Christ Jesus in His High Priestly ministry,] is just around the next corner from this!

What ministered to me about the program and a half that I saw of Benny Hinn's program was that the "harbingers" they were sharing on weren't tied to a particular prophetic scenario for the end-times, but was accessible for Premillennialist, Amillennialist, and Postmillennialists alike. So often Christians have Words that may be genuine, but they want to sandwich it in with the rapture or other things that make 2/3rds of the Body, or more, go "whatever!" and tune out. Was a simple matter of whether you believe the Bible, it's relevance as God's speaking Spirit today to the world, or not. I don't know of even a Partial Preterist that would have had a problem with what was shared on the program and a half of what may have been more than 2 programs 'cause they seemed as though they weren't reading something INTO IT, but were going word by word through the text with showing a parallel in our day, instead of the normal stuff of trying to make locusts into helicopters and other things that again, makes the lion's share of those who've embraced the Lordship of Jesus sigh about sensationalism, hype, nonsense, etc.