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Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world does not mean living in an era where the Bible no longer applies.  Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world is proof positive that where there is a seed to what you would want, there's hope.  Where there is a seed that is brought into the morally right conditions, you will always have the eventual growth of more than existed before.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world means that the first generation that has survived it's fire, water, ash, ice, gas, and fall-out has been battered.  The threats of yesteryear are gone for as long as we remember the lessons that our ancestors didn't, that lead to their Apocalypse.

The future is a clean slate.  It is being written by what each of us process and choose for ourselves, for our neighbors, and for generations yet unborn.  We shouldn't mourn the Apocalypse of yesteryear, regretting and fearing the past, re-victimizing others who weren't responsible for our wounds and tears, and who shouldn't have to pay the price for our lack of self-control because of all we've been through or remember of what others have been through.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world doesn't mean struggle has ceased, that challenges don't await us, nor that Utopia is ours for longer than we are peacemakers, the merciful, generous, and deferring to others, to make sure that all needs are met among us.

There are lessons to be learned, idols to be opposed and ground to powder, hearts to heal and comfort, tears to wipe away.  There is honour to be given to whom honour is due, encouragement to be given to the weak and faint, and goals to be lived up to so that with humility, purity, and the defense of all as our goals, we jointly say “never again!” to pride, calamity, shame, poverty of spirit, and our own destruction.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world means remembering the Covenants that bind us together, keeping our word, our valour, our honour, and the needs of others as our own.  Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world doesn't mean that bad things can't happen again.  It means having found a common character, and a common faith, in our Lord Jesus Christ.  It means never again calling to mind distractions to our devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the common good.

Living on the right side of the Apocalypse means being a moral and a pure people that builds a world on chivalry while keeping chauvinism buried with the final judgment.  Living on the right side of the Apocalypse means cherishing life wherever it's to be found, near or far, within, or in the proximity of the most distant star.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world means that we all must be taught so that all of us can teach; that kindness should be without hypocrisy; that generosity must be without covetousness; that faith must always be with love and love must always be found faithful.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world must mean service to God, great things done on the behalf of Jesus Christ, and great tenderness of thought must go into the furtherance of each person's growth in divine grace, maturity of character, self-control, freedom from fear, and solidarity in eternal patience.  Courage for the good of all and the glory of Jesus Christ must be among the lessons taken into a new life in a Post-Apocalyptic world.

Living in a Post-Apocalyptic world must mean the growth of a common dream of universal righteousness, universal knowledge of the deep things of Scripture, universal experience in deep personal vision and self-sacrifice for the growth of a global human temple for Christ Jesus.

The Pre-Apocalypse world didn't realize and didn't appreciate the oneness of all things in God that was brought about in Christ Jesus and His Gospel.  The legacy of the Pre-Apocalypse world was the reason for the Apocalypse, so God could wipe from humanity profound self-righteousness, lack of hospitality, greed for what belonged to all true hearts, and stubbornness against the truth.  God had decided “from day one” that such generations would progress no further. 

Each generation has been bound to the truth and always will be.  That is what makes them the same as us.  It's not a different truth for them than from our day.  We must inherit the truth each generation, truth that makes glad the Spirit of our God that is poured upon us as rain showers in this time of the latter rain of God's re-birthing grace.  Never has there been a time like ours from the beginning of recorded history, except when Noah left the Ark and discovered what could be for the generations that preceded our own.

Today, we are sent as spies into the Promised Land and it falls to us to have the same spirit as Joshua and Caleb and to successfully persuade a world more discerning and meek than their's that we are well able to take this Promised Land.  We are well able to have peace on earth, good will towards all men.  We are well able to end the greed and incontinence that drowned our ancestors in all manner of evil. We are well able to have all of Christ Jesus at once!

Rain Showers of humility, generosity, separation from every evil meditation, and the profoundest chivalry to all life everywhere are upon us in this hour to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, each life among us and each life to be found everywhere yet to be explored.

We must abandon the confusion of self-centeredness and live each day to increase the standard of living of each creature in the entire creation. 

We must not depart into the hail storms of yesteryear, multiplying Hell in every heart while bound in the rage of our own confusion.

We must awaken from the hoarding madness of Apocalyptic thinking and leave behind the prejudices that some needs of the collective organism must go unmet so that certain organs within the collective organism will have enough legislative say in the progress and direction of the collective organism towards the selfish whims of the individual parts instead of in the best interests of all.

Our evolutionary thinking must be left buried in the graves of the last catastrophes.  Survival of the whole water cycle of humanity is in the best interests of all of humanity rather than bondage to the pond, to gas, to ice, and to every pollution that polluted every other generation of our world.  If certain ways of thinking polluted every other generation of the world, is it reasonable to assume we'll escape such pollution and make our home among the stars while entertaining the same breaches of Covenant with all of Creation?

Jesus Christ must be the center of all sound knowledge and learning and the one true Emperor Whose ascension catapults all of us to the stars, whether we're men, women, or animals.  There is a place of integrity and prosperity for each creature in the Ark of God's grace that'll carry us above every Apocalypse and fear this world has ever known, but the Bible correctly translated, Holy Spirit revealed, and rightly divided must be our glue and the singularity that pulls us into the nourishing breast of God's infinity that's created and uncreated, in the image of the Son of God.

In our Post-Apocalyptic world, the future must be the lover we sprint to everyday.  It is not to be feared.  It is to be passionately embraced and loved repeatedly around the clock as one's love; as one's soul mate.  Creation wasn't pointless.  Humility is it's cornerstone, not it's destiny; it's DNA, not it's grave!

The future comes into each man's world for the same reasons Christ Jesus comes into each man's world: for our redemption and not our damnation, for our union with God, not with Satan.  The future isn't a replacement Saviour of all.  The future is the free gift of God's grace within the manifestation of our dimension of time.

The future is the rain shower that is the passionate lover of our naked bodies that were sun-baked in the desert of our Apocalyptic circumstances of yesteryear.  The future is the rain showers of aloe that meet our blistering naked bodies, previously tormented by the Apocalypse of our formerly sinful ways, limited thinking, and estrangement from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of David.

We must get up every morning after this has dawned on us, and passionately kiss the future, unclothe the future, and make passionate love with the future: kissing it's lips, neck, and every other aspect of it's lower and upper extremities.  In this Post-Apocalyptic world, we must eagerly and insatiably love the future and more importantly, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has given it to us while we were asleep in the Apocalypse.

We fell asleep in the Apocalypse and God took a rib from us and shaped it as He shaped woman and gave her back to us.  Her name is “The Future.”  We're to love her, commune with her, faithfully see to her every need, make her feel secure, and have an infinite number of children with the future.  The future is our lover, the Sarah to our Abraham, while the past, the Apocalypse, was our Hagar to be cast out with her child who was the consequence of all of our previous unbelief!

  • The future insatiably loves me, enjoys and renews my body, and meets my every need and desire.
  • The future insatiably tastes every part of my being and though the future never has enough from me, I'm drowning in it's love, yet wanting more and more of the future.
  • God created the future for me and I adore, praise, thank, and worship Him through my Lord Jesus Christ for having had the foresight to make such a succulent future for me.
  • I passionately take the future and meet it on all of the terms of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of David.
  • I kiss and caress the future.  I hold and fondle the future. The future begs for more and more of me, for more and more of my intensity, of my love, of my gentleness with it's every need.
  • The future comes to me again and again and again and can't get enough of my passionate embrace, of my kisses, of every look in my eyes, sound of my voice, beat of my heart, and it quivers at my breath on it's neck.
  • The future rushes to me for more and celebrates me as much as I celebrate it. It's kisses, it's breath on my neck, the look in my future's eyes, the taste of it's lips, I am truly satisfied as long as the future keeps Covenant with me.
  • I will satisfy the future always. I will fulfill and be it's every desire.


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