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Every sincere effort will be made to keep this webpage updated with our writings on the Book of Esther & Purim related matters. Our writings on the aforementioned may exist elsewhere on this website, primarily, but a good faith effort is being made to keep a place on this website where you can go for that one subject & find everything or nearly everything we've written thus far on the book of Esther & Purim.  

Because we bring up subjects in connection with this subject that are foreign to the minds of Christians, Jews, and even a lot of Messianic Jewish Christians, it's adviseable to read these in the numerical order in which they're given on this page. We may have few subjects that we share where there's a definite starting point and progression to the revelations that we've been diligent about keeping track of, but this is one of those really few subjects, where the content builds upon what was previously said. It's not a reflection upon intelligence or sanctification by the Spirit, belief in the truth, and level of development in the Word of righteousness to where if you feel like you're highly developed then you can start anywhere. This isn't like that at all, with some interesting ways of looking at this through St. Paul's Gospel. Even if you don't feel like we made a thorough enough case for a particular insight that didn't really leap out at you, it's important to know we've previously said it, prior to reading further articles on it, in case it comes up again in future articles, either with greater depth, or hinging something else based upon bringing that up only in passing, or whatever the situation may be. 


  1. Early Thoughts On Purim
  2. Why does this ministry emphasize Purim since we're not under the law in Christ?
  3. New Testament Parallels with the Book of Esther
  4. Purim teaches us about the abolishment of Death
  5. Purim is a time of the fear of the LORD, not just commemorating the fear of the LORD
  7. Last On God's Religious Calendar
  8. Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation
  9. The Blessing of Mordecai
  10. Isaiah chapter 25's Feast For All People When Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory
  11. Deliverance From Every Economic Enemy And The Revealing Of The Sons Of God
  12. Contemporary Themes
  13. Purim's and St. Paul's handwriting of requirements
  14. Purim: The Greatest Of The Biblical Feasts
  15. Ten Kisses Marriage Ceremony
  16. Inheritance of Christ Marriage Ceremony

After reading this collection of writings on Purim, while perhaps wishing we were a little more thorough in sharing what we've shared thus far, we do believe you'll come to the same conclusion we have: "and we've not been in the habit of vigorously celebrating Purim each year thus far because...??" Purim does conclude the Jewish religious calendar, God's prophetic calendar, and the fullness of Biblical Apostolic ministry in the earth with it's warnings, blessings, judgments, gifts, and joy unspeakable that's full of glory! In saying what we're saying here, we're never advising anyone to take upon themselves the yoke of Moses, nor to promote the yoke of Moses, with regards to the rest of the Biblical feasts or with regards to anything else in ways that depart from Zion and build camps around Mt Sinai.  Purim's after the law and important enough to the New Testament writers that the 4 Gospels and Acts are written as Purim documents, celebrating all of the accomplishments of the religious year that began with such cosmos changing Passover fulfillments & carried God's people through to the fulfillment of the destruction of the Jewish Temple with God's salvation having gone to the Gentiles who would listen. 

Purim isn't about bloody animals, living in tents for a week every year, nor fears about atonement, nor Jewish temple miracles, nor memorials to the giving of the Law.  It's about the escape from death that belongs to God and God working in the unseen to bring about His generosity and romantic fulfillment separate from worship considerations in any special mountain and the universality of grace, even when God's working out a deliverance for a particular 1Corinthians 15 "order" of Creation.  It's about Paradise Restored & refusing the Serpent into our Garden that God gives us in this life!  It concerns itself with the overturning of the decree of Death and turning the tables on all that's tried to rob us of the quality of life that God's Covenantally intended for us to have!  With it's "for such a time as this" passage & other statements in the book of Esther, it clearly is God's most dynamic message about living in the moment, living in the NOW and finding our empowerment in Christian character rather than in anything that we could boast of in the flesh.  It's uniquely a lesson in doing what needs to be done, no matter the cost!  Esther 7:8 makes it a lesson about love from genuinely unexpected places!


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