February 6, 2014 @ 6:33 PM

1.   Every principle, promise, judgment, provision of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ that I regularly lay claim to from the Bible (including laying claim to infinite amounts of wisdom and knowledge of the Bible from the Holy Spirit that Lord Jesus gives to all who obey Him) belongs to all 3 billion Christians on the planet and always will. No claims of exclusivity to any aspects of the redemptive work of Christ for my life are stated, implied, sought, neither as personal megalomania nor as an advertisement hook. 

2.   All of the aforementioned belongs to every Christian that has ever lived and to every person that'll yet someday embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ. These matters are established for as long as Christ reigns over all. 

3.   There is no desire to be obeyed to the exclusion of every other Bible teacher, Bible pastor, Bible evangelist, Bible prophet, Bible Apostle, Bible Bishop, et. al. 

4.   There are no dystopias that are associated with any aspect of the beliefs that I promote for anyone that's living right.  No global catastrophies are being taught: no chicken little-ism involved.  No anarchy tendencies, as in no desire to overthrow world governments or local governments.

5.   No spiritual principles are being claimed to be applied by me that aren't universally known to large segments of the Christian Churches throughout the world, nor is exclusivity of methods being claimed, nor exclusivity of results being claimed that aren't within the reach of every Christian that lives by the same Biblically-based principles. There is no syncretism stated, implied, nor tolerated.  Everything is thoroughly Bible based.

6.   No claims about my born again experience nor about my water or spirit baptisms are being made that aren't the equal claims of the Bible for every single Christian that's ever lived from Biblical days to however much longer Christianity continues to be the intent of God for mankind. In other words, not claiming for myself a different type of supernatural rebirth, water, or spirit baptism that's different from what's available to any other Christian that's ever embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

7.   No translation work is being cited as to matters of Biblical interpretation that isn't accessible to every Christian on the planet. Every Bible translation thus far being used is easily within the reach of nearly any Christian. (NKJV Study Bible, occasional usage of Concordant Literal, occasional usage of NASB)

8.   No date setting is a part of anything that I'm looking at, other than making personal benchmark timeframes for when I expect to have certain things accomplished in my personal life and ministry. No apocalyptic timeframes are ever being set. Press release on the website poo-pooed the 2012 thing prior to December of 2012.  In other words, no apocalyptic timeframes are being set within which Christians must accomplish extraordinary acts before it's too late, such as the winning of the lost, the giving of such and such amount, or the achieving of some other goal or goals before some date of cosmic significance.

9.   Global outreach is the aspiration of every Christian ministry, whether at the local Church level or any of the traveling ministries, so anything I've thought, envisioned, or prayed about along those lines isn't far from the hearts of all Christian ministers who are likewise also seeking the wisdom, timing, and provisions of God for such outreaches.

10.  Expectations of what the teaching ministry will grow towards and inhabit, as far as it's impact and it's contents, are within the range of Biblical expectations, in quite a few New Testament texts that are accessible by all Christians and believed in by most and laid claim to by nearly all members of the clergy who not only want to know those depths of God's wisdom but also have every expectation of having the same type of ministry as I'm pursuing of infinite depth, infinite breadth, infinite wisdom regarding the application of the Bible to all areas of life.