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Let's talk for a minute about Hellish near death experiences. Not many Christians have much of an indepth Biblical revelation of calling things that be not as though they were, but for the few that might have a clue on that, or that think that they can endure my comment along these lines: I'll simply briefly say that we've had centuries of Christians calling things that be not as though they were on this very subject. Any torture chambers could simply be a matter of the Church having created them, rather than anything approximating that being a part of God's purpose of the ages. Israel wanted a king, while the Church has [historically] wanted a Hell. What's the difference?

Other than that, if there were a Hell in these near death experiences, it doesn't automatically follow that we're talking about an eternal one. And then there is the gray area of where the dividing lines are from experience to experience; from person to person, between brain chemicals and what was an actual "out of body."

Many of these testimonies are published with the intent of selling the books and DVDs involved, so the more sensational the better. It's not necessarily all nonsense because of that, but if you're wanting to make money off of a book and you've got 500 testimonies in front of you and only plan on publishing between 15 and 50 of them at the absolute most in a particular book project, then aren't you going to lean your selection of which ones you publish towards either the more sensational ones and/or towards the ones that you believe will back up the premise of your book if it includes a perspective as 99.99999% of these types of books do?

When you're driving down the HWY at night, lights in the distance don't always mean an inferno. It could mean a business sign that your eyes just can't focus on because of how far away it is, it could be an airport, or it could be city or national government whatever. People that have gone to theme parks and carnivals of various kinds have probably seen the distorting mirrors that can make someone built like a shoestring look like they're 900 pounds, while a different mirror can make someone weighing 300 look like they weigh 180 to 220 pounds. Even in this world, what you see isn't always what you get.

The Bible indicates that there are malevolent spirits out there, and if human beings can put on a real show for Halloween, then why wouldn't they be able to? Additionally, few of us know what things are supposed to look like without our bodies when instead of human, physical eyes all we've got to go on are our spiritual senses. The Bible indicates strange looking beings are out there. Who's to say that your first hour out of your body isn't a time of your spiritual eyes adjusting and everything/everyone looking weird at first?

One's own beliefs could make one afraid of their own shadow in an out of body context. Not everyone treasures and develops an understanding, perspective, and a world and spiritual view that's Scripturally centered. So, without the soundness of mind of YHVH and Lord Jesus, one's own thoughts and phobias and whatever can come back to haunt one -- even if things were ideal between one and their heavenly Father through having actively reconciled one's self to God according to 2Corinthians 5.

I can't rest in the visions of others if they contradict my understanding of the Scriptures. Whether or not there's a literal human Anti-Christ to arise on the world's scene is an entirely different matter to God actually having a torture chamber and house of horrors that await the unconverted when the Scriptures are clear that Christ is heir of the wicked, the goodness of God leads one to repentance, the work of Christ was much greater than the work of Adam, and the Scriptures are abundantly clear about God not being willing that any should perish, but that His counsel should stand and that He will accomplish all of His pleasure because all souls are His.

Some things are a matter of degrees when it comes to how they line up with my understanding of Scripture. If 7 years of tribulation really come, and there's an actual microchip that people have to receive to buy, sell, and hold a job, that's an entirely different matter [by degrees] from God being inconsistent with Himself, with the Cross of Christ, and with the mission that He's given the Church to disciple the nations. Why bother if they're all toast anyway, based upon their best understanding of and response to the available evidence before them while the belief of many of them is that Hollywood is more believable than the Church that has yet to bring in the golden age of a converted world where lions are laying down with lambs and kids can play by snake holes?

Many things are excusable in the grand scheme of things, including the frailty of the Church thus far in history, but what's Biblically intolerable is to have a God that's inconsistent with Himself and with His purpose in Christ Jesus. If it were ever conclusively proven that there's a torture chamber underground or in some other dimension, that doesn't prove that it's eternal when we've got many clear promises of Scripture that promise something else entirely.


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