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I want to spend a few minutes talking with the ministers of the Gospel who receive from our letter writing ministry. Cultivate your thanksgiving for your congregations and have at least a day each month that's spent in fasting and thanksgiving for the people you minister to. Approach ministry to others as people to be fed rather than people who might not think you're hip if you're not teaching precisely what certain authors and preachers are preaching. Your blessing-and-thanksgiving-life should have a sense of steady progress to it that you are making in 42 month increments. You're not looking for a message to share with the people you minister to. You're fulfilling a priestly duty of thanksgiving and praise for them. Out of really pushing the envelope of your blessings and thanksgiving for them, including with some fasting, you will be put in a place of being fully yielded to the Holy Spirit as a minister through which He can begin giving prophetic utterance through you to them. It won't always be sensational, but it'll always grow increasingly timely with what the people are dealing with and seeking God for in their lives.

Some say you will need to really burn the midnight oil in developing really elaborate preaching outlines involving all kinds of word studies and consultation of commentaries, others will say you need to simply speak to the people from your heart. Yes, you need to give them exactly what the Scriptures say and you need to spend as much time as possible in your Bible instead of in books about the Bible. Bible study aides might help if you have unrealistic goals about how soon you'll turn those you minister to into Biblical scholars, if you're not personally called to speak a certain message that the Holy Spirit's given you to share everywhere you share.

For some people, things might seem easy enough with a core message they have, to where you seemingly could drag them out of bed in the middle of the night onto a radio show and with no notes, messed up hair, and lots of morning breath they could still give you every point that God's charged them to share for the rest of the century and perhaps beyond. Whether messages to preach are sorta already always there because of being entrusted by Christ with something specific, or whether you're always struggling with goals to always know what you're sharing over the next one to three months, your primary responsibility is as a priest of God to maintain your fight of the good fight of thanksgiving for them.

As far as having an idea of what you're sharing weeks and months in advance if you're not specifically ordained by Christ, Himself, with a particular duty beyond the Great Commission and an Ephesians 4 ministry appointment/anointment, 7 months out of every calendar year have 31 days. Use the 31st day of those select months to repeatedly read aloud books of the Bible all of the way through that you believe you'll want to cover select passages from at various points in the 9 to 18 months following.

If your message is programmed with certain boundaries by Christ, this will be somewhat easier to pin down on which books of the Bible you'll be using most over the next 1 to 3yrs or even the next 6 to 8yrs. If you fulfill a more general calling and the specifics relate to your types of outreaches, certain styles meant to reach certain types of people, etc., it may take you longer to have specific books of the Bible to affirm in their entirety during specific dates of the year when you're seeking God for a higher level of knowledge of His truth in those books, such as my recommendation of every 31st day of months that have 31 days, but you can still pin down the two to four books of the Bible that you want and need so much more from, that you'd consider bathing yourself in, trusting God to make it Manna and Promised Land Produce in it's season of coming up, after you've planted your field thoroughly with seed you know won't likely come up in days or weeks, but will need as much time taking root, or fermenting in your spirit (as a fine wine) as possible.

If your schedule just isn't permitting of having that predictable 31st day of every 31 day month for prolonged, indepth Christian confession of God's Word, minimally have 1 to 2 days a year that are as back to back as possible where you meticulously read aloud one or two books of the Bible over and over and over again and revisit that book or two every 12 months and preferably one of the more challenging books of the Bible, for you, to do that with.

You need a personalized course of intensified meditation in the Scriptures that's beyond any 1yr Bible plans you might follow or other self-styled programs of getting your daily bread from heaven. Your heart must be given a chance to cultivate things from God that are on levels beyond what will grow in your heart, mind, and preaching ministry in weeks of study and preaching. As a leader of the Body of Christ, you need to begin digging deeper wells through harder layers of rock than your people could ever exhaust all of the water from for their needs. Over the course of years of thanksgiving for them, you'll grow increasingly sensitive as to what those needs are, whether it's to understand parts of the Bible on deeper levels as allegory of truths taught elsewhere in the Bible, whether it's specific foundations of Covenant-living, or some other matter.

For some of you, what may work best is a different book of the Bible read for a whole month each, whether Isaiah for the 31 days of December followed by Ephesians or Hebrews read aloud all of the way through each day of January, followed by Esther being read all of the way through each day of February, etc., or some other choice of books of the Bible, each getting 28 – 31 days a month, depending on the length of the particular month. For some of you, that may help your preaching ministry enormously because you'll start teaching from a level of fullness of your heart that you've had at few seasons of your life prior.

But be mindful of pursuing having all of your cares for the people you minister to totally cast on the Lord and fill your days with intensified thanksgiving for them, including missing the occasional meal to devote more time to giving thanks to God for any present or future ministry staff and for everyone you are presently ministering to and for each that the Lord will daily add to you. Immerse each one in the full work of the Cross in their behalf by your thanksgiving. Out of that will grow a prophetic love for those you minister to and work with and a prophetic depth to the messages that you teach that will heal and reconcile many a heart with God and with their neighbors in Christ and in their communities!


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