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27 For “He has put all things under His feet.” But when He says “all things are put under Him,” it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted. 28 Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all. 1Corinthians 15:27-28

I am impressed by the amount of Scripture that is artificially walled-off from our understanding when the doctrines of the ages are traditionalized away by emotional clinginess to mistranslating the Biblical ages as forevers and forever and evers, and other such barbaric practices against the Scriptures. Not only is Scripture overcomplicated and needlessly obscured to us but every significant aspect of God's wisdom and the progresses of sanctification and restoring righteousness are never doctrinally allowed to have their capstones of Christ achieving all of the purposes for which He was given. Things meant to be so specific in the Written Word degenerate into generalities that are quickly defended sacred cows and so much of the joy to the world and the compelling work of the Holy Spirit in bringing them into repentance and newness of life is frustrated and quenched.

It does Christ no injury to be the Christ Who is achieving God's purposes through multiple ages that make up the one larger age, spoken of as ages of ages, that extends from Genesis 3:15 to 1Corinthians 15:28. It does Lord Jesus absolutely no injury to be thought of as the same yesterday, today, and until 1Corinthians 15:28. It does Lord Jesus absolutely no injury to be understood to be a priest after the order of Melchizedek until 1Corinthians 15:28. Redemption isn't overthrown by eonian life being a godly life that exists for as long as there's death, to be phased out by akataluton life in Hebrews 7 when we partake of His immortality, and for eonian life and eonian destruction or eonian punishment to pass from existence when there's no such thing as sin or sinners in all of God's Creation! It's not a weariness for all of God's purposes of both destruction and restoration to be 100% fulfilled and for that to be the equivalent of all having been made alive in Christ.

It goes to something so fundamental in the human nature that's not sanctified in those who would assert that finite sin not only deserves infinite punishment, but that somehow punishment for sin isn't really punishment for sin if it doesn't surpass every previous demonstration of punishment and restoration in the Scriptures and endure for as long as God exists! This is the barbarity to Scripture and to the nature of God that passes for sound Scriptural translation, interpretation, and communication of the mysteries of the Cross. If the Cross is so complete in it's conquest, it must be deemed a failure and pointless in the estimation of many a man and woman of God that is otherwise sound in faith and in their minds on every, or most other matters!

Christ Jesus will not fail to reign for the precise duration of His reign that was measured out to Him to the very year, week, day, hour, and minute that He was entrusted to judge, deliver, punish, and restore. No purpose of our heavenly Father's for which Christ Jesus was given dominion over all will in any way fail of the perfections that are not only worthy of our heavenly Father's Excellency, but are also worthy of the Majesty of Lord Jesus. There is no such thing as a sin that will exist as long as God does, nor a sinner that'll remain eternally defiant to the love of God. The triumph of God's grace over all defilement and over all that defiles is something the Holy Spirit eagerly, decisively, and rambunctiously gives His full, wholehearted, unapologetic testimony and firm conviction to!

It is fundamentally an act of defiance to His Kingdom to say that of it's increase, it shall know a definite end and be bereaved of even 1 soul because something God created could fundamentally become an eternal defiance to His Excellency and His Majesty. It is a presupposition that can never hold up in the court of every human conscience for endless time. There has never been nor could there ever conceivably be a creature that doesn't live, move, and have it's being in God. Christ's Blood has eternally splattered across the entire multiverse and every being and thing in it, and it is penetrating every most fundamental thought, impulse, and precept in all of existence and it is profoundly changing the genetic code of everything everywhere in great and small ways. It is the corrosive to sin and the natural manure to the only kind of tree of liberty that all of Creation could ever know!

There are too many promises of the Universal Restoration and too many time parameters assigned to each 1 in the counsel of God for them to be easily dismissed. To assert otherwise is to say there emphatically isn't a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. The Gospel presents us with love that's irresistible, prophets of the Bible who speak penetratingly to every cause and every issue that has anything to do with anything in all of Creation, and God's testimonies when viewed across all of the history that they're anchored in CONSISTENTLY tell us of restoration. Each act of Scripture doesn't, but each purpose of Scripture clearly shows us an unstoppable God working in every heart until the full revelation of His heart is brought forth. To say that God has ever granted eternal being to any creature outside of in relationship to Himself is fundamentally opposite to every page of the Bible and is merely traditional religious rhetoric that comes from periods of history when the Church neither knew the heart of God nor the mind of God in the Scriptures and mostly when it was seeking the depths of Satan for justification of Antisemitism.

Creation in it's entirety shall sing forth His glory, it shall declare the praises of Him Who has called it into His marvelous light from it's Prodigal era that it went astray into after it came forth from His marvelous light. Creation is nonnegotiably my Father's and He is the Father of all of it. What do you know of Him as Father if you don't yet understand His foregone conclusion that He will never give up on you, will never lose you, and will stop at nothing until His image is reflected from you back to Him? He is consistent with all of Creation! He's Beautiful BECAUSE of His consistency and singularity of purpose with all of Creation! Yes, His unveilings of all of Creation's buried, hidden love for Him are messy, but all of Creation will remember and return to Him! All of it is flying for mercy into the arms of it's Redeemer, but it's taking the proverbial eternity for what's known in Scripture by faith to be known by sight. Christ Jesus was never going to fail any of them AND YOU KNOW IT. YOU KNOW HIM THAT WELL, EVEN IF YOU YET REQUIRE MUCH HELP WITH THE TRANSLATION OF THE SCRIPTURES TO HAVE A MIND THAT REJOICES IN WHAT YOUR CONSCIENCE HAS ALWAYS KNOWN TO THE DEPTH IT'S KNOWN HIM IN ALL OF HIS FREEDOM FROM HYPOCRISY!


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