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Living Water 14

Holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling,

When you embrace the Lordship of Jesus, the point isn't to escape Hell, nor is the desired end result for you to merely fall in line with a specific eschatological orthodoxy regarding the circumstances surrounding the subject of the return of the Lord. The emphasis should be around living in the Biblical Covenants that have their fulfillment through your developing Biblical Covenantal relations with God through Christ Jesus, with people through Christ Jesus, and with the Creation around us through Christ Jesus.

You were called to a Covenantal-holiness that's expressed through charitable deeds and through living by all of the Biblical principles that find their relevance in the completed sacrificial and administrative deeds, duties, and expressions of Christ Jesus that you and everyone else who embraces His Lordship are to represent to planet Earth and it's inhabitants, wherever you find them. You can't complete your destiny as one who has embraced the Lordship of Jesus without developing a more profound understanding and application of the redemptive merits and gifts of Christ Jesus than the next guy. You must become the change you want to see in the world.

You are called to Covenantally-evolve through Christ Jesus through your properly piloting your thanksgiving as your steam engine that you ride to all of your successes and through all of the troubled waters that you ever face in life. Colossians 2:6-7 indicates that your thanksgiving is your propulsion system. Your thanksgiving is never for the hard times in some kind of false humility. In times of difficulty, your thanksgiving is for all of the provisions of God through Christ Jesus, for His Presence, and for His Covenant with you to strengthen you always for every good work.

In embracing the Lordship of Jesus, you've not only surrendered to His representation of you in heaven, but you've as much vowed to represent Him on Earth in your sphere of influence. It's a return to Eden, ideologically, and it will progress into being a greater and greater part of your experience in this world as you overcome every lying serpent with projecting your assurance of every promise of His that He's made to you in the Bible through Christ Jesus on God's behalf. There are days in your own personal superhero life's story that God is making of your life when you may take the worst emotional and physical beatings you've ever had in your life from your circumstances, but you know that if your life's now the superhero's life through Christ Jesus that you always get up, always keep coming, evil never has a chance, good must win in the end, and you must ultimately help more people and more of God's Creation than anyone ever imagined that you would!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I'm standing on Your Word for the wholeness, strengthening, and for the meeting of every need of every person that's reading this week's ministry letter. I thank You for the Blood of Jesus that's ratified a Covenant of plenty for these people: for their circumstances, their relationships, and all that You have for them to do. I thank You, Father, that they're doers of the Word and not hearer's only. They keep Your Word before their eyes, coming from their mouths, and they give expression to it in everything that they're growing in understanding that it's saying for them to do in your behalf where each of these situations are concerned, and it's life to them and medicine to all of their flesh, according to Proverbs 4 and Matthew 13:15. Thank You, Father, for sending forth laborers with the Word of your grace that their loved ones will listen to, for stretching forth Your Hand to do many signs and wonders in the Name of Jesus for these people who are reading this today and in the behalf of their loved ones and where all of their circumstances and enemies are concerned. Thank You, Father, that as the Gospel is revealed to these people who are reading this, that they're also appearing with Christ Jesus in glory!


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