February 3, 2016 @ 1:29 PM

After a prolonged personal sabbatical, I've come to the conclusion that future writings are going to not only continue to use the Protestant canon of the Scriptures, but that in all likelihood that I'll eventually be able to work in something on the books of Macabees, Judith, Sirach, Tobit, Baruch, and Wisdom from a Catholic Bible.  At a certain point in the future I'll investigate the Bible canon that's used by the Eastern Orthodox to see whether or not it would also get used for expanding this website. I started investigating the extra canon contents of a couple of my mother's Catholic Bibles from her youth just before Christmas of last year and felt the need to personally purchase my own Catholic Bible -- the first I've ever personally owned -- around the 1st of last month and discovered that there were advances in textual criticism on the aforementioned titles that were in a positive direction and that my own rediscovery of the 66 book Protestant canon was occuring from enjoying some of the PreChristian Jewish sages who really knew their Tanak well. I feel they're a better read for Christians than the Talmuds that are deliberately written from an AntiChrist perspective. 


The aforementioned books from a Catholic Bible are written by the pure in heart who never one time ever held to a perspective that was distinctly opposed to Christ Jesus, and therefore the compatibility with New Testament teaching was a genuinely 'good call' on the part of the Catholics.  Using the 66 book canon to judge of the depth and usefulness of those additional books shouldn't strike anyone as controversial and should anything expand in their application to warrant the creation of additional website sections that are specifically devoted to those particular titles, then I believe that any readers those pages get will come away from them with a deeper reverence, respect, and application of the 27 books of the Christian New Testament.  They don't cover anything of Catholic statues in Churches, nor Transsubstantiation, nor any other issues or practices that would raise a red flag with anyone that uses exclusively the Protestant 66 book canon of Scripture.  The contents of the deuterocanonical books are in the directions of chastity, anti-idolatry, wisdom, the deliverance of Israel from her enemies, ettiquette and self-cultivation, faith, faithfulness, and the veracity of Scripture, martyrdom, generosity and prosperity, healing, deliverance from a demon, repentance, purification of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and worship, among other things that are perfectly consistent with the interests of many of the Christians who exclusively use the 66 book Protestant Bible.


The absolute inerrancy of the Protestant canon will always be believed in by this ministry for as long as God exists, and nothing will be withheld that could possibly be of benefit to the edification and development of the Ecclesia.  Expect much more teaching from the Concordant Literal, Old and New Testaments.  I received my first copy, June 15th of last year, of the Concordant Version of the Old Testament (copyright 2014) and am loving it thoroughly!