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As we have time, and are aware of writings we've produced that include something from the Book of Enoch, we'll make a copy of it available on this page for ease of reading what we write on Enoch.

We'll do this so that you don't have to hunt around on our site, trying to find anything else we've said about the Book of Enoch.  Our current understanding is that 1Enoch is the only book historically/reliably attributed to Enoch, the 7th from Adam, that's used over 150 times by the New Testament.  We don't believe anything Enoch-related is the best reading for people who aren't very prodigous in their Bibles, not from any spiritual dangers, but from the standpoint of the likelihood that you wouldn't understand or appreciate what you'd read in 1Enoch without a thorough Biblical background.  Doesn't mean you couldn't get something out of it without that, but you would not necessarily grasp the full significance of what you'd be reading. It wouldn't reflect upon your intelligence, just upon your ability to correlate it to prophecies in the Bible, their fulfillments in the Bible, and those parts of Solomon's writings, the writings of the Old Testament prophets, and the writings of the New Testament that seem to adapt it's language and concepts very heavily, whether or not it's a direct Biblical quote from it, on a case by case basis.

It is both conceivable and very probable that a great many of the writings that end up on this page won't specifically be about the Book of Enoch, but could be anywhere along the spectrum of what we emphasize around here, but this page is being set up, initially, merely to locate everything we've said USING the Book of Enoch.  As the writings become more numerous that quote it, we may at some point, later, create a subdirectory on this page and divide up the writings from this page between those writings that are specifically about the Book of Enoch from those that quote it in passing, where the particular USAGE/INTERPRETATION/SPIN we gave to a particular quote from the Book of 1Enoch may be interesting/fascinating/curious, but where it wasn't heavily used or even meant for further study on what we were saying, but was simply the most relevant quote that came to mind on the spur of the moment on a Biblical theme, such as against idolatry or whatever.

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Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quotations are from a solid Center Column Reference Study New King James Version Bible. Where Center Column Reference alternate renderings are preferred, they're not always noted on the site at the time of their usage in a given context, if there's a discrepancy between our quotation and a NKJV that our site's visitors use that's missing the Center Column Reference notes that provide more literal renderings, alternative Hebrew and Greek manuscript variations, etc. Sometimes an "Understood Subject" from the given chapter of the Bible or the particular book of the Bible (perhaps previous chapter) is given attention to while teaching. Reading (and rereading) each book of the Bible [in it's entirety] that's being quoted from in the midst of each subject is [always] greatly encouraged for added clarity! While we're [deeply] supportive of what's understood to be orthodox Christian doctrine on all matters, we're always looking for what God's ADDITIONALLY saying to us in each subject being taught.