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Living Water 16

Holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling,

Bare with me for a few minutes on an exhortation that I have for you today, that may be difficult for some of you to face. Pray with me for a couple of minutes:

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for the 23rd Psalm green pastures, still waters, anointing with oil, goodness and mercy that are a part of the people's lives, Covenantally, that I'm praying for today. We look to You, Father, for the Angelic deliverance that's promised to us in the 91st Psalm, and we stand on the 103rd Psalm expecting our youth to be renewed as the eagle's! Father, we thank You for purging us from the memory of the shame of our youth, according to Isaiah 54, because Your Word in this matter can't return to You void, according to Isaiah 55. With everlasting kindness You're having eager Covenantal affections towards us as our Redeemer, according to the Isaiah 54 Covenant of Peace, and we thank You, Father. This is all to the praise of Your glorious grace! Father, we thank You for causing us to walk worthy of You, according to Colossians 1, 'cause You've delivered us from the authority of darkness and translated us into the Kingdom of Your dear Son. Thank You, Father, for having given us Your strength, according to Colossians 1 and Ephesians 3, and fully empowered by Your wisdom, joy, and everything else You have and have given us as our full armor, according to Ephesians 1, Ephesians 3, Ephesians 4, and Ephesians 6 we receive further levels of sanctification that You've provided for us at the Cross. We receive our sanctification in fullness: spirit, soul, and body, according to 1Thessalonians 5:23 and 2Thessalonians 2:13-17, and we thank You for it, according to Colossians 2:6-7 with all of our hearts, in the Name of Jesus!

A lot of derogatory comments have been made from John 10:12-13 about a hireling with trying to make that, even in some sermons, into someone that accepts the double financial honour that St. Paul prescribes for those who teach the Word, (1Timothy 5:17-19,) but those people who say those things are enemies of the Cross; enemies of all righteousness, looking for an excuse to slander dignitaries in the Kingdom (Cf. 2Peter & Jude's epistle on slander of Ephesians 4 celestial beings for whom Ephesians 2 would likewise be true regarding their seating). The actions that flowed from the condition of the heart are what's brought up there, not that he was hired. You're not a hireling if you turn down something with lesser pay in favor of something with more pay if God wasn't specifically dealing with you about the low pay situation.

You're not a hireling for seeking God for higher income in what you do, even in ministry. Tithe, taxes, and now Obamacare are among your responsibilities before you've bought a leaf of kale to feed yourself and your family! Don't be among those who back themselves into a corner by what they advocate. Reverend Ike used to say that if you despise the rich, you'll never be one of us!

You need what you need 'cause you have responsibilities, including major responsibilities before God that don't revolve around your Parachurch organization and/or Church, just like any believer has things that God's expecting of them, personally. and will hold them accountable for beyond their child's college tuition, their mortgage payment, their car payment, and all of their insurance payments that they're sweating night and day about having enough for, and only occasionally, faintly heard by God 'cause they're not prioritizing anything He's prioritizing! People think, so often, that they've arrived, if they simply meet all of their own expectations of themselves, not realizing that unless they're unusually submitted to God and really advanced in walking skillfully in the Word of righteousness, there's likely two separate lists of expectations of them: their's, God's!

Those of you who feel sure you're fine where you're at, financially, and don't need to press into God over the so-called Prosperity Gospel for more: are you sure you're doing everything He wants you doing on the level that He's wanting you doing it? Many of you are probably ignoring God about letting Him quadruple the budget you spend on food 'cause He's wanting to get you away from all of the pesticides and genetically modified organisms that's in the cheaper section of the produce section of the store and the cheaper sections of the rest of the store, but you're treating it as negotiable while He's trying to answer that prayer about HEALING of something that's constantly bugging you by telling you to stop eating what you've been eating, even if you ASSUME you've got a healthy diet and are needing to go organic with everything you're PRESENTLY eating to evade what's attacking your body, or that of your spouse, or your child. Or your pet's food is needing to come up several notches in quality!

It's not just obeying God if you give your body to be burned for the Gospel, if He's not asking you to do that and He'd appreciate being in a healthier temple all of the days of your life in this world that He's tabernacling with you. You're not going to lose your reward if you ate something with 20 items from the produce department that were all organic INSTEAD OF going to MacDonalds or Chic-Fil-A! You're not going to fail to complete your course with joy if you did things on the level that you know in your conscience IS RIGHT and diverted a larger part of your income to healthier eating! It's not either/or! He wants you to do all He wants you to do from a position of health and strength and fitness for every good work, instead of His Spirit having to uphold your physical body as much as He does for you to do the simplest things, 'cause otherwise with what you're eating, you would have dropped dead a long time ago if He wasn't carrying you in the way He's only, Scripturally, supposed to be carrying the animals 'cause of the Hosea 2:18; Isaiah 40:11 Covenant amendment of the New Testament that grafts them in.

If you die in the midst of the greatest battle your sheep have ever faced and don't complete your course with joy, then you were a hireling 'cause you weren't on duty when the sheep were under attack, 'cause you didn't have any better sense than to burn out for Jesus, in your own mind, when in reality you burned out, burned up, [with disease] for the Standard American Diet 'cause you weren't obeying His Spirit and your conscience about what you were supposed to be eating! You don't have any excuse for using a Psalm that's talking about Israel in the wilderness, under the curse of God, regarding their lifespans, to justify a diseased condition that Christ bore for you and that's self-induced by what you've been eating!

If you die early and there wasn't a violent situation coming against the Gospel from ungodly people trying to stop the Gospel, then you were a hireling that abandoned your post with false humility about living only 70 or 80 years!! AT LEAST live into your 2nd Century with the 120yr thing that was the actual promise of a lesser Covenant established upon lesser promises! Pray and find out, for your own situation, how you'll minimally do THAT. Never leave this world without a fully developed successor that's ready to run with it and defend the sheep at the cost of their lives, rather than lose their lives over processed foods!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I bless and pray for those who are going from the place of this exhortation seeking You for wisdom regarding how to have that next level, financially, that perhaps they've denied themselves in their own thinking that they would ever make much of a fuss about with the Scriptures before Jesus their High Priest over thinking it felt awkward to do so, or as though they weren't already thankful for all You had done in their lives thus far. In reality, Father, You were wanting Your will done on earth as it is in heaven where the blessing is concerned that You've blessed them with and organic produce is mentioned in the last couple of chapters of Revelation as already belonging to each of them to have the wholeness that You Covenantally gave to them through the Cross of Christ. I stand in agreement with those that are beginning their 1st steps in seeking You diligently 'til they're diligently rewarded with all that it'll take to make their lives a success in every single way, in the Name of Jesus!


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