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I'm standing in faith with each of you who have outreaches you're teaching and preaching to all during this week, that you'll have the exact Word from the Lord for the proper moment to do what He's wanting to get done. I pray that with all boldness you're able to pursue your callings this week, 'cause our Lord IS stretching forth His Hand to heal and so that many mighty signs and wonders will be done in the Name of Jesus!

Some of you who've wrestled with the issue of having more boldness in your lives and ministries (but equally in your lives) need to pray about various ministries you see around the Body of Christ that seem to have no lack of that Spirit-inspired BOLDNESS and become a partner of their ministries, specifically laying claim, by faith, to that Covenantal-Boldness that what God's doing through them He would more firmly do through you where expressions of His Covenantal-Boldness are concerned. For some of you, that'll be the easiest thing in the world with a ministry or two that come to mind whose boldness has almost caused you to shiver over your own timidity. For others of you, you may only agree with 50% of what that certain ministry is proclaiming, whether over semantics or just areas of the New Testament you're not personally called, or at least not yet called, to emphasize as much. Just prayerfully begin supporting their ministries financially, with your prayer-time, and in every other way you can, including supporting any meetings they have in your area, blessing and laying claim WITH THEM to absolute fruitfulness of ministry at every opportunity.

You ought to find out the itineraries they've made public and begin interceding for the work of the Lord in those meetings, working through your understanding of spiritual warfare against everything that would try to hinder them, and ask the Lord the whole time that you're doing this that your "open reward" that Jesus talked about would be that that very boldness would rub off on your own life. Boldness in the Gospel is a Covenantal-Contagion that's received by faith, but not just by faith, but by a faith that Covenantally-stands-with ministries that are holding forth the Word of life before this perverse generation, in the Wording of Acts 2 and Philippians 2.

For some of you, this may be a life-long partnership in the Gospel, for others of you, you may perhaps feel lead to specify with the ministries in question that this is a 12 month commitment, or a commitment while you're praying through your own season of inheriting greater boldness in the Gospel. If you bring that up and obligate yourself for life or for an extended season, perhaps they'll point you in the direction of a DVD or book that they've got on the very subject of boldness in Christ that'll help to launch you in a more accurate direction of praying about the increased boldness in your own life and ministry.

You may get in there, interceding for them daily and supporting them financially as often as you've got any income or as often as you've otherwise purposed in your heart and have the love of God sooo transform you regarding that ministry that it winds up being a life-long Covenant in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel, such as the Philippians had with St. Paul. If that's the case, then praise God, your family has grown with such and such a ministry or ministries, their staff, and everything they're doing having broken through your own private birth canal into being a permanent part of your family.

For others of you, you may get to the end of the season you've purposed to work with them, behind the scenes with your prayers and support, and feel no more emboldened than some of the examples of fearful creatures that you remember back in your childhood with certain cartoons. But as Philippians 3 says, you're pressing for that mark of the praise of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, and don't believe that your labor in the Lord has been in vain, as 1Corinthians 15 closes with assuring us of, as well as Galatians 6, and that since God can't be mocked, your boldness, your NEW LEVEL OF BOLDNESS, in Christ Jesus is developing the further you get into the Word of God, express it, and support it's progress through your own life and ministry and through the lives and ministries that you support along the way!

Anything you're needing operative in you that pertains to the fruit of the Spirit is something you can easily find in at least 1 or 2 Gospel ministries SOMEWHERE in the world ALREADY operating proficiently, and to excess in the accusing tones of someone SOMEWHERE! Your mission in life isn't only to till your own soil and plant your own seeds with the confession of your faith and your increasing dedication to the Scriptures through your own life and ministry, but to support the progress of every work of the Lord, every fruit of the Spirit, and every miraculous gift of the Spirit throughout the world, the whole time claiming with your faith that God's Covenantal grace in that particular aspect of Christ's Gospel Dispensation cannot be withheld from your life, from your ministry, and from your descendants, according to everything you know of God's grace in Christ from your New Testament and from Isaiah 59:21.

Something you're waiting on God for, even if it's not boldness by any stretch, is proficiently operating in at least 1 or 2 Gospel ministries SOMEWHERE in the world ALREADY and your Covenantal-Obligation in Christ is to nurture that and it's furtherance to everywhere they're called to take that, EXPECTING a harvest from YOUR OWN FIELD of every last bit of that working in you, in your behalf, and for your physical and spiritual posterity for all time, at all times! I've heard my spiritual father often say to pray about your partnership in the Gospel responsibilities that belong to every single believer, that even if you're not called to be a partner in the Gospel with his ministry that you're STILL RESPONSIBLE for your part of a Gospel partnership WITH SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE in getting the Gospel out to every culture, every family, and every Creature!

God didn't design the spiritual laws of partnership in the Gospel that are dissected for us throughout the New Testament and even the Old just to meet the needs of His ministries in the earth. That's very low on His priority list IN TERMS OF the WHYS of partnership in the Gospel. It's undoubtedly important to Him 'cause we've got a commandment through St. Paul to never go to war at our own expense, while at the same time being told to GO through the Great Commission and innumerable complimentary passages to the closing chapters of the Gospels. But God's plan was for the least member of every Church to have the exact same anointing on them that their Pastor or Teacher does, for the least Church in partnership with some Apostolic or Prophetic or Evangelistic ministry that's out in the field to have every single sign, wonder, miracle, and distribution of the Holy Spirit IN FULL OPERATION, not exactly in the same way, but complimentary with each calling in the Body of Christ.

Those anointings we're participating in with each other are how the Body of Christ is held together, according to Ephesians 4, 1Corinthians chapters 12 through 14, Romans 12, and 1Peter chapters 4 and 5. In 1Peter chapters 4 and 5 the fiery-trial of your faith is this very act of partnership in the Gospel that it describes through which the righteous are saved and the ungodly are brought to salvation, as is likewise witnessed by John 17. Our prayers are for unity of the manifestation of God's grace through each member of the Body of Christ as we pray for each ministry that those graces are operating through, that those graces would operate in the lives of each and every last one of their partners and in the lives of everyone they're called to minister to, and the above Covenantal-partnership that I've talked about is where the unity is at that Lord Jesus prayed for in John 17. Too much of the time people have expected that unity to come through unity of doctrine, or unity of abandoning doctrine (which only brings destructive judgments from the Lord) or soulish unity 'cause finally everybody got the warm fuzzy feelings, and then they've looked upon it grimly as if that could never happen on that level. The Bible never expected for it to.

The Bible expected for us to expand the expression of the various anointings we're called to be in partnership with by lovingly supporting those ministries and workers through Christ until those very anointings were operative in our own lives and ministries, and 'til ours are working [proficiently] in THEIR lives and ministries. Often the continuance of those anointings in our lives will depend on our lifetime commitment with the ministries that first brought that operation of His Spirit into their lives, but not every time. What's equally important is that you've prayed, given thanks for, and financially supported those ministries through your spiritual birth canal until the anointings that Christ has ordained for your life and ministry are LIKEWISE tangibly and progressively-proficiently operating in THEIR lives and ministries as well, as they spend their time praying for you!

Some of you are called to support ministries you don't agree much with and to support them on the level you support all of those you 100% agree with UNTIL the anointings, ideas, concepts, and insights the Lord's given you are operating proficiently in their lives, 'cause the Kingdom isn't in argument, but in Covenantal-expression and they need YOUR Covenant as badly as you need the Covenant of those you do happen to agree with! All of your arguments, no matter what they're about, are the Covenantal-Disintegration and abandoning of the purposes of Christ, because the Kingdom of Christ collapses at the 1st argument (Romans 6, Isaiah 58, 2Timothy 2, Jeremiah 31:27-28, Zechariah chapters 7 – 8, Zechariah 14:15-20, et. al.), but your Covenantal-Union with those ministries in the furtherance of what God's given them to do will reap a harvest of reconciliation between your lives and their's. It's important to know what areas of the Body we're supporting while Christendom is alleviating an itch and/or expanding into new territory, and which are the Covenantal-Joinings that are the bedrock of our lives, those Covenantal-Entanglements that'll keep the grace of God operating as an ever-expanding net through us 'til the whole world is filled with His glory.

Those of you who are a bit more scholarly than the rest of us may wish to look into "Quantum Entanglement" and at least understand the gist of that, for scientific imagery of what God's had in mind [through the Scriptures] in terms of Christ's saving work with all men, and in terms of how unity in the Body can only come about through this type of partnership in the Gospel that I'm talking about, and that the whole Bible is filled with specifics about. For all of the criticisms of the Word of Faith movement, the reason they're as strong as they are and growing stronger all of the time is because they have THIS subject TOTALLY DOWN and are progressing daily into all of the fullness of the expression of the Headship of Christ Jesus through the very type of partnership in the Gospel that I'm talking about. The people who have a falling out with them 100% of the time had a falling out over this very message, even if they hide behind making it about critiques of the Prosperity Gospel or the Healing Gospel or anything else they want to sneer at from the infancy of their hearts, whether ""Name it and Claim it"" or whatever.

None of those doctrines have ever been intended to be proclaimed in separation from this Umbrella-Topic of expanding one's outreach through the outreaches of others, getting credit with God for absolutely all of it, according to 1Samuel 30 and Philippians 1, and experiencing the same anointings working in one's own life and ministry that were working in the callings of others -- not identical to how it works in their lives, but complimentary to one's own life and calling, 'cause God's not the author of confusion with what He's told you to do suddenly being swallowed up by what He told THEM to do, but the same Covenantal-Powers that were promised to this age we've living in, according to Hebrews 6:5 and Ephesians 2:6-22 are to be expressed through each of our lives as we progress in our relationship to one another's lives and callings through our prayers and having things in common with one another's anointings.

Your unity with the boldness or other fruit of the recreated human spirit or with the operations of the Holy Spirit or with the specific sanctifying works of His Spirit that come to you through the Cross, His resurrection, and His High Priestly ministry at work over all of Creation will come about through the fruit that'll abound to your account by your active participation in the lives and Gospel ministries of those through whom those areas of the Kingdom of Christ are being expressed through WHILE you're actively pursuing your own development in the Word of righteousness. Boldness isn't through knowing enough. It's a Covenantal-Contagion that'll only come about through Covenantal-Entanglement with the Scriptures in your own life and the operation of the Scriptures in the lives of other ministries by participating in what they're called to do. Your life, ministry, and finances will always be falling short of what you're pursuing in the Scriptures if you're not actively living a life of expectation that you're empowering the Covenantal-Deeds and Covenantal-Development of others and not just your own.

Some liberal Christians have tried to speak of socialism being in the early Church in the Book of Acts, but it was socialized public works RATHER THAN the American idea of socialized seat cushions. And it's not really socialized. Every last gift ever given in the New Testament and in the Old Testament was with spiritual and physical consequences back to those who gave it, participated in it, and lived around it. It was sowing and reaping, otherwise whole books of the Bible would be in perpetual mockery of God, in the language or paradigm of Galatians 6. For those who didn't reap the rewards for themselves, or didn't know how to, the Scriptures are clear about that having been an inheritance for their descendants, whether a good inheritance or a bad one, sometimes offsetting the full fury of judgments that were due to them or to their descendants. Unity in the faith is unity in Covenantal-Partnership in the Gospel, not necessarily unity in every particular, but unity in working towards the same goals, unity in your praise, thanksgiving, and intercessions for other ministries and the partners of their ministries that you are partnering up with in the expansion of the Kingdom of Christ in their lives and through their lives to all of the peoples of the earth that they're corporately and individually called to reach with what they're called to reach them with.

There is a ministry out there SOMEWHERE that operates in the type of spiritual, soulish, physical, financial, or relational breakthrough that you're needing as their daily bread, butter, and tea! It's not their obligation to dispense that to you, nor to measure up to your expectations, but it's your Covenantal-Obligation to make that happen for others through your partnership with what they're doing via your prayers and financial support, all the time expecting what you need to grow OUT OF YOUR OWN FIELD RATHER THAN THEIR'S as you stand on the Scriptures in faith for your own needs and press for the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus for the meeting of all of THEIR needs! It is your obligation to make sure those ministries never have a need in your presence that you're able to do anything about, as you seek the Lord in their behalf, committed to do anything the Lord says is your part in His expansion of His Kingdom through THEM. The height of all spiritual arrogance is to bask in how hypocritical another ministry supposedly is because you couldn't make them work for you in the way that your microwave warms your water every day! That reveals nothing of their hypocrisy or spiritual lack, but only magnifies your own in the eyes, ears, and understanding of all who have a right heart before the Lord and before the Scriptures!

I trust that no one who is reading this today is lacking in devotion to the Lord and to the whole Body of Christ, but that each of you will continue and abound in Covenantal-Fruitfulness through abounding in one another's fruitfulness as you earnestly contend for the faith in your intercessions and giving of thanks for the entirety of the Body of Christ, and most particularly [and most increasingly] for an ever-increasing number of the leaders of the Body of Christ that your heart is growing in greater and greater unity of purpose with them in getting their facet of the wisdom [and manifestation] of God out to every creature they're called to take it to, in the Name of Jesus! I give thanks for each of you who are diligently pursuing the expansion of the Kingdom of Christ through the ever-expanding Gospel of Christ in your own development and through developing the fruitfulness of ministry through every ministry that you're called to give God thanks for and diligently support with your fasting, prayers, and financial support 'til either a set number of itinerary items are completed that they've set their hearts to, or for the rest of your lives 'til Christ and His saints reign no more and God is all in all (1Corinthians 15:19-29; Ephesians 1:8-10).


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