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Living Water 18

Holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling,

…Let's pray for a moment: Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for giving eyes that see and ears that hear, according to the Book of Proverbs. I believe with all of my heart that people will be doers of the Word and not hearers only, in the Name of Jesus!

I cannot emphasize enough that each of you needs to be a faithful partner with a ministry that's getting the level of fullness of the Gospel that you believe in into whatever spheres of influence that they're called to reach, from the bottom of society to the icy snow-capped mountain peaks of society. Your spiritual development and that of those you are called to faithfully support financially, prayerfully, and by your boasts in front of others regarding all that God is doing and all He's enabling you to have a growing part in supporting of His outreaches is soooo connected to this!

Not everyone of you will have as strong of a 1st name mutual acquaintance with who you are called to faithfully support by your diligent prayers and diligent financing for Jesus' sake, but your relationship will grow in the spirit with them through your feeding on their materials and your nonstop prayers and regular fasting on their behalf. The anointing of God and the Voice of God being most easily communicated to you hangs in the balance regarding your Covenantal walk of faith and your faithful sacrifice of yourself and your resources through them to those they are called to minister to. This has much too often faced the accusations of Satan with only weak responses that were Covenantally-based on the part of the people of God.

Pray fervently until you know with certainty and the deepest convictions regarding who you're supposed to partner up with in the furtherance of the Gospel and faithfully pray for all of the days of your life, sowing as generously and as often as Christ Jesus, your Head, emphasizes through the Holy Spirit's activities in your life and what it takes for you to have a clear conscience before God. Every believer should be growing in their discipleship to Christ and His Gospel in a context of putting the Gospel on every dinner table in the ways and through the ministries that conscience and the Holy Spirit, and the clear teachings of Scripture would dictate.

Signs, wonders, miracles, and various other distributions of the Holy Spirit won't be as active in your life as they should be without your being His soldier in the regiment that He's called you to flow with the Gospel through, until the enemies of the Body of Christ and of the Creation (Romans 8:21; Jeremiah 31:27-28) are made their footstools.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I'm asking You to show each person who is reading this letter today exactly where their loyalties are to lie so that the Body will be able to build itself up in love and so that all of the nations of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, according to Ephesians 4 and Psalm 22. Father, open their eyes regarding the Churches they belong in and the field ministries they're to give themselves to the furtherance of so that they'll partake of their grace in the defense and confirmation of the Gospel, and so that their fruit will abound more and more until You are all in all, according to 1Corinthians 15:22-28, in the Name of Jesus!

Hunt down every prayer St. Paul ever prayed through each of his epistles and those things he requested to be prayed for in his behalf, and begin to build your prayer time around those for a season 'til God shows you with clarity not only those that you're supposed to minister to, but those that you're supposed to assist in their ministries to others by every means that God's placed at your disposal. Not all of his prayers are in the 1st chapter of his epistles. Go through each of his epistles and imitate him as he imitates Christ regarding those who were partners with his ministry; regarding those he was called to lay his life down in the behalf of.


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