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Introducing the notorious Fountain of Gardens Ministries
Jul 31, 2012 --

Fountain of Gardens Ministries is a morally Conservative, Biblically-sound, Biblically-reliant Christian Outreach that believes everyone who hasn't yet embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ will, whether they're in the spiritual realm or in the physical realm; whether they're on earth or in Hell.  While taking their stand on Biblical absolutes with the Bible as their standard regarding everything, they not only believe in an eventual Universal Restoration of all to God, exclusively through Jesus Christ, but they also believe that animals have been given Covenantal rights by God in the Bible that it's the duty of all Christians to protect and abide by. Though this would seem to place them among some social progressives, [while not flinching about their version of animal rights as originating with the prophets of the Bible,] at the same time they are firmly unflinching about the Bible's message against homosexuality which clearly puts them on the far right, politically, as a socially Conservative Christian Ministry.

These are by no means their only teachings.  In terms of their "end-times" beliefs, they are Postmillennial in the most extreme sense. Postmillennialists don't believe in an immediate return of Jesus Christ, but instead believe that society will be discipled to their beliefs and secular culture will progressively be Christianized, then after a long era of the success of Christianity in world history, then Jesus Christ will return and judge the world.  Their Postmillennialism is in general harmony with the "end-times" beliefs of many Protestant Denominations.  Postmillennialism was the prevailing "end-times" belief among the early Puritan American Colonists. Currently and ongoingly, Fountain of Gardens Ministries is reworking the Jewish story of Purim, from the Book of Esther, [allegorically,] into their "end-times" scenario. They are hoping to have their interpretation of the story of Esther fully in an inspiring Bible prophecy scenario by the time they've opened a new Church. You can find their website at


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