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Is this not the destiny of Perfect Love? -- shield it's enemies. From themselves, from one another, from the consequences of their actions and deception...

The whole book of Psalms can be divided into this: what many of us deserve, and what all He's shielded us from and is shielding us from on a daily basis...

So often we whimper about all of the things that we don't think that He shielded us from, and perhaps there is room for a lot of those kinds of tears. But what has He shielded us from?

What does He shield us from moment by moment?? This is not to say that either evil is so great and overwhelming or that Father walks around with a sour face just looking for someone to vent His wrath on.

But how many things within each of us would try to crucify Him again over our own agendas? How many things within us, if for a moment we were given 100% of what we've thought that we've wanted...?

He hasn't shielded us from ignorance, many times, and from other things. And sometimes we probably wonder if He's really shielding us from anything at all. So often He's shielded us from being as strong and as powerful as our worst emotions or our worst thoughts.

So often I've wondered if the world's very deep longing for love isn't so much from a lack of the Presence of Love Himself filling the earth, but if perhaps it's been an inner ongoing rebellion against all that isn't love within themselves and within others.

On a certain level, we're all tired of hearing people tell us that they love us, while at the same time their lives are far short of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. We've probably all seen at least one comedy by now where human flaws were seriously exaggerated and the main characters were wondering if this was all that there was to love....this limitation and exploitation in this where they were left wondering that if this were love then perhaps they'd rather see hate.

Has Perfect Love shielded us from loving one another as much as we've wanted when we were at seasons of our life where our love would have been nothing but suffocating and self serving? Jesus's life wasn't held to the cross by the strength of man's wickedness, but by the strength of all that our heavenly Father was transforming each of us into in the fullness of time. Isaiah 53 says that Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases on the cross. The biggest sickness that He bore was all that we called love when He wasn't in our lives.

If He could just straighten that out with each of us, then our bodies would begin to mend on their own. So often, the love that we thought we were crying for really wasn't love at all. When you lack real nourishment, then after a while junk food will do. You tend to get used to the junk food after a while and to not even remember what real nourishment tasted like any more. So, Jesus Christ gave us His own flesh and blood so that we'd REMEMBER.


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For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies, and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd. Zechariah 10:2


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