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Will all of us ever see it the same way? This will never be the case. Never. We'll all ultimately know where each of us are coming from and things won't get lost in the translation through the present limitations of our native mortal languages that have been courtesy of the Tower of Babel incident. But we're the Body of Christ. Though we'll each come to the unity of the faith and the unity of knowledge of the Son of God, according to Ephesians 4, we're each still members of the Body. Will an elbow ever fully share the same perspective as a nose, a tongue, or a toe? If each of us were created differently to express His image differently and with unique gifts that fit our destinies, personalities, DNA, desires, profitability in the Kingdom, etc., with additional desires and giftings emerging into their full maturity in future ages, and if we're each growing in proportion to the Location, Water, Sun, Pruning, Fertilizer, Fruit we bare, and the insects and predators that we're standing our ground in the midst of, then why in a Kingdom Whose increase shall never end would we ever arrive at being a perfect photo copy of each other?

Conformity with the image of Jesus Christ is conformity with being restored humanity. It's doing things the exact same way that God our Father does: with His Blessing, His Word, faith, His Blood, and the Anointing. It's not being a photo copy of Jesus to where if green were His favorite color and raisin bran His favorite food that at the regeneration of all things we'd have no individuality and variety on those nonessentials to being One with His nature, conformed to His ultimate purposes, and knowing as we're known because love has been perfected in us through our abiding in Him and His Word abiding in us. I'm me and you're you. I'm never going to be anyone other than myself and you're never going to be anyone but yourself. The only difference in the future is that limitations won't be present in our ability to understand one another, in our ability to live at peace with one another, and life won't be a constant combat to keep the mind renewed and every care cast upon Him. What we've had in our hearts that's caused them to soar will permanently be shared by our bodies, brains, circumstances, attitudes, relationships, resources, and what we'll each create after the last Jezebel, Judas, Ahab, Barabbas, Cain, Pharaoh, and Nimrod of this present creation has been returned to Father by Christ Jesus.

But the differences between each of us will continue to become more pronounced as the ages unfold "as star differs from star in glory." But contrary to this present demonic age, what will make the coming ages different is that our differences will no longer be magnified in our eyes by the devil with hate. Our heavenly Father wants to create an even bigger set of universes in the future than what presently exist. Each of our gifts and their administrative potentials will continue to grow and expand from age to age until the full weight of His glory is expressed exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that we could ask, think, imagine, or yearn for, with our worship and thanksgiving growing towards Him abundantly beyond our deepest groans at present. Don't make the mistake in thinking that getting everybody Home either exhausts the extent of God's wisdom and power or the wisdom, patience, and capacities that He's developing in each of us. Everything that we're learning right now is JUST THE BEGINNING.


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