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Father, in the Name of Jesus, give me wisdom for what I'm about to share, that I'll share it accurately and that it'll be received accurately by everyone that reads it.

When it comes to the pressures and guilt trips other Christians will try to give to you about sharing your faith, don't let people pressure you beyond your level of confidence to do so. Some of you, if left alone by the “witnessing police” will drift towards certain Christian T-shirts that you'll wear, certain types of Christian greeting cards you'll give people, and whether or not you ever try to drag people into your church, you'll develop your own style of sharing, whether by internet or with simply always being a bit more productive than others with living a normal life in an extraordinary way. It's not going to be the condemnation or encouragements of others, nor the amount of Scripture you read or are taught that is going to make an evangelist out of you. It won't be the amount of time you pray, how much you go to Church, nor how many Christian resources you buy to share with others. No amount of volunteerism at Church nor long seasons of isolating yourself with God and His Word will make any kind of evangelist out of you. If you are not an evangelist, you are simply not an evangelist and it's as simple as that and nothing for you to ever feel ashamed of. You can cause more harm than good by trying to fit in another calling that's not yours and that God hasn't supernaturally made a natural part of who or what you are. Relax and enjoy your own relationship with God and let Him add responsibilities to you instead of someone else burdening you with their own condemnation about how many they're reaching. You're not their trash can for them to dump their anxieties about the lost into and you don't need to be the next generation with a guilt complex about how many are ALLEGEDLY dying everyday having never embraced the Lordship of Jesus.

Doesn't matter what version of “end-times” beliefs you ever flirt with about the end being near. You're not the Saviour of the world, nor the Saviour of even 1, and anyone that tries to tell you differently is deluded. Jesus said in Luke and John that the prophets were writing about Him, so references to what'll happen to God's Shepherd in the book of Ezekiel with requiring the blood of people and animals at the hands of His Shepherd, should His Shepherd ever fail to perform with announcing to people their need to turn away from their ungodliness is something that Lord Jesus already faithfully took care of in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and something He continues to faithfully handle today through the Holy Spirit's work in raising up those He's raising up that He's specifically equipped with evangelistic gifts to turn the ungodly away from their ungodliness. To read Ezekiel otherwise regarding God's very strong charges to the John chapter 10 Shepherd is to wrongly divide the Scriptures! St. Paul's admonition to Timothy to do the work of an evangelist was just that: to Timothy! Are you obligated to confront every Peter you ever run across with what St. Paul confronted Peter with in Galatians chapter 2? There are a few things in Scripture you're not to mimic, that if you do, you're sorta living a caricature lifestyle that's thoughtless, like trying to do the work of an evangelist if God hasn't spoken that to you. Lord Jesus beat some Jewish religious authorities with a whip more than once. If God's not told YOU to do that, you're going to jail, in all likelihood, and won't get any credit with God for it. God will be shaking His Head in disbelief over that one!

I'm not saying it's not important. I'm saying don't carry it as a Cross if God doesn't assign it as such to you personally. You are responsible for 1Timothy 2 prayers for the ungodly, praying for those that are specifically commissioned by God to take the Gospel to them, to pray the Lord of the Harvest would send laborers into His harvest, and to pursue God with absolutely all of your heart, to maintain a clear conscience that's purged by the Blood of Jesus and living according to the Scriptures. You do have your part in living a godly, self-controlled lifestyle that's patient, kind, not boiling over with any Galatians 5 work of the flesh but totally preoccupied with walking by the exceedingly great and precious promises, according to 2Peter 1, in the way that Proverbs 4:20-5:2 and Colossians 3:12-17 would instruct you to. You do have your giving and receiving responsibilities in the Kingdom of God to make sure that you're an enabled vessel, by God's power, to do anything that our heavenly Father indicates to your own spirit and soul is a just weight and measure for this particular situation (whatever situation arises, that is) and that you've always got a joyful attitude about it 'cause you're deeply rooted in your Biblical covenants of increase, knowing that as you're facilitating the preaching of the Gospel around the world, beginning at your own local Church (even if you never attend) that those who are appointed and anointed to reach them will bare fruit that Philippians chapters 1 and 4 say will abound to your account with God. Each of us has very important duties along those lines and the place of each of us in supporting as many good works as we can via the sowing and reaping relationship we're pursuing with God with all of our hearts can't be overemphasized.

If you could commit to fasting a couple of meals every year, even if they're not back to back meals, for the specific purpose of seeking God's wisdom and updates from His Spirit on the progress of the recovery of all of Creation to Himself so that He would tell you directly or by supernatural means cause you to become aware of the progress of Christ in hurtling all of Creation into the mattress of His loving Father's Bosom. Almost anybody can do that, even if it's not back to back meals and not more than a couple of times a year, but doing one's part as far as health and strength permit to pray for the world, to pray for every Christian ministry, and to join one's faith with God in commanding His blessing upon all of the works of His Hands while giving thanks in the superexcessive way that Colossians 2:6-7 and Colossians 3:17 indicates. I pray for each of you, that you'll always know freedom from anxiety over the lost, that you'll always have a burning heart of love for their recovery, but that you'll know how to keep every care cast upon God as you joyfully sing God's praises with all of the redeemed for all that He's done in restoring all of Creation back to Himself through Christ Jesus!


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