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What if there wasn't a Hell? What if the plan of God didn't involve punishment in the way that we tend to think of punishment? What if the plan of God involved casting out fear where ever it's found instead of "giving people a taste of their own medicine?" What if Christ in His exalted Form could confront every single individual at the moment of their death with their judgment? What if Christ took all pain so that His process of transforming every life wouldn't require His purposefully inflicting pain?

What if embracing Christ in this world were only about Adoption and greater glorification? What if it didn't have any baring on people reaching Heaven? What if, as star differs from star in glory, so is the resurrection of the dead?

What if God looks at every sinner at the moment of their death and says, "you've been through enough?"

What if suicide only cost someone the unspeakable glories of Sonship?

What if Christ really did finish the Work that the Father gave Him to do? What if love really never fails? What if there isn't anywhere else to go but Heaven because Christ destroyed Hell in His resurrection? What if there's nowhere else to go?

What if no one sows corn on earth and reaps corn bread on the moon? What if that's utter nonsense? What if the process is as exclusively through Christ as it was exclusively through Adam until Christ came?

What if the Victory was genuinely won 2000 years ago? What if obedience in this life is only about rewards and hastening the time when physical death and pain is abolished? What if disobedience and death without submission to Christ wouldn't prevent His work of saving them from their sins, even if they never inherited Sonship?

What if the second death is nothing more than the death of any possibility for Sonship? What if life and love are as certain for all of the wicked of the world as if they were already in Heaven? What if God sends His Sun on the wicked and the righteous and sends Rain on the just and the unjust?

How would you preach if you knew that there was absolutely no Hell, either eternal or temporal? How would you preach if you knew that Sonship and rewards were the only thing at stake because of there being no curse associated with the New Covenant?

What if Christ has already abolished death in every sense except for physically? What if He's already won?

What if getting a gun and getting to point it right between the eyes of the biggest terrorist and pulling the trigger before they could repent and embrace the Lordship of Christ in this life would cost them nothing more than Sonship and unimaginable future glories? What if after costing them that, there were no more penalty upon them except perhaps an inferior physical resurrection in the last day of this present existence? What if Heaven were immediate for Osama Bin Ladin although, again, without the dimensions of Identity, Glory, and Sonship that he could have had, had he renounced his sins as an offering of faith and proceeded to embrace the Lordship of Jesus by faith? What if finally understanding all that he'd ever wanted to understand were the furtherest extent of his loss on the opposite end of the spectrum after his loss of Sonship with God through Jesus Christ?

What if perpetually meeting the needs of all of creation in boundless love were the extent of the destiny of the Sons of God through Jesus Christ?

What if there's no such thing as "Hell" or "Damnation?" What if those are only accusations against the fullest conquest of the cross of Christ? And what if that's why "Hell" and "Damnation" are considered pejoratives and expletives?

What if Hell is gone forever?


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For the idols speak delusion; the diviners envision lies, and tell false dreams; they comfort in vain. Therefore the people wend their way like sheep; they are in trouble because there is no shepherd. Zechariah 10:2


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