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I want to do something differently with this ministry letter from what I normally do with just spending a minute encouraging everyone who has been weary, sharing a bit of what I see in the Scriptures is on the horizon that we're heading towards. Putting to rest any fears that the rain clouds we're progressing towards are full of destructive lightning for everything we've done as a civilization. I always frown on the definition of grace that calls it “unmerited favor” because I believe that's blasphemous and grieves the Holy Spirit very deeply every time people resort to calling His grace that. I personally believe it has deeper Covenantal meanings and at it's heart is the honour of God that God has for His Creation, His children everywhere. However, I'll use that definition that's come from the Amplified Bible into the common speech of God's people about God's grace to simply say that if any of the following seems too good to be true that you could see the beginning stages of nearly all of this within your lifetime, that there isn't any part of God's grace that's because of anything we deserve.

Part of my problem with calling grace “unmerited favor” are the number of passages that connect it with our sowing and reaping and while it's not that we earn more grace by our sowing and reaping, at the same time to call it “unmerited favor” when it's connected with our sowing and reaping fully throws open the door wide to all kinds of terrible confusion for God's people the further they get into the Scriptures and away from paraphrases of the Scriptures such as the Amplified Bible and similar Bibles that are falsely advertised as a translation when they're anything but EVEN ON their better pages. I do like the Amplified Bible for some things 'cause it convinced me that the so-called woes of Matthew 24 that people have been expecting to come upon such a sinful generation as they perceive ours to be, it's the 1st rendering of the Scriptures that alerted me that each of those so-called woes in Matthew 24 is a selective rewording of Isaiah chapters 53 and 54 and it all relates to what Christ Jesus did for us at the Cross, all that He absorbed for us and destroyed by His Blood and Covenantally made provision for each of us against! Grab an Amplified Bible and some highlighters and jump back and forth between Isaiah chapters 53 and 54 and Matthew 24's 1st half that folks try to use to label our generation “the terminal generation” and you'll discover Good News regarding the sufficiency of the Cross of Christ to answer every dilemma that mankind can ever find themselves in!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray for every weary person that's needing the encouragement that I'm giving today, that they would set their own cynicism on the shelf and allow the following to challenge them to jump back in the Scriptures and stick more closely with the Holy Spirit than they ever have in their lives, that they'll be doers of the Word and not hearers only HASTENING or rushing along the Day that every iniquity is removed from this world (Isaiah 10:17; Zechariah 3:9) and Christ is seen as victorious by all creatures EVERYWHERE (2Thessalonians 1:10)!

Zero doubts that the Scriptures teach the inheriting of the Kingdoms of the world by the Body of Christ, once the Body of Christ has shown it's growth in maturity to where it treats a larger percentage of the life of this planet with Covenantal-respect and dignity and gets away from this spiritual model they've been working with that it'll come about solely by increased spiritual authority and wisdom and increased spiritual financial means and begins to realize that the world of the soul where animals live can't be excluded from their equations.

Television stations will either grow more community based or they'll see their revenue totally dry up as the internet and other alternative means of developing channels become increasingly prominent, increasingly affordable, and increasingly of comparable and even surpassing quality. The revelation ignited by the digital age will not be quenched, and as recording video and audio content and the ability to edit it becomes increasingly simplified, then we'll see more of a personalized broadcasting market and less of a corporate-run presence in the development of video content. Corporations will scramble to be on the cutting-edge of facilitating the public's ability to broadcast themselves, most of them making necessary changes too late to help their financial and career bottomlines.

While there will still be a place for researchers, medicine may very well become more of a self-diagnostic and self-treatment issue that will make medical schools and medical practices obsolete as technology and the ability to understand our food better than ever is taken from the lab and becomes more common street knowledge. While holograms will become increasingly prominent, it's doubtful that the further we get into the Star-Trek-Age we've been in that holographic doctors will be any part of the future a couple of centuries from now. At least, not with any real regularity unless one travels with a holographic personal assistant that can step-in, in the event of an injury that'll involve the loss of consciousness.

Animal exploitation will no doubt fall away from the human/animal equation of this planet as Jeremiah 31:27-28 and two dozen identically constructed passages, such as Zechariah 14, come into the fuller maturity of their experiential manifestation as practical, experiential Covenantal realities because of the High Priestly ministry of Christ Jesus being the total consciousness of all peoples everywhere.

Death, divorce, abortion, homosexuality, fear, hatred, theft, and every other perversion, including idolatry, will permanently fall away from all of mankind, the further we progress in our thankfulness and obedience to our heavenly Father.

The best music and the holiest conversation that has ever existed anywhere/everywhere is on the horizon and with it will come the end of all human suffering as Christ Jesus in His High Priestly ministry is sharing His joy and wiping every tear from every face and healing every heart everywhere. Storms and natural disasters will be ended as the Creation no longer has a chaotic set of instructions from the consciousness and words of man and animals because all are dwelling together safely through having been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Food shortages will soon be at a total end, as will nakedness and being too hot or too cold. The famine for God's Word will finally universally be at an end.

I'm not putting time-frames on this, but just wanted to share some of what I see coming every moment of every day to encourage those who only ever hear about a bee and locust breathing Devil, Beast, and False Prophet for the world-view they're expected to have and almost never hear anything about what the Gospel is up to in it's generational plans, intents, and determinations.


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