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As we're in the process of praying through our new Church and receiving details from Christ Jesus, the Head of the Church Universal, I'm in the midst of a personal refining about what Biblical absolutes are to go into the normal 52 week a year calendar of our Church. Little of that is a matter of changing doctrinally and it's more about what can be put into the 52 services a year that I'll personally teach. As much as some would wish that the whole Bible were taught in Church, that's not Christ's Matthew 28 Covenant with any ministry on earth. He said to teach them to observe all that I've commanded you in particular. New Testament ministry should proceed from the years of one's own discipleship by Christ Jesus, not from vain attempts to teach every portion of Scripture that one's own self isn't fully persuaded of the full meaning and applications of, as nobly as those confusing attempts have been in many Churches over the Centuries!

Christ Jesus came to prosper people in their spirit, soul, body, finances, and social life to please His Heavenly Father in the destruction of the works of the Devil that he's been actively engaged in against the identity, purity, wholeness, and positioning of people in this life. In being ministers of Christ's Gospel we need to have a balanced perspective regarding what'll serve the discipleship and the needs of people immediately, at appointed times, and in the long term of their growing relationship with God, with one another, in their relation with Creation, and in the development of their legacy as they're proceeding through their destiny. This requires sensitivity to those areas of Biblical doctrine that are most relevant to each chapter of their lives from the moment of their embracing the Lordship of Christ Jesus to how they Scripturally proceed through each relationship in their lives, whether with people or animals, as they learn to manifest the divine nature they're partakers of through God's exceedingly great and precious promises until their legacy is secured, their destiny is manifested, and their God is exalted in every facet of their life's history.

In reviewing every specific, I've felt the need to “get real” about sowing and reaping, it's distinct difference from [yet supplementation to] Covenantal living, and various other matters that many Churches create unrealistic expectations regarding, including the Feasts of the Lord and other matters. Sowing and reaping can't be neglected because it's a legacy and a destiny issue, but people are robbed of their hope in the Cross by being given daily expectations based upon what they do, rather than what Christ Jesus has done about it. We will reap if we don't lose heart and give up, but our lives are to be lived around the Covenant of the Cross and the riches that have come to us through that, including financial riches.

The only Biblical feast that I can see with abundant clarity as unmistakably being to the advantage of Christians to keep is the feast of Purim from the book of Esther because it concludes God's Biblical Covenantal calendar that began with Passover and clearly has 1Corinthians 15 layers of importance regarding the abolishment of the decree of death against mankind. It has a whole book of the Bible devoted to it, and it isn't as easily subjected to Partial Preterist scrutiny about things that were fulfilled in Old Testament or 1st Century New Testament times as Zechariah's prophecy that closes the book of Zechariah warning us about the keeping of Tabernacles by all nations or losing the rain of God on our lives for a calendar year might be subject to very careful reevaluation regarding.

I'm not dismissive of keeping the Feast of Tabernacles, nor am I reluctant to, personally believing the 1st day of it to be the birthday of Lord Jesus. I'm just not persuaded it's currently the life or death issue that Purim would be for our times. I'll continue to err on the side of caution regarding Tabernacles and do something extra special in it's remembrance every year, even if not particularly mindful of Rabbinical traditions or sayings about it with choosing to live as Biblically based of a lifestyle and paradigm as possible! I'll close this letter with some observations that I made earlier today on Twitter on the subject of sowing and reaping:

* If only televangelists were Word of Faith preachers, televangelists wouldn't be nearly as despised in the US 'cause they'd teach PROCESSES.

* Fault of Christians for not being Biblically discerning & paying for Charismatics & Pentecostals to waste airtime belonging to Word of Faith

* Odd how 3 of last 4 Churches I've attended w/any regularity have been Charismatic or Pentecostal when I've despised THAT for 15 - 18yrs.

* Probably 'cause of their giving LIP SERVICE to Word of Faith message even having occasional Word of Faith guest speakers, though THEY'RE not

* Difference between Charismatics/Pentecostals w/Word of Faith preachers is 1 emphasizes Covenant others emphasize indulgence based prosperity

* Can't stand that "you're not further ahead in life 'cause you've not yet given ENOUGH" teaching that nullifies the 2Corinthians 8:9 Covenant

* Every sowing/reaping passage in the New Testament, EVERY SINGLE ONE, speaks of ULTIMATE OUTCOME, not how you pay for ANYTHING reliably, NOW!

* Tithe, thorough understanding of Christ baring one's poverty on Cross to make one rich, & understanding His High Priestly ministry = WEALTH.

* Sowing/reaping is about doors opening to you MUCH FURTHER DOWN THE LINE, God having your back against sneak attacks BUT IT'S NOT DAILY BREAD

* 2Corinthians 8:9 living is about THESE NEEDS you've got.

* Sowing/reaping is pie in sky, SOME GLAD MORNING in THIS life; SOMEDAY in such an hour as you think not. NOT TO base your life upon AT ALL!


* So even the Word of Faith message isn't 100% without blame on the Indulgence-based Prosperity RATHER THAN Cross-based, just MUCH LESS guilty

* Doesn't mean we shouldn't sow and expect beyond the hundredfold on each and every single thing we ever, ever do, no matter what!!

* Sowing/reaping as a means of building daily life on RATHER THAN Covenant is as laughable as pretrib Premillennialist building for posterity!

* Essentially, sowing/reaping is 1 of your retirement plans in portfolio & judgment insurance a few times situations ARE God pruning the world

* Sowing/reaping is analogous to your 401k plan but living on the wealth secured for you at the Cross is an entirely different [RELIABLE] deal

* Even in Word of Faith circles there's not enough teaching about putting the kind of pressure on 2Corinthians 8:9 as you would on 1Peter 2:24

* It's mentioned but then people RUSH to spend all of their time on miracle money as seeming a higher priority than our inheritance from Cross

* Praying as a Pastor that I don't mention sowing/reaping my 1st DECADE as a Pastor, it's been so distracting from the accomplishment of Cross

* I'm not saying I won't teach prosperity. We'll be 10X a Prosperity Gospel Church that ANY OF 'EM are, but the emphasis needs to be on Cross!


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