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Few Christians and even fewer people that they've ministered to who've not yet embraced the Lordship of Jesus have ever been taught how to repent. They're either in the habit of walking in condemnation, sorrow, and an endless stream of useless apologies to God, their fellow man, and the rest of Creation, and are involved in the vain babbling of the pagans that Lord Jesus condemned who think they'll be heard for their much repenting, or they don't even try – which is equally as bad.

Nobody in the history of the Creation has ever repented of a particular thing or a particular issue more than once! That may startle some of you, but keep reading. It'll be alright! Repentance of any particular breech of one accord with God, the Scriptures that cover a particular matter, and one's relational issues in this life with one's fellow men and with the rest of Creation is a Mark 11:23-24 issue that's not dependent upon what one sees or feels, but only upon what one believes! In Hebrews 6:1 repentance from dead works and faith towards God are considered one and the same doctrine; two sides of the exact same coin.

When someone repents of a lifetime without Lord Jesus and His Scriptures being 1st priority and final authority in their lives and embraces the Lordship of both, who are the two witnesses of the book of Revelation: Lord Jesus and the Scriptures – and then as a spiritual baby has a falling out with God, do most Christians that we spend much time with tell them they'll have to get saved all over again, or do they advise some version of 1John 1:7 with walking in the light that they know, getting right back into acting in faith towards Lord Jesus by the Scriptures EXPECTING His Blood to cleanse them of all unrighteousness and EXPECTING for all of their enemies to be made their footstool in Him?

Why? Because they were ALREADY born again by the incorruptible Scriptures, according to 1Peter 1:23, when they believed in their hearts, confessed with their mouths, and set out in full obedience upon the Good News of Romans 10, right? 1John 4:4 through chapter 5 verse 5 assures them that they have already overcome, right? Irrespective of their experiences, but based upon sanctification of the spirit and belief in the Gospel.

When someone “repents of” (i.e. turns away from) sickness and disease, of having allowed that to trespass the Temple of the Holy Ghost, or when someone “repents of” (i.e. turns away from) poverty and in either case takes His yoke upon them, learns of Him, finds rest for their souls, and entrance into the divine nature by the particular Scriptures that cover those situations; experiences being fully persuaded of the truth and has an encounter with the Hand of the Lord based upon their stand in faith on the Scriptures regarding healing and prosperity, expecting the glory of God to be revealed, and they somehow fail to maintain a high enough level of the Scriptures that cover these situations bringing forth fruit, according to Mark 4, Proverbs 4, Colossians 2:6-7, Colossians 3:12-17, and other related Scriptures, and they find themselves outside of fellowship with the Holy Ghost's healing, renewal of youth, and/or prosperity, is it a matter of them being re-enlightened on the subject, or simply knowing that the Covenants of the Scriptures that are involved are still intact, that Christ isn't going to have to come and die for those issues any more than He'll ever have to come to die for sin again, and simply walk in the light of the Word 'til they've progressed back into their Psalm 23 and John 10 green pastures?

We re-enforce that our decisions were decisions of quality to walk by a particular principle of the Word by standing on our original repentance where that particular matter is concerned, rather than standing on how badly we've missed it for any number of reasons! We walk by the light of our original repentance and embracing of the truth 'til we're fully persuaded that that particular mountain was removed and cast into the sea, that we did receive WHEN we prayed, (Mark 11:24) and we did embrace the Scriptures on that topic when the light of them in that particular area first dawned upon us!

We must refuse to be moved by any area of our circumstances that have contradicted our stand of faith where a particular Covenant of the Scriptures is concerned, whether the healing, prosperity, and protection Covenants, or whether the Hosea 2:18 Covenant, our right standing with God through the Blood of Jesus, or any other area of the Scriptures where there's a reflection of Christ Jesus revealed that's there for us to walk out before all of Creation!

If you've ever received light on any particular subject, refuse to be moved by any stumbling you've done along the way and reaffirm your ground that you've taken when that subject first dawned upon you as the brightest noon-time sun! You're not lying by refusing to agree with what your circumstances along the way and maintaining that you've taken your stand from the 1st day until now! You're developing your roots. You're testifying to the faithfulness of God and His faithfulness in keeping you from stumbling, according to Jude 1:24-25. The wisdom that's from above is without partiality and without hypocrisy (James 3:17)! St. Paul said he'd wronged no man, corrupted no man, etc., in 2Corinthians 7:1-2. Yet we know what his life was like in less than enlightened times, his level of bombast towards Roman, Jewish, and Christian officials even as a believer! He was walking in the light of His cleansing power, not in the light of himself as a man!

If circumstances OR temptations have made for a less than thoroughly Vegan EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE of this life at any time since you 1st embraced the truths of the Hosea 2:18 Covenant that we affirm from the Scriptures around here, you don't walk in the light of your circumstances, the pressures of the flesh that profit nothing, or anything else but the Hosea 2:18 Covenant. You stir your faith, reaffirm your stand with us, your solidarity with what all the Scriptures teach on the matter, and you refuse to be moved by what you've seen in your flesh, in your circumstances, in the commercials, news stories, and other advertisements around you, and you walk in the light of the restoration of the Creation and God's eternal plan for the animals and your full participation in the divine nature where this particular Covenantal-age of the Gospel is concerned that has to do with animals!

You affirm the Word and the stand you've taken with the Word, not your flesh, your feelings, circumstantial evidence the Devil or your receipts from where you've eaten would try to speak against your belief in the truth of God's peace between Himself and the animals in Jeremiah 31:27-28; Isaiah 63:14, Hosea 2:18, and innumerable other Scriptures that speak of the transition from the old order of the day where animals are concerned into greater glories! We walk by faith, not by sight, even with regards to our experience of that Covenant!

Doesn't matter what you've done. What matters is what Lord Jesus did in receiving the piercing of His wrists in the behalf of these animals that have had the fear of man and that might otherwise try to bite and devour believers if it weren't for Christ Jesus having already received that piercing for them so that He could hold them in His High Priestly ministry in Isaiah 40:11 and through us without any harm to even a child among us, according to Isaiah 11:6-9! His Hands were pierced for this Hosea 2:18 Covenant so that the little child's wouldn't be pierced in Isaiah 11:6-9! We walk by the light of that, not what our cat did to our naked feet in our apartment because they were put out with us over the timing of their being fed, or because they got carried away in their playfulness, or some other issue!

Walk by the light of His having begun something precious in you that He's able to complete between now and the physical manifestations of His High Priestly ministry in the behalf of whatever area of our lives or whatever area of the Creation around us that we've taken our stand on His Redemptive work regarding! Don't walk by the light of your feelings, circumstantial evidence that tries to claim you've failed God, failed the Psalm 112 profile of the rich and righteous in Christ, or any area where the Creation around us is concerned!

Where you've embraced the light of the Word, this all rests upon His faithfulness to His finished work in the behalf of that, rather than upon our tribulations. We enter into the Kingdom of God through the many tribulations that Christ endured in our behalf, according to Hebrews, Isaiah, and elsewhere, not through our own or false humility and sympathy with one another's carnality that's completely unbecoming of right-standing with Him!

Stand with the original decisions you've made on the exceedingly great and precious promises. Expect the very 1st time you affirmed a Scripture with revelation from His Spirit about it to still be baring fruit in your life, correcting your circumstances, expanding your wisdom and sanctification, and bringing praise to His glorious grace which was given to all of Creation before the beginning of time! Stand on the 1st time you considered the matter settled forever in your life by the Word of God, not what your flesh looks like, smells like, feels like, tastes like, or sounds like!

Standing on Mark 11:24 regarding the matters you've already established by the Word of His grace, whether regarding your righteousness in Him, per 2Corinthians 5:21 and Romans 10:9-10, or regarding any other provision of the Scriptures is walking in the light as He's in the light. Again, in Hebrews 6:1 repentance from dead works and faith towards God are considered one and the same doctrine; two sides of the exact same coin. He's walking in the light of what He's said and done rather than what you've said and done, right? Stand on the same thing He's standing on and consider the matter settled the moment you made a positive, affirming step towards that truth, decisive to be governed by it for the rest of your life rather than trying to establish your own righteousness in the matter!

Be governed by your faith rather than the experience of your flesh that's dictated to you by the 5 physical senses and what's in your subconscious, or your memories, in abundance! That's New Testament repentance! Lord Jesus gave Mark 11:25-26 as an example of that that was never meant to be limited to that! He didn't change subjects from the 22nd through the 24th verses, regarding your believing you received WHEN you prayed! You believe you received when you prayed for the rest of your life in honour of the integrity of Lord Jesus regarding the matter, not how it sounds to others or your flesh or your experience or anyone else's! Your continual turn towards the faith of God in the matter is repentance from dead works and it will lead to entering into His rest! The harder you press on the faith of God that's revealed to you through the Gospel, the more inevitable your experience of your conformity to the image of His Son and the experience of others regarding your conformity to the image of His Son becomes!

If He's worthy to be believed, He's worthy to be believed and obeyed regarding Mark 11:24, and the moment you first believed and embraced the truth and renounced every false way, as best as you understood at the time regarding the particular aspect of the divine nature that His grace had extended to you through His exceedingly great and precious promises is when you repented. Your future life is a life of thanksgiving from the moment of that new level of light onwards, refusing to believe anything but what He's said and the fact that you've taken your stand of allegiance with the particular truth in question and have settled Who you're serving where this particular aspect of God's Word is concerned RATHER THAN serving the opinions of man!

Refusing to be moved by what you see and by what you feel, but being moved only by what you believe is New Testament repentance that brings the redemptive application of the Blood of Christ and the operation of the High Priestly ministry of Christ Jesus every single time, and it's to the praise of His glorious grace in all of the Creation, the instruction of angels, and the defeat of Death where this particular Covenantal aspect is concerned that you've taken your stand with Him against every false way regarding!

The wisdom that's from above is peaceable, full of good fruit, merciful and full of good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (James 3:17)! You're not a hypocrite for having missed it the 490th time today and brushing yourself off and IMMEDIATELY saying, [for the millionth time,] that it's just the way God said it and just the way that you said it was back when you first became aware of what He said on the matter! You'd be a hypocrite to claim to be a believer and then you don't believe the particular level of light of the Word that you've received, but are believing something else more from your circumstances, your experiences, or the opinions of others on the matter who think they're the voices of reason, balance, sanity, and compassion regarding – all the while contradicting what He's said about it that's first priority and final authority on the matter, Covenantally!

Those of you who've stumbled, refuse to count it as a stumbling that you've done, regardless of how hard that is on your flesh and your system of thought, and reaffirm your stand with the Covenantal-truth, the commitments you've made thus far regarding the Covenantal-truth, and count it all joy that He's counted you worthy to walk in this particular aspect of His Covenantal-resurrection life! Your stumbling isn't the Covenantal-truth regarding your stand in the grace of God by faith, expecting the glory of God where a particular Covenantal-matter is concerned!

Knowing God and His Son Jesus Christ in the Scriptures regarding this particular Covenantal-matter is the Covenantal-truth and Covenantal-life eonian that's your bridge between where you are and the Covenantal-experience of that particular Covenantal-truth being yours in Covenantal-fullness! When you took your stand with a particular Covenantal-truth and established your decisions in a certain way based upon that Covenantal-truth, that's when you Covenantally-repented forever, and you're Covenantal-job is merely to redouble your Covenantal-stand on that original stand of faith in God's gracious promises that He's given you in His mercy on the given Covenantal-matter at hand!

If you have already Covenantally-repented and feel your lifestyle isn't matching up with the particular Covenantal-truth of the Scriptures that say such and such regarding what He's done through His Cross in the behalf of your spirit, soul, body, finances, social life, and joint-heirship with Him in restoring all of mankind and the entire Creation to the full measure of heaven, you're not the sick trying to get healed. You're the healed standing your ground against a Covenantal-trespasser. You're not the poor trying to become prosperous, once you've heard and had some slight dawning of light regarding the prosperity Christ has for you, according to His glorious grace; you're Covenantally the rich, including the Covenantally financially rich, defending your Covenantal-turf, earnestly contending for the Covenantal-faith that came by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, and not being moved by whatever blow lack has tried to pound your life with!

If you've fully embraced the Hosea 2:18 Covenant, you're not trying to become a Covenantal-Vegan, from the moment you first committed your life to Him Who judges justly where the Hosea 2:18; Jeremiah 31:27-28 Covenant is concerned, in being an imitator of God, Christ, and the Apostles He's raising up in the behalf of this message; you're a Covenantal-Vegan simply rejoicing in hope of the glory of God, not moved by what you've seen, felt, or experienced, all the while claiming God's wisdom for how to be a better, more faithful steward of the mysteries of this Hosea 2:18 Covenant, rejoicing that you don't know Christ after the flesh, but Covenantally in the Word, from cover to cover, even if you've not yet read the entire Bible, but have merely been enlightened on this subject with every available Scripture we've brought across your path regarding it!

The moment you settled your belief in the truth with corresponding actions where the Hosea 2:18 Covenant is concerned, you became the Covenantal-Vegan your heart cried out to be, in just as real a matter as when you embraced the Lordship of Jesus for the remission of sin, you became a new creation in Christ Jesus (2Corinthians 5:17-21)! This can't be taken away from you by your experiences, circumstances, the pressures of advertising, the Devil, Death, or anything else! This is a settled reality of your righteousness with God where the whole Creation is concerned; a settled provision to be His ambassador to the rest of the Creation, outside of mere Ephesians 4 “Body of Christ” building up!

Don't let the past of your flesh take greater precedence in your thinking than the past of Christ Jesus in the prophetic writings of the Scriptures where your marriage or your health or your wealth, or your renewed mind, your Covenantally-conformed body to His image, or anything else under heaven is concerned! Your life is Covenantally-above, at God's Covenantal-right hand! Seek those things that are Covenantally-above this natural realm in the Scriptures, set your heart on more and more and more of what Christ did in the behalf of all of mankind and in the behalf of the rest of the Creation, more and more and more each day, and when you do miss it, don't count it against yourself, count it all nailed to the Cross and yourself as His fullness where this particular truth is concerned, according to Ephesians 1:23 and 1John 4:17!

It's not up to your flesh or your mind or anything in your circumstances to prove the Covenantal-truth of the Scriptures you've come to believe and walk in the Covenantal-light of! Lord Jesus is the One who distributes the Covenantal-manifestations of the Holy Spirit according to His own will. That's Covenantally-true regarding your marriage, your ministry, your wholeness, nothing being broken or missing in your life, your stand with Him in these latter ages on the Hosea 2:18 Covenant, and your stand with Him that the whole earth would be filled with the knowledge of His glory and with the experience of His glory as the waters cover the seas!

Though there's no more 1Kings 7 “sea,” according to Revelation 21:1, for any child of God that's living in a Hebrews 12; Revelation 21-22 existence, that doesn't change Isaiah 11:9 and the growing Kingdom of Christ that we have in the last two chapters of Revelation as we're marching towards 1Corinthians 15:28. The reason for the lack of a 1Kings 7 “sea” in the temples of the Holy Ghost in the New Testament is because of what I've said above. You're walking in the light of when you first embraced the particular truth of the Scriptures, rather than hoping for continual repetitions of cleansing. For the last time, in Hebrews 6:1 repentance from dead works and faith towards God are considered one and the same doctrine; two sides of the exact same coin. 1Corinthians 10, Colossians 2, and the book of Hebrews say that all of the Old Testament patterns were written as examples to us.

Clearly we're not circumcised today as a matter of religious initiation into the faith of Abraham because we stand, in Colossians 2:11, on the circumcision Christ Jesus received when He was 8 days old for the putting away of the body of [what's unprofitable in] the flesh! Anything the New Testament says has been superseded in Christ has always been superseded by something better, not by something inferior! There's not a provision of the Old Testament that's not been increased exponentially in the New Testament through Christ Jesus and His Gospel, even if it doesn't take the same form. Christ Jesus didn't do away with things in an attempt to leave gaping holes in how the Kingdom of God functions in the earth, but to bring in better things, according to various passages in the New Testament book of Hebrews!

We're not heading towards continual repentance, like Old Testament Israel, but towards continual outpouring of His glory, according to 2Corinthians chapters 3 and 4, based upon what we've seen as we've beheld the face of the Father in the Scriptures through everything the prophets of the Bible have said about the Son of His love (Colossians 1:13) and our transfiguration through Him. Isaiah 11:9 should be understood that as the waters filled the 1Kings 7 “sea” to the brim, the glory of God in the New Testament is filling the whole Creation to the very extent of it, and Psalm 23 says the Creation “runneth over” in Isaiah 11:2-9 times that are ours through Christ Jesus and His Gospel to the whole Creation!

In Zechariah 8, He's taking those that are of full age in Hebrews 5:12-14, 1John 2, Psalm 112, and elsewhere, and is making them to be His Psalm 23 Shepherds in New Jerusalem over all of Creation! You can't do that staggering at the promises of God over the weaknesses of your flesh, failing to fully possess and own the very 1st moment you believed, embraced the truth, and matched it with decisions towards corresponding actions. (Hebrews 10:32 says to call to remembrance the former days when you were first illuminated.)

As the double-minded in James 1:6-8 can't receive anything from the Lord, the double-minded in James 1:6-8, by not receiving from the Lord because of their double-mindedness as to whether or not they've got solidarity with the truth as their full manifestation of that truth, [even if] their flesh didn't reflect it, aren't experiencing the full measure of Zechariah 2:4-5; Isaiah 11:2-9 reigning with Him by that very double-mindedness of considering themselves to not stand in the truth just because their flesh stumbled or had something forced down it's throat by one's circumstances! Flesh, [it's experience and it's manifestation,] isn't more real than the Covenants God's been establishing with you!

Zechariah 8:2-6 Under-Shepherds with Him over all of Creation who are walking in the “nurturing of one another and of the entire Creation calling” of Adam and Eve based upon better promises from God can't hide themselves in the fig leaves of their experiences from their initial decisions based upon the exceedingly great and precious promises, because of a false humility they feel is a virtue being worked in them by their circumstances that contradict the Word of God and the demands of the High Priestly ministry of Christ Jesus in this hour where the whole Creation is concerned!

The very moment you took your stand of faith upon God's Covenantal-promises for your life or God's Covenantally-redemptive promises for the Creation it was inscribed in the Book of Remembrance that's mentioned in Malachi 3:16-18. It's only blotted out of there, (Revelation 3:5-6,) that you had solidarity with Him in that Covenantal-truth (or any of His Covenantal-truths) if you die without having completed the journey of Mark 11:24 with that Covenantal-truth and all you were lead to do in a Mark 11:23 confession and corresponding action based upon that Covenantal-truth!

Your name's not deleted from Christ's dated notarization of your Covenantal-stand with that Covenantal-truth every time you have a manifestation in your flesh that's contrary to that Covenantal-truth! Flesh-facts (or circumstantial-facts: facts whose highest authority is in the carnality of the flesh) are to be cast down and brought captive to the obedience of Christ's Covenantal-truths, according to 2Corinthians 10:3-6, 1Corinthians 10:13, 2Peter 1:4, Romans 12:1-3, Colossians 3:16-17, and 1John 2:5-6.

Go back to the illustration I gave earlier from 2Corinthians 7:1-2 regarding St. Paul's audacious stand with all of the truths he began walking in the light of from his “Road to Damascus experience” onwards. He knew of nothing against himself, elsewhere in his epistles, but he didn't consider this to be his justification, according to 1Corinthians 4:4. He'd cast all of his cares upon the Lord, rested in His finished work up to the level he understood it, expecting to understand it more all of the time and to recline on it more and more for every area of his life's manifestation, and he didn't take a step back every time he experienced a moment of setback in his consistency, knowing Christ's High Priestly ministry and the Mark 11:24 truths he was walking in more and more each day were his comeback 'cause all of these matters he was discovering more and more each day were settled matters of Christ's Cross, resurrection, seating, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! (2Corinthians 1:9-11; Philippians 3:14-17; Ephesians 1:16-23; Ephesians 2:18-22; Ephesians 3:14-21; Titus 2:11-15; Titus 3:5-7; 2Timothy 1:9-10; 2Timothy 2:4-6; 2Timothy 4:6-8)

None of the other truths of the Scriptures are walked in differently from your Romans 10:9-10; Colossians 2:6-7 salvation! You could adapt St. Paul's 2Corinthians 7:1-2 language regarding your physical and financial wholeness that you received the moment you believed Christ's Gospel on the matter. You can adapt St. Paul's 2Corinthians 7:1-2 language regarding his righteousness in Christ to every revelation of the Gospel that you've formerly taken your stand in regarding your marriage or regarding the Hosea 2:18 Covenant! None of this is governed by the experiences you've had in life, whether they were good or bad, but it's all established by sanctification of the spirit and belief in the multifaceted Gospel that's revealed by the Apostles and Prophets of the Bible.

Renew your stand on your original Covenantal-stand in Covenantal-faith on the Covenantal-Word of the Lord. That's the light of your Covenantal-repentance that'll bring the Covenantal-Blood to bare on your circumstances, the circumstances of all of mankind, and circumstances of the Creation around you. It's not by your continual misery before the throne of grace, continual saying you're sorry, continual confession of sin, and continuing to wallow around in your flesh's manifestations that have profited nothing.

The moment you took your Covenantal-stand on some Covenantal-truth of the Apostles and Prophets of the Bible that you came to Covenantally-understand and Covenantally-believe, that was your moment of Covenantal-repentance. Guard your Covenantal-repentance the way you'd Covenantally-guard your loved ones, not by continuing to say you're sorry for each circumstantial evidence against your Covenantal-stand with Christ on the particular Covenantally-prophetic matter of the Bible that relates to your circumstances, those of mankind, or those of the Creation around us.

Try to discover the exact date or at least know the general timeframe, perhaps the year, that you were Covenantally-illuminated with some particular Covenantal-truth from the Lord and live your life Covenantally-reaffirming what you Covenantally-affirmed when you first embraced that Covenantal-truth. That's the only thing that'll bring the Covenantally-redemptive Blood of Jesus to bare on your circumstances and the Hand of the Lord upon your life: that particular page from God's Book of Remembrance that Christ, [as the public notary of the Kingdom of God,] entered the moment of your stand with that particular Covenantal-truth.

Your stand with that particular Covenantal-truth in a Mark 11:22-26 way is your Covenantal-moment of repentance, when you declared the Covenantal-reality of the Lord together with Him regarding that particular Covenantal-aspect of redemption! That's your moment “of departure” from not having that in your life to Covenantally “entering in” to having that in your life as the Covenantal-reality of your life, not based on what you felt or had experienced to the contrary before then or since then!

The moment of your first expression of Covenantal-solidarity with a particular Covenantal-truth of the Scriptures was your actual Covenantal-moment of departure from every false way where that particular Covenantal-aspect of the Kingdom is concerned! You actually Covenantally-departed on that particular flight into the arms of Christ, so don't let the Devil (or Death) tell you that you didn't just because your body [literally or figuratively] threw up all over itself in some way that's contrary to the Covenantal-joy that was set before you!

You've Covenantally been healed, protected, delivered, prospered, and [have been] the Covenantal-reality of His righteousness in every area of the Word that you've Covenantally-understood from the moment you first Covenantally-understood it, even if partially, and Covenantally-affirmed your stand with it, come whatever may! Your circumstances or inconsistencies with those Covenantal-truths that you've been fully assured of have nothing to do with the Covenantal-realities of those settled Covenantal-matters of His Cross and His Covenantally eternal plans based upon His Covenantal-Cross for you and what you Covenantally-established before Him in those precious Covenantal-moments of having first been Covenantally-illuminated.

You do not live based upon your ability to achieve, but based upon each aspect that He's Covenantally-Spoken, has Covenantally-Achieved, and is Covenantally-Achieving across the whole spectrum of the Rolodex of the prophetic Covenantal-Scriptures for your life, the life of mankind, and the life of all of Creation! Your fleshly manifestations of your lack of training in that particular Covenantal-truth or your lack of diligence to what your 1st affirmed don't invalidate that Covenantal-truth, nor does it invalidate what Christ Jesus notarized before His Father of your Covenantal-commitments that you've made when those Covenantal-truths were the only things you were conscious of at the time! You live by the Covenantal-abundance of Covenantal-grace and the gift of Covenantal-righteousness, not by how you feel or have felt since you first affirmed a given Covenantal-truth He started Covenantally-revealing to you!

Christ Jesus does not condemn you for having tripped over your own feet while trying to walk a new area of the straight and narrow that was revealed to you by His Father in heaven! Why would you condemn yourself for still learning the appropriate dance steps that beautify that particular truth of the Kingdom in the earth? As you do not have to get saved again, you don't have to get healed again, you don't have to be prospered again, you don't have to be protected again, you don't have to be Veganized again, you don't have to be recreated into a marriage that He ever Covenantally-gave you based upon His righteousness rather than any righteousness you'd establish!

You simply walk in the light of your vows that proceeded out of your heart when you first received a particular truth of the multifaceted Gospel of His multifaceted grace towards you, towards mankind, and towards the Creation! You reaffirm what you've already affirmed and it wouldn't hurt for you to affirm [again] how long you've been affirming this particular truth, or rather how long it's been a reality of your understanding and your stand with your heavenly Father over the given matter that Christ has been dispensing of His grace towards you, towards mankind, and towards the rest of Creation!

Ephesians 1:23 says you are [Covenantally] already the Covenantal-fullness of that Covenantal-truth that was revealed to you. Galatians 4 says you were only a child in the matter while you didn't have light regarding the particular truth of God you're considering your footing regarding! Your life is a waltz of thanksgiving with each truth that you've received and the remembrance of the very moment that you received it, per Mark 11:24 and Colossians 2:6-7, regardless of what your carnality or anybody else's has thrown up all over you, your environment, or your experiences in any other way!

This IS walking in the light as He's in the light! This is what's called in Scripture: the faith and patience, or perseverance, of the saints! Walking in what He already settled and what you already Covenantally-settled in His Name (Colossians 3:16-17)! Sorrow and sighing must flee from your understanding of your walk of faith! In Christ Jesus, you are everything to your loved ones, to your enemies, to all of mankind, and to all of Creation that Christ Jesus IS (1John 4:17)! Refuse to be moved from the truth of that!

Always side with Him in the matter, never with circumstances or experiences along the way that present circumstantial evidence against the Covenantal-messages of the Apostles and Prophets that you've taken your stand with in the Scriptures and in the Body of Christ! Walking in the light as He's in the light is irrespective of circumstances, irrespective of any experiences or manifestations your flesh has had or may yet have to the contrary. What you did profits nothing if it was contrary to the established truths of the Cross and of the Apostles and Prophets of the Bible! You can do nothing against the truth, but only for it (2Corinthians 13:8). Remember St. Paul saying that? If you'll take to heart the message of this month's letter, then you know and will grow in knowledge of what Christ within him meant by that!


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